Monday, 30 July 2012

Little Dicky Birds


I picked up this pretty dress in H&M today, I happened to see it online and then I saw it on someone's blog and thought how pretty it was.  I love the skater style too as they suit my shape and this one is gorgeous.

It looks white in the photos but its actually a beige/cream colour and I think this is another item I can wear in summer with bare legs and sandals and also in autumn/winter with tights/leggings.

It was a bargain at only £12.99.

I am having a spray tan tomorrow...eek! I am having the Sienna X I don't know if anyone has heard of this but  its meant to be really good.  I am a tad nervous as I don't want to be orange but I am sure it will be fine...fingers crossed.  The lady is coming to my house too which is better than going to a salon.


Saturday, 28 July 2012

Today's outfit and a few Primark buys!


Today I popped into town to have a little browse.
I have not been buying much lately which is strange for me but its just that I have so many summer clothes and I don't actually really need anymore, plus I have not seen anything that has really caught my eye!
I know we have not even had summer yet but I am now looking forward to the autumn/winter ranges coming out as although I love summer I do prefer a/w clothing! 

Anyway back to today, I did not buy much to be honest as the shops seemed to be full of the same old sale stuff that has been around for ages.
In Primark I picked up this tan slouch handbag.  I really like this as I love the fact that this ia a lighter tan colour plus its so roomy and ideal for work.  I have to admit I hate buying Primark bags because you see loads of other people with them so it slightly puts me off, but this is a fab bag and good for only £9.00! 

I also got this bikini in the sale for a whole £4.00, I was quite surprised that Primark are actually starting to sell bikinis and bras for women with bigger chests at last! I was a bit unsure of the print on this but when I tried it on it looked fab with my dark hair. This will be ideal for a special anniversary next year...tell you more in a mo!

I also got this bra in the sale for £3.00, this is very much like the ones Kelly Brook designed for New Look.

and I got this bow print peplum top for 3.00 in the sale also.  I am loving the peplum tops at the moment!

I have got my eye on a couple of things in Matalan at the moment too.
So there you have it not much of a shopping session today but I suppose it saves the pennies.

Next year is a special year for us as in July 2013 we will have been married or 10 years! I cannot believe where those years have gone.  We were thinking of going on a meditteranean cruise for our anniversary and are just looking into it at the moment...hence the bikini will come in handy....

Did you watch the Olympic Opening ceremony last night?  I went out with some work colleagues after work for a meal and got back just in time to watch it all.  I thought it was brilliant how the stadium was transformed and the 5 rings were amazing.
Had to laugh at the queen's (fake) skydive although I think she looked thoroughly bored which I thought was disappointing. I know she has to attend these events but she should show some interest.
I cried when those lttle deaf children sang the national anthem it was so lovely but she did not even have a little smile!

One of my friends has tickets and has gone to watch some events today...lucky her!

Anyway I am only in work Monday and Tuesday this week...yippee as I have Wednesday off and we go to the lovely Isle of Wight on Thursday.  I hope the weather is good.

Have a lovely weekend


Monday, 23 July 2012

A Booty of a Bargain


Last week I got a beauty of a bargain on ebay.

I got these leather boots from H&M which were originally £35.00 for just 99p!

I saw them in H&M only about 3 weeks ago and I loved them and could not believe my luck when I saw them on Ebay.

Thing is I honestly thought I would be outbid and cannot believe I got them for 99p.

Take care


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Outfit post - One of my favourite dresses


This was an outfit I wore on holiday and I have to say this dress is one of my favourites.

It was from the H&M sale a couple of years ago and it was in the random sale section along with the usual sale t-shirts.

It was £15.00 in the sale but originally it was £40.00 which is quite dear for H&M.  
 I think this dress was made for me I love it so much I love the feel of the chiffon type material, its so pretty and fits really well.  It was so lucky that I happened to be in the right place at the right time. 
Also its very versatile as I have worn it in summer and worn it in winter with opaque tights and boots.

The only thing is I am trying to lose some weight but I would be so unhappy if this dress was too big for me.   
Dress - H&M

Cardigan - H&M

Belt - Primark

Floral wedges - New Look

Take care


Thursday, 19 July 2012

Super Girly Outfit post - last Sunday


Thank you for all your lovely comments you are so kind as usual.

I was feeling slightly better today, I know I should not let things get to me!

Anyway last Sunday when we had a glint of sunshine (surprise surprise it did not last long!) I decided to wear a dress I bought ages ago from ASOS Marketplace...I really have not had the opportunity to wear it until now with this awful wet weather we have been having.

Vintage Dress - ASOS Marketplace
Cardigan -  Miss Selfridge
Belt - Primark
Cowboy boots - New Look via Ebay

I absolutely love the look of this dress its completely girly and summery and it makes me feel like skipping haha.  I loved wearing it with the cowboy boots as I have a thing about wearing summery dresses with cowboy boots...I love it. 

What do you think? Do you like wearing summer dresses with boots?
Have you ever bought anything from ASOS Marketplace.


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Two new dresses and a bit of leopard print!


I just thought I would share with you my new purchases from New Look and Primark.

I bought this Tokyo Rose Cream lace dress in New Look's sale. This dress looks a lot nicer on, I love it as its a really rich cream where as the lace dresses I have are more white.


I also bought this dark red skater dress.  It looks nothing on the hanger but I love these skater dresses they are so flattering and its a colour that will take me through to autumn/winter. 

In Primark I got these leopard print pumps.

I have been feeling a bit rubbish today I know it sounds like I am being bigheaded but its not meant that way its just that because I am such a nice person I do feel I get walked over a bit and its always something that has annoyed me.  I suppose some people like to take advantage of my nice nature where as they would not be like that with others. It upsets me though and on the bus home tonight I actually had tears in my eyes! How awful to admit that but I really felt very upset.  I sometimes think I will try not to be so nice but its just not me and I cannot do that!   Anyway I decided to cheer myself up so when I got home from work I had pancakes with fresh fruit and chocolate sauce...yummy.

This is Tesco's finest chocolate sauce and if you have never tried it you must...its absolutely delicious.

Take care

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Back from my holibobs.


We are back from our hols in Devon, we had a fantastic holiday I just wish we were back there!

I think we were extremely lucky with the weather too as it was sunny every day except for Thursday when it did rain all day.

The photo above was taken in Babbacombe which is such a gorgeous place.  You can get the cliff railway down to the beach and its stunning.

In Babbacome they have an old fashioned vintage tea room called Angels (apparently its well known).  They have those tiered cake stands and you can have afternoon tea.  I had a massive slice of Victoria sponge and we had a pot of tea with the proper tea was lovely.

I took over 300 photos so I will try and upload some onto my blog in time.

Anyway back to work on Monday....eek! Its only for 2 weeks though as we are off to the Isle of Wight for a few days, I am so looking forward to that.

I will be catching up with all your blogs tomorrow its just I have been so busy with sorting things out like washing etc you know how it is!

Also today Mike and I went shopping for a new bed, ours is really old now and not very comfy.  Its so weird lying on a bed in a store while a salesperson chats to you...ha ha!

Take care


Saturday, 7 July 2012

Charity shop dress and a short goodbye!


I am in the process of packing to go to Devon tomorrow. ...I am sure someone its July but it looks more like November so I suppose I am going to have to pack some more autumn style clothing along with summer items!

We just dropped Tommy at the cattery which was awful as I feel like I am abandoning my baby.  He will be ok, the cattery is lovely in really nice grounds and the ladies who run it totally love cats so I know he will be well looked after.  I did give the lady a tin of John West Salmon for him to share with the other cats......he knows his mother loves him! I think when I am old I will be one of those mad cat ladies...ha ha

This morning I popped round to my local post office to post a couple of ebay parcels before we went away and we also have a little local charity shop next door.  I have to say its not the best charity shop and its usually full off tat however on some random occasions you can get some good things.  They happened to have a red fitted raincoat but it was slightly too small for me on the chest which was rather annoying it was only £6.00 and quite nice.  But I did manage to find this Zara dress for £2.50 as it had a small tear on the back which can easily be fixed.

Its really gorgeous and very boho (I love boho) and I could imagine it with tan boots.

I love the detail on the chest and sleeves and its fully lined.  I love the elastic on the waist and the belt really pulls it together.  Its a very flattering dress

The belt is a bit damaged but I have tonnes of belts I could wear with this!

Anyway tomorrow we are of to Devon so goodbye for now and have a lovely weekend.

Take care


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Nine years ago today I said two little words!

'I do'.

It seems like yesterday I cannot believe it has been 9 years.

Happy anniversary to my husband♥ I love you lots.

A couple of weeks ago I won a prize on Gemma's blog  giveaway.

I received my winnings today.....these fantastic blue sunglasses.

I will try and gt a photo of me wearing these

I just want to say a big thank you to Gemma ♥

Well I really hope this weather improves as MIke and I are off to Devon on Sunday for a few days.  This weather is so depressing I just want some gorgeous sunshine.

Take care


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Haul - Primark, Internacionale and New Look


Yesterday I went shopping, I feel like I have not been proper shopping for ages although it has probably only been a couple of weeks ha ha.  I cannot believe how much the prices have gone up in Primark though, don't get me wrong its still cheap but it has definitely got dearer. Some of their blouses you used to be able to get for a fiver are now at least £10.00.

Anyway these are my buys:

In Primark I bought this nude blazer which was £13.00.  I love this and it actually looks a lot nicer than in the photo. its a stretchy jersey material.  They also had this in navy blue and black and I would like the navy blue one too.

Broken heart peplum top - I love this, I love the Peter Pan collar too. This will be great for work.

Black bow belt - I admit I do have a lot of belts but not many in black. I think this is really cute.

In Internacionale (a shop I rarely go in) I bought this dress in the sale for £12.00.  Its a dress that the lovely Charlotte of  recommended to me as she thought I would like it.  Thanks Charlotte I really love know me so well.

Its so cute its pale pink with a little tan belt and very girly and sweet.

Whilst in International I could not resist buying this purse which was £3.99. Its such a lovely colour and its really roomy plus it looks more expensive than it was.

I popped into New Look solely to buy a cream lace peplum top I had seen in there last week but they had none left!  I got this pretty hairband for £2.00 in the sale.

Take care