Saturday, 19 January 2013

Early Spring Haul at New Look

Hello ladies

I hate January....its official. I am sick of the dark nights and grey days and although I think the snow looks gorgeous, its a pain the backside! I cannot wait for Spring to arrive so with this in mind I have loved seeing the new Spring items coming into the shops.
I did a naughtly little online order at New Look the other day was a few things I liked and I have my vouchers.
This was my order and its all very spring like...ha ha

Cameo Rose Polka Dot Shirt Dress - love this I wore it to work last week and its really nice.

Cameo Rose Peach lace top
Nude Lace top cardigan

Nude Cutout Purse - love ths purse I am using it now,

Vest tops in cream amd white

Beige long boots - could not get a good photo of these but they are really nice.

and I also picked up these tan leather peep toes for £10.00 in the sale...a bargain for real leather and I love the shape of the heelx.

What do you think of these items?

Are you looking forward to Spring?
Have a lovely weekend


  1. I love the peach top and also the boots! I'm also having Spring in mind, not that I'm sick of winter, but I'm just daydreaming of pastel colours :)

  2. I love your polka dot dress, i need to find myself one of these for spring.

    That cut out purse is so pretty too :)

  3. I can't wait til spring, January is rotten! Love that purse and your footwear x

  4. You are an expert at finding pretty nude-clothing, all the items are really nice, especially the cardie! If only we saw you wear them more, its nice to see you in your pretty dresses!!!

  5. Winter is usually my fav time of year but i am fed up of the cold now. Really looking forward to spring now. Lovely haul i especially love polka dot dress and the boots. x

  6. Gorgeous shoes - I love the polka dot shirt too!!
    And I have to agree with you about the snow!!

  7. The nude cardi is gorgeous! I am so jealous of your vouchers :)


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