Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Boots Sleep in Rollers review


Sorry long time no blog!

I have been really busy this week and I have also been getting ready for the girls weekend away this excited about that.

I also wanted to mention I will be catching up on your blogs over the next couple of days and leaving you comments.  I am sorry for the delay in this but I love reading all of your blogs its just I have not had much time this week.

This is just a quck review as promised of the Boots Sleep in Rollers.

I  bought the rollers which retail for £4.99 from Boots...haha ( the clue is in the name).

They are a cheaper alternative to the Sleep in Rollers that were made famouse by Desperate Scousewives that come in the pretty pink bag and cost around £16.00.

I bought these really just to try them and did not expect amazing results.

The rollers are soft and velcro so you can sleep in them and they don't hurt your head like hard rollers would.

I washed my hair the night before put some mousse and serum it in and then dried it so it was just a bit damp.  I then combed my hair and placed three rollers on each side of my head.  You can buy more packs and put more rollers in.

The first problem I found is there is nothing to hold the rollers in place ie they don't include grips so you have to use your own which is fine.  The problem is though I have very long thick hair so they are harder to keep in place. 

I went to bed and here comes the second problem!! In the night they started to annoy me as my head felt heavier and the rollers were a tad uncomfortable, they did not hurt but just got in the way...I must toss and turn a lot in my sleep!!

Anyway by about 4 in the morning they were annoying me so much I had to take them out and I could tell my hair had curl and was volumised.  Mike laughed when he woke in the morning as the six rollers were in the middle of the bed and he wondered what they were doing there!  Thats another thing you don't exactly look sexy wearing these to bed either!! ha ha 

I got up at 6am so 2 hours later and when I awoke my hair looked like I had literally been pulled though a hedge backwards (probably because I removed them in the night) .so I decided to straighten it...well I had to really anyway!  After moaning to myself that I had wasted a fiver on these and after straightening my hair I have to say I was I pleasantly surprised as the rollers had given my hair a lot of volume so my hair felt soft sleek and full of volume and I loved the texture of it.  I really hate flat straight hair, as my hair is thick anyway it does not really ever look flat but these rollers definitely have given it more volume and fullness.  

Therefore I have to say I would not buy another pack but I will use them again just to give my hair extra volume.
I would not use them a lot though as for me they are far too uncomfortable and and annoying when you are sleeping.  I will use them just for special occasions etc.

To conclude

  •  These would be great for thin not too long hair
  • Great if you can tolerate them in the night 
  • Good if you just want volume whether you have thick or thin hair.

I am going to try again with these and will try to keep them in all night.  I will let you know the results.

Have you tried these?  Would you try them??



  1. Not sure I could sleep with rollers on my head, not comfortably anyway. I've got curly hair now naturally. haha x

  2. I sleep in 'old fashioned' foam rollers (with the plastic bar to hold them in place) and find if i use a hair wrap/scarf over them for some reason it feels less uncomfortable. I have also recently bought some Japanese style 'sponge ball rollers' that look like strawberries! They look mad on (check youtube for tutorials) but they work and are very, very soft and comfy. Both of these give actual curls, not just volume.

  3. I tried these but couldn't get them to stay in place, no matter how tightly I tried to roll them... hmm maybe I will have to pin them and see! x

  4. Hi Lisa! Thanks for your comment yesterday, yes I have been away for a while but I am back now and determined to get back into blogging regularly! I love this review, made me chuckle as I would do anything not to have such fine lifeless hair but as a light sleeper there is no way I could sleep in them I don't think! I might get some heated ones and try them out though!

    Xxx Maddie

  5. i was going to buy these rollers actually, seemed like a cheap option. HOwever i to have thick hair so obv not the best product :/

    Natali xox


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