Friday, 7 September 2012

Outfit post - You eyeing up my bird?

Hiya everyone
This was my outfit today:
Bird print skater dress - H&M
Nude pumps - H&M
Bow belt - Primark
Well the weekend is officially on us...hooray for that.  I am so tired lately so I do apologise for my lack of posts, however I will be catching up on all your blogs.
Tommy has his operation last week and it seemed to go fine but since then he has hardly ate! He has to go back to the vets again tomorrow to be checked over.  Honestly you worry about these cats don't you.  We took him to the vets on Thursday night but he do you thnk he would let the vet take his way,  he hissed and growled.  He is so loveable and soft at home but he hates the vets, I suppose none of us like going to the doctors though!  
I found out today that one of my friends is moving to Spain next year.  She is quite a bit older than me and she is retiring with her boyfriend while they are still relatively young.  I don't blame her she is not in good health and wants to enjoy life while she can.  I will miss her, although she will come back and visit and on plus side she has invited Mike and I to go and stay with her as her boyfriend gets on really well with Mike.  Also she has invited me and another friend to go out and visit for some girly weekends which will be great. I am really happy for her, I am a big believer in living for now.
I am not really planning on doing much this weekend, tomorrow I am helping out at a charity jumble sale.....I may have a little look at whats on offer you never know what you may find and I will get to have a rumble in the jumble before anyone else does!  
Also I am still on the healhy eating kick, I don't feel I have lost loads of weight but my clothes definitely feel a bit looser!
I just want a nice easy weekend.
Have a good one, its meant to be gorgeous weather :)


  1. Awww it really is such a cute dress!
    Sorry to hear about Tommy not eating, hope everything is ok with him. These pets of ours do make you worry at times.

    Hope you find lots of goodies at the jumble sale! xx

  2. Your dress looks gorgeous hun! I ordered the black one but sent it back as I didn`t like the colour of the birds.
    I hope your cat is ok, it must be awful for him as he can`t tell you how he is feeling.
    Its great that you are still healthy eating. I`m going to get back into mine once baby is here. I`ve had a few treats recently... ooops.

  3. I can empathise on the pet worry :( poor Tommy, hope he's feeling much better soon.
    Cute dress hun x

  4. Cutest dress! I love all these animal prints that are about at the moment.

  5. Fingers crossed for Tommy!

    I love your dress x


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