Sunday, 30 September 2012

£5 buys and a tiny Primark haul

Hiya everyone

I have bought a few items over the past week or so.
I ordered this gorgeous dress from Everything 5, its so pretty I love it.  I love the fact it has sheer long sleeves as I cannot seem to find many long sleeved dresses. It also looks like it cost more than £5.00 too.  I think this could look a tad 'twee' so I will wear it with belt, boots and a chunky cardigan.


In the £5 shop in town I bought these shoes for work.  The colour does not do them justice in this photo, but they are like a taupe grey colour. They are really comfy and not too high and again look more expensive than a fiver!

In Primark I bought these cute leopard print boot slippers....they are so warm and comfy.

Tights - now its getting colder I needed some of these.

I also bought these mugs in Primark which were £1.00 each.  I love the cute!

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. O wow I love those slipper boots, what a fab pattern!

  2. What a lovely dress. it will be perfect now its getting that bit cooler too. I really need some warm tights too.

    x x

  3. They are all great buys but I particularly like that first one! What is it made out of? Is it chiffon or thicker material?x

  4. I'm so jealous you always find such good bargains. Personally I love the mugs!

  5. that dress is glorious, such a great collar too x

  6. That first dress is gorgeous, dying to see that on you! x

    1. I may be wearing it this weekend so I will take a photo x


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