Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Outfit post and a couple of purchases!


Well what a great jubilee weekend I mean I am not even a royalist but I have really enjoyed the coverage on tv.  I like the fact that the whole nation has celebrated being British (something we are often not allowed to do) and I was proud of being British when I watched the coverage over the weekend.  The concert last night was amazing and I loved how the palace was red white and blue.

Then this afternoon I loved the fly past, I have a bit of an obsession with aeroplanes and the red arrows are just amazing.

Anyway today Mike and I popped into town to have a wander around and this was my outfit.

Cream chiffon dress - New Look
Cream cardigan - Everything £5.com
Super skinny jeans - Primark
Peach Studded shoes - New Look
Tan horse waist belt - Primark
Birdcage necklace - Primark

I was so annoyed as I wore my favourite suede style peach studded shoes as when we left the house it was dry and sunny!  Mike drove into town and it absolutely tipped down....great!! My shoes are now drying out I just hope they still look ok.

I took a few things back one of which was the Dorothy Perkins bag, I was so disappointed to take it back but I just know that in couple of weeks it will be filthy!   Even the sales girls in DP commented how gorgeous it was and although its beautiful I know it would be a waste of money and it won't stay that way.

I did however get another bag in a little shop in town called Butterfly.  Its a lovely shop which sells extremely pretty dresses and so many pretty accessories.  To be honest I was not going to go in there but walking past this bag was on the mannequin and immediately caught my eye.  It was only £10.00 and its actually much nicer in reality than in the photos.  Its nude which I wanted and its really smart and stylish...I love it. 

In Primark I bought these two belts, I really wanted a tan bow belt and the blue one was with it for only £2.00.

and I bought some pretty pastel socks these are just for wearing around the house as my feet are always cold.

I think they are such pretty colours too.



  1. I love the look! I will check the socks, I always find it hard to get those with a high cotton percentage :(

  2. Lovely bag and belts. I love the birdcage necklace.

  3. Those socks are a great colour, I'm going to check out Primark for them myself.

  4. You always have such nice outfits!
    Maddy xx

  5. That's a lovely outfit, the birdcage necklace is so sweet! x

  6. I love your style! I have a lot of these dresses in my wardrobe, too. Maybe you like to follow each other?
    xoxo, Lia Julie



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