Friday, 31 August 2012

Matalan Order

Well I gave in and made a little online order from Matalan.
I ordered this Peter Pan collar dress for work
and this cardigan.
I am going shopping tomorrow with a friend, I am so looking forward to that as I have not been in Primark and the usual suspects for a while.
Take care

Monday, 27 August 2012

♥ Cardigans ♥

I remember years ago cardigans were considered old lady wear and they were certainly not that trendy but I totally love them.  I must admit I cannot wait for the colder weather as although I love summer for the light nights and light mornings, my favourite type of weather is when you leave the house in the morning and its sunny but cold and crisp and you can see your breath the air.
I love autumn/winter clothing as I love cosy knits, warm coats and boots, so with that in mind I have been browsing the new autumn/winter ranges and really want some new cardigans and jumpers
I saw these on Matalan's website and I will definitely be purchasing one or maybe even two of these.  I love the cream one and both the green and purple.  They are only £12 each and look nice and warm.
I also want some shorter cardigans and some fitted jumpers for work.  I do already have quite a few which I get out each winter but I like to add to them each season! I love Forever 21 so I will be checking this website regularly for new stock, this is fast becoming one of my favourite stores.
Anyway today I purchsed a sports bra, I am sure you do not need to see a photo of this, its not the prettiest thing ha ha.
I have finally decided to get my lazy butt into gear and start Zumba.
They have classes at our local church hall twice a week so I will be starting on Wednesday.
I have been eating well of late and have felt healthier but I really need the exercise too as healthy eating alone is just not enough!

Tommy has his operation tomorrow so he not allowed anything to eat after 8pm, poor thing.  So we are not going to have any breakfast tomorrow as he will smell food and it will be a bit cruel.  I hate having to starve him,  I feel awful but at least it will all be over with tomorrow and he may get a tin of salmon after!
He is so spoilt he lives like a king and I actually think he thinks he is a king....well he is to us anyway. ha ha.

Take care

Sunday, 26 August 2012

A small giveaway..........

I am sorry for the lack of posting this past week but I have not had a brilliant week really.  Something happened at work that really upset me and I have been really low also Tommy has not been himself this past week so I was rather concerned.  He just seemed to be sleeping a lot, not wanting to go out which is unlike him but eating loads.  He seemed really anxious and did not want us to touch him at all. 
Anyway on Saturday we took him to he vets and basically he has a really rotten tooth that has to be removed.  The vet gave him a painkiller so he perked up a lot yesterday.  He is booked in to have the tooth removed on Tuesday which is going to cost us £150.00! He is worth all the money in the world to us but I do think these vets do overcharge! 
Anyway I just hope he will be ok.
I am holding a small giveaway, this is open to my regular followers as a little thank you for your support as I don't post as often as I would like but thanks for sticking with me and showing genuine inerest in my ramblings.

Prizes are:
Tights Please Purple opaques
Avon Sassy Swirls Body spray
Butterfly ring (on top of book)
2 x Primark eyeliners
Barry M lip gloss
Babyliss heart hair slides
New Look floral bow necklace
Peacocks cream and black hair slides
Collection 2000 Apricot Crush Nail Varnish
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
Body Shop Oceanus eau de toilette
Sachet of Liz Earle Skin Tint
2 x Rose scented candles
Its not a big giveaway but just a little something for all my lovely followers.
The rules are:
You must be a regular follower of my blog ( I will check!)
Please leave me a comment with your email address and say which item you most like and why????  You will be winning it all though ha ha
Winner will be picked at random 
Closing date is 26 September at midnight.
Take care and have a lovely bank holiday weekend

I will be catching up with all your blogs.

Monday, 20 August 2012

New Look online order

Yesterday I made just a small order from New Look, I like the fact that if you spend £20.00 in New Look you can get it delivered to store for free as I hate wasting money on delivery charges.

So here's what I ordered:

Red Skater Dress

I love skater dresses as they suit me and I have this dress in the rosewood colour which is like a dark pink. I wear it to work as its a nice length, however I have been after a red one for a while.  This will be something I can wear now and in autumn & winter with tights.

Burgundy Peplum top

I am loving the peplum styles as they are very flattering and feminine.  I will wear this with skinny jeans, jeggings and pencil skirts.

Do you like skater dresses and peplum style tops and dresses?

Oh also I had the Everything 5 pounds order, the ditsy dress was ripped and the lipsy alike one was gorgeous but no good for my large chest.  I emailed the company and I must say they replied straight away and are sending me a postage label to return the items for free, plus they are going to give me a refund on the postage charges as one of the items was damaged.  I must admit I was very impressed with their customer service.


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Charity shop finds - Jewellery stand & jeans

Hello everyone

Last week when I had a few days off after my holiday I was at a loose end one day and decided I would have a little browse in my local charity shops.  In the British Heart Foundation I came across this rather gorgeous jewellery stand which was just £1.99.

I thought it was rather nice and although I do have jewellery storage which is more suited to earrings, hair slides and bracelets, I thought this would be ideal for my necklaces as they get rather tangled in my current storage.

Its pretty and looks really nice by my bedside.

Then in the St Peters Hospice I found these Primark grey super skinny jeans for £1.50.  These are a size 10 and looked really small as I usually find Primark jeans come up smaller in their sizing, anyhow I decided to try them on and they actually fitted.
I am quite slim on the legs anyway so they fit perfectly but they are quite snug over the stomach, however as I am dieting at the moment this will change as I don't have that much to lose.
I only have blue or black jeans so thought these made a nice change and they look lovely with many colours especially cream (one of my favourite colours).

I don't know about where you live but I am finding that charity shops are getting dearer, don't get me wrong I know the money is going to charity but some of the prices are just ridiculous for second hand items.
They had a gorgeous Oasis knitted dress for £10.00, ok so it was in good condition but ten pounds!!!

Anyway what do you think of my buys?


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Outfit Post - Betty Boop

Hello lovelies

This is a different outfit post for me as you probably know I am a 'dress' girl and do not wear t-shirts much.  I have had this Betty Boop T-Shirt for quite a while and I really love it but the problem is I have been unable to wear it of late as I felt it was too tight for me as I had put some weight on since buying it.  However, recently I  have been cutting back and have lost a tiny bit of weight so I actually feel it looks ok now.  I still need to lose more weight but its a slow process. 
I am eating a lot healthier than I was and cutting out a lot of junk food. 

I actually managed to get into a pair of Primark size 10 super skinny jeans the other day, and I have to admit they look small so I was shocked that they fitted me!  I will blog about this in a few days.  I think in my head I think I look like a size 18 but in reality I am a 12.   

Nude blazer - Primark
Betty Boop T-Shirt - H&M
Indigo Jeggings - New Look
Shoe boots - BHS

Have a lovely weekend


Friday, 17 August 2012

£5 Lipsy inspired dress


On Wednesday I was browsing, I often check out this website as between the dodgy tops and tacky looking shoes they do have some lovely items.

I ordered these 2 dresses:

Firstly this dress which is exactly like the one Lipsy were selling for around £55.

This is the Lipsy dress worn by Una Healy, I cannot see an difference apart from the belt!

and this open back dress was also similar to one I saw somewhere else for at least £20.00. 

I cannot believe these were only £5.00 each as they would have been a lot more expensive elsewhere.

Keep an eye on this website its a little gem.  Also if you 'like' their facebook page they tell you what they are going to add to the website the following day.  Sometimes you need to be quick as some items sell out really quickly.



Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Outfit post - Little Miss Sunshine (& Showers!)


Following on from today's blog title, did'nt you just love the Mr Men books when you were little.  I still have loads of them in the loft I think I have nearly the entire collection.

Anyway onto our Great British Summer....or lack of it!  This weather is really starting to annoy me I mean how can you dress for it.  One minute its boiling hot and sunny next its still boiling hot but pouring with rain and then in the next hour its grey and cold! You cannot win.
They say British people dress badly...and I agree quite a few do but I suppose its made harder when you just don't know what the weather is going to be like from one hour to the next.

This was an outfit from last week when I had a few days off.  I love this dress it always makes me feel sunny I suppose yellow has that effect but I really liked it with the sandy beige suede shoe boots. 

I think I took the photos from too far away but you can double click them to enlarge! Silly me

I thought the blue cardigan picked out the blue in the dress

Close up of the pretty pattern

Dress - Doll & Frog at Dorothy Perkins
Beige Shoe Boots Boots - BHS
Belt & Cardigan both Primark

Just to let you know I will be having a small giveaway soon to thank the regular people who follow me. 

I have been gathering a few things over the last few weeks but need to get a couple more items.

Take care


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The £5 shop


There is a new shop opened up in town and they basically sell everything for just a fiver.
I know you are probably thinking that sounds like a load of tat but I promise you I was amazed as they do have some fabulous items. A lot of the dresses have the Cutie label which I am sure I have seen in Awear, New Look and some other shops.  
They had some amazing bags in there which look the same quality as River Island, I did not buy one as I have so many bags and really did not need another.  The boots in there were fab too but as usual the size 4's and 5's had gone in the ones I liked!
Anyway I ended up buying this dog print dress by Cutie.  I have seen this dress elsewhere for like £27.99 or something! 

This is the sort of dress I will wear with my tan boots in autumn and maybe add a pair of opaques when it gets colder.

Its really cute and unusual. 


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Its a small haul - Primark & H&M


Yesterday I spent the day in sunny Swindon with my lovely friend Yimen.

We had some much needed retail therapy and lunch at Wetherspoons, you cannot beat lunch in Wetherspoons its such great value and the food is nice.

I did not spend much really but my best buy of the day was these tan boots in Primark.  I actually cannot believe they were only £18.00 as they look more expensive, they are like leather. They are also really comfy and another thing I love about them is that they fit nice and snug on the ankles, something I never usually find as I have tiny ankles.

Tan flats £5.00

I love my flats and really needed some tan ones.

I also bought some gorgeous purple cushion covers in Primark for £2.50 each they do look fab.  I love Primark homeware they have some gorgeous designs at low prices.

In H&M I got this bag in the sale for a fiver too.

What do you think of my buys?

Have a lovely weekend