Saturday, 26 January 2013

New Year New Job & New Items

Hiya lovely followers
Once again I apologise for not leaving you all comments but I will get around to catching up this weekend.
I do have a small excuse though I have been in bed ill since last Sunday with flu....I literally could not even get out of bed for like 4 days!  I am feeling a lot better now but it really hit me for six.  :(
My weighloss is going well too.  I don't weigh myself but I know I have lost weight as my clothes are feeling quite a bit looser.  I am able to confidently wear some of my clothes I have not been able to wear for ages as I felt they were too tight and uncomfortable plus my size 12 jeans are really baggy!!!
Also apart from all that I start a new job on Monday which is a lot closer to home....literally down the road! 
Last December I started a secondment in the company I was working in and although I was a lot happier in that role it was such a hassle as it was taking an hour each way to get to work and the hours were very inflexible.
I think part of me being so low last year was working in that company so I feel this is another fresh start for me.  This job is literally 10 mins by car or 25mins walk and they have free car parking and flexi time.
Anyway onto some new buys.... :)   Mike and I went shopping today I did not buy much but I got this jumper/top from a shop called Apricot.  I love this top, a while back I would not have had the confidence to wear it as its very stretchy and fitted but I love how it looks on me.
and I also bought some St Tropez Gradual Tan Medium/Dark.  I have heard rave reviews about this product so I wanted to give it a try.  I may do a review of this soon.
No17 Photo Flawless Primer - I don't use Primer but this was on offer reduced to £2.99 so I thought I would give it a go as I have also heard good things about this too.
Anyway have a lovely weekend.
Take care


  1. that lacey top is gorgeous! so happy you like it on, i bet you look amazing in it xx

  2. Hi Hun,

    Hope you are feeling much better now, flu is awful.
    Your top is lovely, I love the colour and lace detail.
    Good Luck for your new job chick, long commutes are a pain, hopefully you will have a fresh and fab start to the year.
    I love gradual tan creams but not tried the St Tropez one yet.

  3. Sorry to heard you've been unwell. It's the weather! I was in bed a few days with a bad back because of it.
    The top is a lovely colour. If you don't get on with the st tropez gradual fan I'd recommend Xen Tan transform gradual tan. It's gorgeous buildable colour with a lovely citrus fragrance. They do a dArker version called Xen tan transform luxe xx

  4. I tried the Saint Tropez fake tan and the 17 primer an i love them both. Congrats on your new job!


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