Saturday, 15 December 2012

A lovely present from a lovely blogger!


Well this is just a catch up from me.

This week I received a christmas card and inside was this pretty little necklace....It was so unexpected, its very me and I love it.  Thank you to the lovely Sophie of  for sending me this it was most unexpected and its gorgeous...x.  You know me too well :)

I started my new job last Monday and I can honestly say in the past week I have felt much better than I have felt for the past year!  My new boss is lovely and I am so glad I made the move.

This week besides from working I have not been doing much else...boring or what!

I am just about ready for christmas I have just a few more presents to buy, to be honest I think I mentioned before my heart is not in christmas this year.  I am just looking forward to the time off.

I am not too well either at the moment, I have a stinking cold and my anemia is back with a vengence  Its ridiculous I can hardly walk far without being out of breath...not good for someone of my age.  Might have to go back to the docs I think! :(

Also I have not forgotten to take some photos of  my new fake fur trimmed coat, I have been wearing it a lot and have had a few compliments.  I will do a post with the photos soon.

Lately I have just been watching tv, reading or listening to music.  So glad James Arthur won the X Factor, to be honest I hardly watched any of this series.   James and Leona are the only two winners I have liked on that show.

I came across this song the other day by Snow Patrol (I am a massive fan of theirs) I love this song, the video is great and the words are meaningful! I could listen to Gary's voice all day and night, its just gorgeous. You can hear that gorgeous irish twang in it...I love irish accents especially northern irish!

Take care



  1. sorry you're sick. I'm catching a cold too, how rubbish :(

  2. What a gorgeous gift from Sophie, she's got your taste down to a tee! Glad the new job's going well and hope you start feeling better soon.
    I haven't even started Xmas yet, if that makes you feel any better! xxx

  3. Glad your new job is making you happy :)
    Really hope you feel better soon, if not get to the docs, it's not worth putting up with x


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