Saturday, 24 November 2012

An Update.......a moan, looking forward to and TV!

Hello everyone

Sorry I have not been blogging much of late I think I am facing 'bloggers block' again and at the moment have not really felt like blogging.  Don't get me wrong I am not worried about how many followers I have, I am grateful for what I have but I do get a little tired of making the effort with blogs and they never bother to look at yours plus it annoys me that some bloggers only leave comments if you leave comments on their blog! I find it odd and I just don't work like that!  Oh and I don't mean that at any of my regular followers..thankyou for your support ♥

On top of this I have not been feeling well of late. I just feel exhausted and I think because of my anemia and my thyroid problems its getting me down. 

I have to admit I am not looking forward to christmas either, I think its a magical time when you are a child or have children but to be honest for me its just time off work and time spent with hubby and little Ollie of course.
This year I only have Christmas day and Boxing day off work so thats not great!
Last christmas my dear Tommy was still alive and I have fond memories of him.
Tommy in the xmas tree box last year
 I know people do think its just a cat but I don't think I will ever get over him going I still miss him terribly.  I mean little things set me off and I end up in tears. 

Anyway sorry to sound so miserable I have got things I am looking forward to like the fact that my closest friend is coming up this Friday to stay, we are going to have a girly night and then we are going to Birmingham on Saturday.  So looking forward to seeing her. 
Us girls last summer

Also I have my new job to look forward to which I start in 3 weeks and I found out its slightly more money!

Also we have cute little Ollie, he is settling in well he is so loving and affectionate.
He has found a new place he likes to sleep in

Have you been watching Strictly Come Dancing?  I love this programme although I think Bruce Forsyth spoils it with his me, me, me  ways...hogging the spotlight! :(
I love watching Lisa Riley dance she is brilliant I partculary love this dance as she looks so enthusiastic, energetic and makes me smile!  :)

I have given up watching the X Factor as all the good ones go and then we are left with Rylan and a few others that I cannot even remember.  I hope James Arthur wins.

I have loved watching I'm a Celeb though I just wish Eric Bristow would shut up! ha ha
That man is awful, do you notice he picks on all the women but not the guys and especially not David! grrrr
Plus I know Helen comes across spoilt but they are so nasty to her, she is a young girl and so what if she wants to wear fake tan I mean the way they went on about her looking 'ridiculous' as they say was really negative and horrible! I mean grown adults picking on a young woman! They ought to be ashamed of themselves. I think she actually dealt with it really well.  

Anyway have a lovely weekend
ps - so sorry for the miserable moans at the beginning!!!


  1. Hey, sounds like you might be in need of a hug so I'm sending one your wayx

  2. Oh Lisa, to be honest I feel exactly the same at the moment: not many comments, etc. just really am having bloggers bloc too!

    And I totally agree about Lisa, she's a fab dancer, but I want dani or Denise t win! And don't get me started on x-factor!!


  3. Nice to see an ever-so-rare pic of you :D

    hope you feel better!

    Olie's corner is hilariously cute lol

  4. I totally get your comments moan hun. I`m guilty of not leaving comments at the moment tho. I do read all my fav blogs tho. I hardly get any comments on my blog but I don`t mind as I look at it as a diary for me.
    Your blog is lovely and you write so openly and naturally.

  5. Good luck with your new position and hurrah for the payrise! I can totally relate to you missing Tommy, you are lucky to have Ollie to keep you company.
    Take care hun x

  6. Ollie is gorgeous but I understand the loss of a long-loved and beloved pet like your Tommy. You have invested time, love and commitment in them- it is a long grieving process.

    Re the follower, comment thing. To be honest, I read a blog and comment if I like a blog- I try to be loyal and I comment because I want them to know I am reading it, I don't just comment because someone has commented on mine (though I will go and comment if someone has commented whom I don't follow, because, well it would be rude not to) but I guess sometimes people are busy. My comuter is soooooooooooooo slow and it drives me insane how long I have to wait for a blog to load and for the comment box to load. Most of the time I WILL wait but you know, if I felt it was just a one way road (i.e. me always commenting and the other person never/hardly ever responding) then I wouldn't feel too bad about not commenting.
    Nice picture of you and your friend.

  7. oh! i came back because i forgot to weigh in on the comment thing. Thing is, i honestly just comment when i feel like it, with no intention of convincing anyone to comment 'just cause' i commented. I really want ppl to comment because they see something on my blog that resonates with them. When i comment I'm not looking for nor giving favours cause I'm lame like that :P

    Plus i usually do what i call my 'blog rounds' in the early morning when I'm having my tea and just before rushing off to work so sometimes when i don't comment it's not because i don't wanna it's just cause either time has creeped up on me or i just can't think of anything to say, promise to do so when i get home and then completely forget! lol

    I'm always reading your blog though, i might forget to comment sometimes but rest assure I'm always hovering lol What i need to do is remember to click the little 'interesting' tab thingy more often ^^

  8. I'm sorry you're feeling down and not well, Lisa. It's early days since you lost Tommy, of course you're going to get down about it. I don't know anyone whose ever lost a pet not still getting upset from time to time, they are like a family member. xxx

  9. sending lots of love your way x

  10. Hi hun, I do hope your feeling better. Truth be told the first part of your post could have been written for me!

    Sending hugs

    X x

  11. Hope your feeling a bit better now - and the time spent with your friend cheered you up! :)


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