Sunday, 30 September 2012

£5 buys and a tiny Primark haul

Hiya everyone

I have bought a few items over the past week or so.
I ordered this gorgeous dress from Everything 5, its so pretty I love it.  I love the fact it has sheer long sleeves as I cannot seem to find many long sleeved dresses. It also looks like it cost more than £5.00 too.  I think this could look a tad 'twee' so I will wear it with belt, boots and a chunky cardigan.


In the £5 shop in town I bought these shoes for work.  The colour does not do them justice in this photo, but they are like a taupe grey colour. They are really comfy and not too high and again look more expensive than a fiver!

In Primark I bought these cute leopard print boot slippers....they are so warm and comfy.

Tights - now its getting colder I needed some of these.

I also bought these mugs in Primark which were £1.00 each.  I love the cute!

Have a lovely weekend.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

We have a winner.....................

drum roll......................................
and its the lovely Debbie of Love from Poppy
The winners were all put into a bowl and my husband picked one out at random.

Congratulations Debbie, I have your email address so I will be in contact.
Thanks to all those that entered.
I have a few new buys to post about tomorrow and I also have a post on little Ollie (was Orlando).

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bed of Roses

Hello everyone

A while back we bought ourselves a new bed, we wanted to get something really decent so we waited till the sales were on and bought a Silentnight, I am so glad we did as its so comfy and worth the money.  
I then wanted to treat myself to some new bedding, I have to admit I do have a bit of a thing about bedding! ha ha.  I bought this gorgeous rosebud duvet cover from Tesco Direct. I had been after it for a while but it was sold out much to my disappointment but then I noticed a couple of months ago that they were back in stock.  I only paid £3.04 for it as I exchanged a £5 voucher for £10, when they have the Tesco Clubcard Exchange.  Is such a pretty duvet and a bargain at that price for a Kingsize.

It looks gorgeous in our room...very shabby chic!

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Thank you

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Outfit Post - Saturday

I popped to the post office yesterday morning before going to pick up Orlando in a summer dress and sandals, I had rather assumed it was warm...wrong! I came home and changed into this.  I thought it was cold although Mike though it was really warm!!!

Floral dress - New Look
Cardigan - Primark
Tights - H&M
Tan boots - Primark

I love this dress and cardigan, the cardigan is so warm they had this in cream too and I wish I bought that one as well.  I have probably mentioned this before but the boots were free! The women in Primark somehow must have managed not to scan them and as I was buying a few items it went unnoticed.  They were the only pair of these boots left as well and they happened to be in a size 4....lucky me. 
 They are really nice boots and really comfy.
Take care
xx .

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Rumble in the jumble

Today we picked up our cat from the local cat sanctuary.  He is lovely, his name is Orlando although we are thinking of change it.  He is a but shy but very affectionate, I will do a post about him soon.

I just wanted to show you my jumble sale buys from a couple of weeks ago.
These items were all a bargainous 30p each:

G21 Asda Cream Bow Shirt Dress - love this dress its so flattering and will look fab with tights and boots

Primark Polka dot shirt dress - this is really flattering...I love it.

Primark Pointelle knit dress - was not sure about this as its 'beige' not exactly a great colour but I think maybe I will try and jazz it up a bit...! For 30p you cannot go wrong!


Peacocks Cream fitted jacket - I love this its a thick cotton material and its really fitted but also casual.

Peacocks lilac summer top.  This is just stunning the colour is so vibrant and its really flattering. It looks lovely with my indigo skinny jeans.

I also got this Dorothy Perkins teal jumper - ideal for work!

Primark cropped blue cardigan

I also got a white cardigan by Florence & Fred which is hardly worn, a cream vest top from Dorothy Perkins which was brand new and a George at Asda grey sweatshirt, not something I normally wear but I thought it would be ideal for wearing around the house when it gets colder. I won't be wearing it outside though, I don't do sweatshirts! 
Have a lovely weekend

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

♥Autumn wishlist ♥

Hello everyone
Well we got Tommy's ashes today, its heartbreaking but at least he is back with us now.
I have been browsing online again and have seen a few gorgeous items I really want:
Firstly in H&M I really love this Cream Peplum Cardigan
Boohoo -  I love both of these dresses. The first two are the same dress but I love both colours and don't know which one I prefer more!
I would love this dress for work.
Dorothy Perkins - I love this skirt I also want this for work
I am sure there are bound to be more things I want in the next few weeks I do love autumn/winter clothing.
What do you think?
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Oh and I will be catching up on all your blogs tomorrow.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Trying to move on & an outfit post


Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my previous post.
To be honest this week has been unbelievably hard.  Sunday was spent nursing a headache and in tears all day. 
 Monday I went to work but leaving the house was incredibly difficult as I would usually say bye to Tom...I just felt so sick.  I got to the bus stop and burst into tears (luckily there was no one there).  When I got to my desk I literally burst into tears...I was sent home!
  Tuesday was just awful, work told me to take another day off as I felt so upset.  I had feelings of guilt and made myself feel so ill.  
I went back to work yesterday and it was hard but I tried to put on a brave front. 
Today I felt slightly better as I had a chat with the vet who treated Tommy, she assured me I did the best and our decision was the right one.  She explained that he had developed full blown AIDS and that if he had come home with us he would have died a slow painful death as his organs would have shut down one by one.  She said he could have had a blood transfusion but it would have only lasted 24 hours as his red blood cells were just being killed off.  He had severe anemia. I am trying to move on, I knew I would miss Tommy when he went,  but the pain I feel is just unimagineable.
Strangely the only time I feel comfort is at night time as I feel he is with us.  We have his blanket on the bottom of our bed and I just feel him there like a warmth, its hard to explain.  Even when I walk past the bed at night I feel it.  I love him so much and will never ever forget him.
I thought I would try and make a comeback to the blog and thought I would post an outfit I wore last Saturday...this was the day Tommy, rest his soul died.  Little did I know that when I took this photo that sunny Saturday morning my little baby would be leaving us!  I definitely would not have worn such a pretty pink dress otherwise! 

Dress with belt - Internacionale
Sequin floral pumps - Primark

Please excuse what I am doing with my hand....I was tring to move my hair...!

I totally love this bargainous dress.   I bought this after the lovely Charlotte of  recommended it to me as she is saw it on Internacionale's website.  Its amazing how someone you only know from blogging can know you so well.

I had some really good buys at the jumble sale but I shall blog about these at a later date when  I feel more up to it. 
Take care and once again thank you all so much for your kind words.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

A sad goodbye for now


Its with extreme sadness that I have to write this post.

Our amazing beloved cat Thomas had to be put to sleep yesterday and I am truly devastated, I feel lost without him and I don't know how I am going to cope knowing I will not see him anymore.  He was a massive part of our lives and I literally feel bereft and lost.  I have spent all night and all morning crying, I have hardly slept and do not want to eat. I am living on painkillers as I have a constant headache and nothing is going to make it better. He is never coming back and this we both cannot deal with.
He made me laugh so much, he brightened my day and I will never ever forget him.

Tommy had feline aids and unfortunately there is no cure for this.  The vet reckons he had it all his life and it lay dormant in him but something triggered it, maybe a fight with another cat.
RIP Tommy

You will never be forgotten and will always be in our hearts.  I think this poem sums up everything.

I am sorry but I won't be posting for a while I need to get myself together but I will be back as soon as I can.
Thank you

Friday, 7 September 2012

Outfit post - You eyeing up my bird?

Hiya everyone
This was my outfit today:
Bird print skater dress - H&M
Nude pumps - H&M
Bow belt - Primark
Well the weekend is officially on us...hooray for that.  I am so tired lately so I do apologise for my lack of posts, however I will be catching up on all your blogs.
Tommy has his operation last week and it seemed to go fine but since then he has hardly ate! He has to go back to the vets again tomorrow to be checked over.  Honestly you worry about these cats don't you.  We took him to the vets on Thursday night but he do you thnk he would let the vet take his way,  he hissed and growled.  He is so loveable and soft at home but he hates the vets, I suppose none of us like going to the doctors though!  
I found out today that one of my friends is moving to Spain next year.  She is quite a bit older than me and she is retiring with her boyfriend while they are still relatively young.  I don't blame her she is not in good health and wants to enjoy life while she can.  I will miss her, although she will come back and visit and on plus side she has invited Mike and I to go and stay with her as her boyfriend gets on really well with Mike.  Also she has invited me and another friend to go out and visit for some girly weekends which will be great. I am really happy for her, I am a big believer in living for now.
I am not really planning on doing much this weekend, tomorrow I am helping out at a charity jumble sale.....I may have a little look at whats on offer you never know what you may find and I will get to have a rumble in the jumble before anyone else does!  
Also I am still on the healhy eating kick, I don't feel I have lost loads of weight but my clothes definitely feel a bit looser!
I just want a nice easy weekend.
Have a good one, its meant to be gorgeous weather :)

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Primark & H&M Haul


These are my buys from yesterday:
In Primark I picked up this gorgeous teal chiffon style dress. This is lovely I love the long sheer sleeves, its really flattering and its a truly gorgeous colour.  This actually looks a lot nicer on than on the hanger!

Peach Brushed Lace Jumper - This is gorgeous and I love the brushed lace effect plus its really warm and cosy. 

Cream lace Peplum top - This is a bargain as New Look wanted £16.99 for one of these and this one was £6.00. Ok so you need to wear a top undeneath but I have loads of vest tops!
Pink butterfly longline t-shirt £2.50 - I love this for wearing just casual with jeans and its such a lovely pretty pink.  I went up a couple of sizes in this top as I wanted it to be long and not too tight and you know what Primark sizing is like!
Then in H&M I bought this bottle green cardigan, they had this hot pink too which I may also get.  I love these cardi's for work.
I also bought these earrings in a random dress shop.  I love these because I have long hair you cannot see the ring part (which I am not keen on) you can only see the bows and the teardrop.

I also received the Matalan order yesterday and the Peter Pan collar dress is just stunning and ideal for work.  I may order another of these in a different colour they look much more expensive than £14.00.

Take care



Saturday, 1 September 2012

Outfit Post - Dog print


Today I went shopping with Mike's neice, its so nice to think that at only 18 she loves my style and loves going shopping with me. She said I am like an older sister which is a really nice compliment as she says I am very young heart.
This was my outfit, the dress was from a £5.00 shop in town and I love the doggy print. Please excuse my bra showing through the dress in the 2nd photo I just wanted to show the collar but I did actually put a vest top underneath after seeing this photo ha ha! I actually think this dress is a bit too big for me now as I have been trying to lose weight.
The shoe boots were in the sale in BHS and I totally love these I wear them so much and the belt was from Primark.
I also curled my hair with the straightening irons, I do love having wavy hair.
I did buy a few things in Primark & H&M which I shall blog about tomorrow.
God there are some weird people in town though, this woman in Boots was staring at me so much I felt so uncomfortable and felt like asking her if she wanted a photo! The thing that made me laugh most was she was looking me up and down and staring at my I mean I know they are big but really thats so rude! Its not like they were on show or anything. Ahh well I will take it as a compliment.
Have a lovely weekend