Sunday, 23 December 2012

ASOS Sale buys

Hiya ladies

Well its only a few days till the big day. Are you excited?

Yesterday Mike and I popped out to our local shopping mall for a few extra bits and it was totally packed so much so that it gets really annoying after a while!  I don't mean to moan but why do people take little kids shopping on a Saturday (the busiest day of the week) and then let the run all over the place, its so annoying.   Surely they should be supervised!!!

Anyway I made a litle online order today from ASOS sale. I bought these Vero Moda dresses for £9.50 and £11.00. Love the 1st dress I know its not something I will wear till summer but its gorgeous and we are planning on going abroad next year for our holidays so I will definitely be taking this.

I am loving the ASOS sale although I wish I had got in there earlier as there was a couple of other dresses I wanted that have now sold out!

Vero Moda Bow Skater Dress - £28.00 reduced to £9.50
Vero Moda Lace Waisted Dress - £35.00 reduced to £10.50 

Also in New Look I got these two scarves.  I must admit I hardly ever wear scarves but I  bought these as I love them and I have decided I should wear them more. 
Owl Snood
Cream floral scarf
Do you wear scarves very often?
I also picked up some other some things in the New Look sale which I shall blog about later.  I have my eye on a pair of boots in Dororthy Perkins so I am really hoping that they go into the sale after christmas.
Well have a lovely christmas everyone.


  1. Very pretty and so very you. I'm not a Christmas person but do enjoy my friends being off work so we can go out drinking and being bad all week long. xxx

  2. i look forward to seeing all the fun post-Christmas salles too :D

  3. I saw that owl snood yesterday, I may just have to go back for it! x

  4. those dresses are gorgeously you! Pretty scarves too, I think you'll grow to love scarves x

  5. I love all your purchases. The dresses are gorgeous.
    I love wearing scarfs and that Owl snood is going on my wanties list.

  6. I loooove that lace waisted dress, it is gorgeous.
    I know what you mean about little ones running around, we have reins for Seb to keep him contained when it's busy!


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