Saturday, 30 June 2012

Rocking the long!

I have finally purchased some 18 inch hair extensions!

Hair Extensions have always been one of those things I thought looked really fake and tacky and I have been deliberating on whether to buy or not to buy as I do already have long thick hair and thought it would be a waste of money.  I really wanted just another maybe 2 inches of length and more volume and fullness.

I have been looking into extensions for a while and the prices have ranged from £40.00-£60.00, that is for real hair.
However I decided that I did not really want real hair as I find the thought of wearing someone else's hair a bit weird!

A while back I came across the Babyliss Synthetic Extensions that retail at £30.00 in Boots but I was convinced I would not be able to get the right colour and they would not look like real hair.

Last week I was feeling a bit down and decided I may as well take a look at them.  In Boots they had tester pieces on display so you can try to match the colour to your hair, I was sceptical, I did not think I could get a good match but was pleasantly surprised that the Light Brunette matched really well.  Me being a cheapskate though I really did not want to spend that much on them.

So I had a thought why not look on Ebay!  I found someone just so happened to be selling the Light Brunette colour brand new in the box for a bargainous £9.99 with £2.00 postage!  I purchased immediately and they arrived yesterday.

I have to say I love them so much.  They match my hair colour really well but they are soooo long, I had to trim about an inch and a half off them as the original length made them look a bit fake.  After being trimmed I think they look perfect and quite realistic.
Here is my hair normally without extensions.

This is my hair with the extensions

What do you think?  I am wondering if they are still a tad too long or not but I do love this length.


Trouble is I wantto wear them all the time but I am going to try to leep them for just weekends and special days/nights out as I don't want them to get ruined.

I am so glad I looked on Ebay and saved myself a bit of money.

Today I went shopping and bought a few new clothes I shall being doing a haul post soon.



  1. I really want extensions, they look fab!!

  2. Love the length, so glam. I have had bonded hair extensions in a few times and they are so heavy(and not good for your hair) I now wear clip ins to add a bit of length and volume and love how they look and are much cheaper than a full set of the bonded type.
    Great bargain you got, its always worth checking ebay!

  3. I wear mine all the time, I tried to keep them for special occasions but they make me feel like a princess - and they look great on you too :)

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  4. For you question about the extensions, I don't usually wear them for more than 5 hours at a time, and try not to put them in too night so they don't pull at your hair :)

    Gems x

  5. They look great. I think extensions can look really good. And it's always nice to have fuller and longer hair.

  6. They look fab hun. I think its nice to be able to create a completely different look for when you are going out or just fancy a change. My eldest uses her loads.

    X x

  7. They look great, id love to have longer hair and just buy extensions to enhance like you have. Im after some extensions too for a wedding I got coming up, my last two sets have been foxy locks so duno if to just stick to what I know.
    Oh and you think wearing other ppls hair is weird... well I seen real hair fake eyelashes in superdrug EWW was so weirded out by them. x x

  8. You know I'm not a fan but I must say yours do look brilliant and if they make you feel good all the better! x

  9. the perfect length and a spot on colour too! big thumbs up for the bargain!!!



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