Saturday, 28 July 2012

Today's outfit and a few Primark buys!


Today I popped into town to have a little browse.
I have not been buying much lately which is strange for me but its just that I have so many summer clothes and I don't actually really need anymore, plus I have not seen anything that has really caught my eye!
I know we have not even had summer yet but I am now looking forward to the autumn/winter ranges coming out as although I love summer I do prefer a/w clothing! 

Anyway back to today, I did not buy much to be honest as the shops seemed to be full of the same old sale stuff that has been around for ages.
In Primark I picked up this tan slouch handbag.  I really like this as I love the fact that this ia a lighter tan colour plus its so roomy and ideal for work.  I have to admit I hate buying Primark bags because you see loads of other people with them so it slightly puts me off, but this is a fab bag and good for only £9.00! 

I also got this bikini in the sale for a whole £4.00, I was quite surprised that Primark are actually starting to sell bikinis and bras for women with bigger chests at last! I was a bit unsure of the print on this but when I tried it on it looked fab with my dark hair. This will be ideal for a special anniversary next year...tell you more in a mo!

I also got this bra in the sale for £3.00, this is very much like the ones Kelly Brook designed for New Look.

and I got this bow print peplum top for 3.00 in the sale also.  I am loving the peplum tops at the moment!

I have got my eye on a couple of things in Matalan at the moment too.
So there you have it not much of a shopping session today but I suppose it saves the pennies.

Next year is a special year for us as in July 2013 we will have been married or 10 years! I cannot believe where those years have gone.  We were thinking of going on a meditteranean cruise for our anniversary and are just looking into it at the moment...hence the bikini will come in handy....

Did you watch the Olympic Opening ceremony last night?  I went out with some work colleagues after work for a meal and got back just in time to watch it all.  I thought it was brilliant how the stadium was transformed and the 5 rings were amazing.
Had to laugh at the queen's (fake) skydive although I think she looked thoroughly bored which I thought was disappointing. I know she has to attend these events but she should show some interest.
I cried when those lttle deaf children sang the national anthem it was so lovely but she did not even have a little smile!

One of my friends has tickets and has gone to watch some events today...lucky her!

Anyway I am only in work Monday and Tuesday this week...yippee as I have Wednesday off and we go to the lovely Isle of Wight on Thursday.  I hope the weather is good.

Have a lovely weekend



  1. I almost bought that bikini, it's lovely but yellow doesn't suit me :(

  2. I totally agree with you re the Olympics!

    But I have to say, for m I prefer to get my underwear from m&s - I know ,y sizes in there as in other retailers they can appear smaller.

    Love the bag though, although I never shop in primark!

  3. the print on that peplum top is lovely! Going for a med cruise sounds brilliant, a very fitting celebration x

  4. That bikini is very pretty.
    I loved the opening ceremony, the James Bond sequence was brilliant! x

  5. That bikini is so cute!

    And I love that white dress on you. :)

  6. I love the pink bra and the yellow bra and panty set is also cute ! :)

  7. I like that bikini a lot! Its so cute. And the peplum blouse is adorable. I wish I had a primark to shop at

  8. Great buys. I need to head on to Primark and pick up some bikinis for my honeymoon.
    How exciting for your cruise next year! You don't look old enough to have been married 10 yrs! xx


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