Monday, 27 August 2012

♥ Cardigans ♥

I remember years ago cardigans were considered old lady wear and they were certainly not that trendy but I totally love them.  I must admit I cannot wait for the colder weather as although I love summer for the light nights and light mornings, my favourite type of weather is when you leave the house in the morning and its sunny but cold and crisp and you can see your breath the air.
I love autumn/winter clothing as I love cosy knits, warm coats and boots, so with that in mind I have been browsing the new autumn/winter ranges and really want some new cardigans and jumpers
I saw these on Matalan's website and I will definitely be purchasing one or maybe even two of these.  I love the cream one and both the green and purple.  They are only £12 each and look nice and warm.
I also want some shorter cardigans and some fitted jumpers for work.  I do already have quite a few which I get out each winter but I like to add to them each season! I love Forever 21 so I will be checking this website regularly for new stock, this is fast becoming one of my favourite stores.
Anyway today I purchsed a sports bra, I am sure you do not need to see a photo of this, its not the prettiest thing ha ha.
I have finally decided to get my lazy butt into gear and start Zumba.
They have classes at our local church hall twice a week so I will be starting on Wednesday.
I have been eating well of late and have felt healthier but I really need the exercise too as healthy eating alone is just not enough!

Tommy has his operation tomorrow so he not allowed anything to eat after 8pm, poor thing.  So we are not going to have any breakfast tomorrow as he will smell food and it will be a bit cruel.  I hate having to starve him,  I feel awful but at least it will all be over with tomorrow and he may get a tin of salmon after!
He is so spoilt he lives like a king and I actually think he thinks he is a king....well he is to us anyway. ha ha.

Take care


  1. Love the purple cardigan! I love big cosy knits for the winter. Those are my favourite winter days too! Tommy is so cute here, haha xx

  2. Hope Tommy`s operation goes well hun. Poor thing at least he will feel better once the tooth has gone!
    I love cardigans, I have just ordered an orange one from M&S I saw it when I was out at the weekend and its the perfect colour for Autumn. I love the crisp mornings of Autumn too with that smell in the air, some snuggly knitwear and long boots! I also love cosy evenings with blankets,pjs and mugs of hot choccie with cream!

  3. Love the cardigans!
    Hope tommy's operation goes well! Xx

  4. Oh love the Cardigans I think I may be addicted to cardigans hehehe....I have way to many and I am always looking for new ones lol!! Hope your kitty does well tomorrow ~Love Heather

  5. Sending Tommy lots of love and positive vibes! Hope all goes well and he enjoys his tuna later! x

  6. You can't beat a nice cardy!

    I do hope Tommy gets on ok. Such a shame when they are ill as they can't tell you whats wrong.

    X x

  7. I love cardigans!!!!!!!!

    I hope all goes well with your lovely cat:-)


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