Friday, 5 October 2012

♥ Our new ginger addition Ollie ♥

Hello everyone
Well as you all know our beloved cat Tommy sadly passed away a few weeks ago and we were both devastated.  I know people think its only a cat but Tommy was much more than a cat, he was our little baby and he will always be so dearly missed.
We missed hearing the sound of paws thudding around the place so in an attempt to try and make the house feel like a home again we decided to go to Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary to look for another cat.  Holly Hedge is a lovely place literally in the middle of nowhere with fields and countryside all around.  
We browsed around the cats, there were so many looking for homes it was heartbreaking!  We were not going to get a ginger cat again as we thought it would bear too much resemblance to Tommy....but then we saw Orlando (now Ollie). 

At first we walked straight past him as he was hiding in a small box in his pen, we read the notes about him and they said that he had been there a while and had been overlooked by everyone because he was extremely shy and nervous so he did not sell himself.   He could not be homed with dogs as he is terrified of them or children so that ruled quite a few people out.  As we walked past his pen for the second time something made me stop...he was still hiding but as we spoke to him he started to venture out of the cramped box, we later found out he had not done this for anyone else who had visited.  We decided to go into his pen to see him and with that he rolled over and let Mike tickle his tummy...he was so cute but was very nervous and shy.
We were used to having a cat that was rather shy and nervous as Tommy was like a cat on a hot tin roof, I actually think that title was made for him!  But in time Tommy came around and gradually relaxed and trusted us.  Tommy was a street cat, he was a survivor, he was tough but he was also nervous of humans.   He only ever really trusted us and our family and close friends. RIP dear Tommy.

Ollie loves the camera


We immediately went to the reception and reserved Ollie, the lady on the reception was so happy as she said we had been the first people that had been interested in him and the first people he had been interested in! So he chose us as much as we chose him.
A few days later we had a home visit which we passed with no problems.  Luckily the lady who did the home visit had taken Ollie home for a few weeks as she wanted to adopt him but unfortunately her cat would not accept Ollie and kept trying to attack him.   She said he was really loving and affectionate and she rather fell in love him him.  She said she was in tears when she bought him back to the sanctuary so she was really glad that we wanted him.
We picked him up a week later and for the first week he interacted now and again, he is very affectionate and loving but also very nervous.  Sometimes when we go to stroke him his ears go flat back and he looks terrified like we are going to hit, sadly I wonder if he has been abused in the past!  All we know about him is that he is roughly 1 and a half to 2 years old and was found wandering the streets....hungry. 
He is starting to come out of his shell, he sleeps in our bed every night and loves to cuddle up with us.

Loving his new toy

Hopefully in time he will become even more trusting of us.



  1. hello ollie. awww, he looks so cute!! xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  2. he's so beautiful and after such a sad story i'm glad you could bring some stability and love to his life. i want a cat but my boyfriend has asthma so guess i'll have to live through all your lovely photos! xx

  3. aww Lisa this post makes me happy :) My Magnus (RIP) was also a rescue cat that had been abandoned on the streets once, and then rejected by his new owners until we got him. He was also very shy, he will soon be ruling he house :) He's gorgeous. Congrats xxx

  4. What a great story! He looks beautiful and I'm sure he's loving his new home

  5. Aww it really does break my heart to hear some of the horror stories poor cats go through. How anyone could abandon or hurt an animal I don't understand!
    There's someone on my street who has 2 cats constantly wandering the street starving as they never get fed at home.(their owner is well known on the street for constantly getting animals and then givin them up/abandoning them) Whenever they see me or my mum they follow us home so we have to feed them in the garden. Sadly they don't get along with the rest of our cats and fight with them so we can't take them in permanently.
    Im just glad there are some kind people in the world like yourself who are willing to give an abandoned cat a home as so many people want the "cute factor" of a kitten.

    Glad Ollie is settling in well, he's a real cutie! Xx

  6. I had to call Jon in the read Ollie's story adn to coo over his pictures!
    What an adorable little boy he is and how amazing that he chose you and Mike to be his parents. xxx

  7. omg the cuteness overload!!! <3_<3

  8. How lovely is he?! Beautiful colours too. I am sure he will love his new home and loving owners.

    X x

  9. Aww ollie looks way too adorable!! I too miss having cats but we've got used to not having them now...

  10. Awww don't know how I've missed this post he's lovely xx I have nervous jumpy kitties too just give them time - they need to start to trust humans again and the fear can be pretty deeply ingrained thanks to some morons x pleased he's found a good safe home with you xx


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