Saturday, 30 June 2012

Rocking the long!

I have finally purchased some 18 inch hair extensions!

Hair Extensions have always been one of those things I thought looked really fake and tacky and I have been deliberating on whether to buy or not to buy as I do already have long thick hair and thought it would be a waste of money.  I really wanted just another maybe 2 inches of length and more volume and fullness.

I have been looking into extensions for a while and the prices have ranged from £40.00-£60.00, that is for real hair.
However I decided that I did not really want real hair as I find the thought of wearing someone else's hair a bit weird!

A while back I came across the Babyliss Synthetic Extensions that retail at £30.00 in Boots but I was convinced I would not be able to get the right colour and they would not look like real hair.

Last week I was feeling a bit down and decided I may as well take a look at them.  In Boots they had tester pieces on display so you can try to match the colour to your hair, I was sceptical, I did not think I could get a good match but was pleasantly surprised that the Light Brunette matched really well.  Me being a cheapskate though I really did not want to spend that much on them.

So I had a thought why not look on Ebay!  I found someone just so happened to be selling the Light Brunette colour brand new in the box for a bargainous £9.99 with £2.00 postage!  I purchased immediately and they arrived yesterday.

I have to say I love them so much.  They match my hair colour really well but they are soooo long, I had to trim about an inch and a half off them as the original length made them look a bit fake.  After being trimmed I think they look perfect and quite realistic.
Here is my hair normally without extensions.

This is my hair with the extensions

What do you think?  I am wondering if they are still a tad too long or not but I do love this length.


Trouble is I wantto wear them all the time but I am going to try to leep them for just weekends and special days/nights out as I don't want them to get ruined.

I am so glad I looked on Ebay and saved myself a bit of money.

Today I went shopping and bought a few new clothes I shall being doing a haul post soon.


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

New dress ♥ Spanish Senorita


I bought this dress in the Forever 21 sale the other day it was £8.50 and I totally love it.

I feel very spanish wearing this and I love red as it suits brunettes.

Such a bargain for £8.50, its a lovely soft material too and I love the frill on the neckline which is very flattering on me.

What do you think?

Monday, 25 June 2012

Outfit post


On Saturday night Mike and I went out for a meal with the in laws, It was only to a country pub but it was a really nice night and the food was lovely.

This was my outfit...its nothing special but I really liked it.  I fell asleep as I had not been feeling too well so I did not have much time to get ready so this was the first thing I slung on!

Dress - Be Beau at Matalan
Beige Shoe Boots - BHS


Saturday, 23 June 2012

♥ Pretty Purchases ♥


I am sorry I have been a really bad blogger of late as I have hardly been on blogger this past week.  I am sorry I have not left you any comments but to be honest I am a bit fed up of blogging at the moment!

Don't get me wrong I really appreciate all your comments and I love reading your blogs but I am sick of leaving comments on certain blogs and they never bother to even look at mine so I have given up on that now and am sticking to commenting on blogs that I am really interested in and that are actually interested in my blog. I know that sounds bad but its very annoying when you leave comments and people never bother to reply.

Anyway thats my rant over I will definitely be catching up with all you 'lovely bloggers' over the weekend and leaving you comments.

When I was in Torquay last weekend me and the girls did some shopping these are my purchases.

New Look Cameo Rose Navy Blue Embroidered dress

I love the embroidery on the top


and the pockets!

Its such a girly dress and so very me. I also love navy blue.

In Primark I bought these nude pink pretty bow sandals.....!

and this pink fluffy cardigan.

Love this it looks amazing quality and only cost £10.00. I think it looks a lot more expensive than Primark.

I am so tired today its unbelieveable and we are going out for a meal tonight wth the in laws! We are only going to a little country pub so it should be quiet but to be honest I don't really feel up to it.
I will go though as I dont want to let them down.

Have a lovely weekend


Monday, 18 June 2012

My amazing weekend away


I went away at the weekend to Torquay with 2 of my closest friends for an early 40th birthday celebration.

I tried to book the Premier Inn on the seafront but it was fully booked, we later found out there was a beer festival on that weekend.  Therefore we stayed at The Grosvenor Hotel which is the one that was featured on the Channel 4 fly on the wall show 'The Hotel' earlier this year.  I thought it would be funny to go there for a laugh and it was only for 1 night.

My 40th is not until November but I wanted to go away in summer although on Saturday the weather was more like November than June!

We had such a fabulous time.  My friends managed to get me away from the hotel for a bit while they decorated the room and they bought me a cake and decorated it.

You can see that Yimen and I love the same style clothes can't you???

The hotel was a bit old fashioned but it was clean, comfortable and cheap and certainly ok for one night and to be honest we were hardly there anyway.

We dumped our bags and got a taxi into town and had a little browse around the shops.  We then went back to the hotel and got ready for an absolutely fantastic night out.  We went for a meal at Prezzo, which was gorgeous and then we hit a few bars and clubs.

Me & Yimen on the harbour - my dress is the coral pink lace dress from Forever 21 I bought earlier this year and the jacket was also from Forever 21.

I do hate this photo of me I look like I have a massive face...ugh!

I look a bit vacant in this photo!

Ceri acosted a policeman for a photo...he loved it! I have to admit he was quite nice looking and very tall!  Yimen and I look so tiny!
Ceri is really funny and has a really quirky personality and proceeded to tell the police officer that I loved a man in uniform...embarassing or what!

On Sunday the weather was a lot more like summer, it was gorgeous.  After breakfast we took some photos in the hotel gardens.  

Yimen and I do not mean to dress similar but we both love the same clothes! I actually have the boots she is wearing and the cardigan luckily I did not take them to wear!

We then went for a walk down to the harbour and had a drink in one of the many pavement cafes and then we took a trip on Torquay's land train.

The train back to Bristol goes along the coast so we passed Teignmouth and Dawlish.

some photos from the train.

The funny thing is I am going back to Torquay with Mike in a few weeks time!

Hope you all had a great weekend


Friday, 15 June 2012

Girly Weekend


Well tomorrow I am going away to Torquay for the weekend with a couple of friends so looking forward to it although the weather is meant to be awful.

I received the tiny umbrella dress in the week, its gorgeous BUT there had to be a big but....its too small on the chest I mean why can't shops design clothes for women with boobs.  I ordered the medium and it fits lovely on the waist and hips but I cannot do the zip up over my stupid huge chest! I know if I order the large it will fit  on the chest but be too big on the waist and hips....argh!

Anyway in the week I bought this lovely cream lace pintuck dress from H&M.

I think i am going to wear it tomorrow with leggings! I would liked to have worn it with bare legs but the weather is meant to be atrocious. I suppose if it does turn out nice I could take the leggings off...!

Anyway have a lovely weekend.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Boots Sleep in Rollers review


Sorry long time no blog!

I have been really busy this week and I have also been getting ready for the girls weekend away this excited about that.

I also wanted to mention I will be catching up on your blogs over the next couple of days and leaving you comments.  I am sorry for the delay in this but I love reading all of your blogs its just I have not had much time this week.

This is just a quck review as promised of the Boots Sleep in Rollers.

I  bought the rollers which retail for £4.99 from Boots...haha ( the clue is in the name).

They are a cheaper alternative to the Sleep in Rollers that were made famouse by Desperate Scousewives that come in the pretty pink bag and cost around £16.00.

I bought these really just to try them and did not expect amazing results.

The rollers are soft and velcro so you can sleep in them and they don't hurt your head like hard rollers would.

I washed my hair the night before put some mousse and serum it in and then dried it so it was just a bit damp.  I then combed my hair and placed three rollers on each side of my head.  You can buy more packs and put more rollers in.

The first problem I found is there is nothing to hold the rollers in place ie they don't include grips so you have to use your own which is fine.  The problem is though I have very long thick hair so they are harder to keep in place. 

I went to bed and here comes the second problem!! In the night they started to annoy me as my head felt heavier and the rollers were a tad uncomfortable, they did not hurt but just got in the way...I must toss and turn a lot in my sleep!!

Anyway by about 4 in the morning they were annoying me so much I had to take them out and I could tell my hair had curl and was volumised.  Mike laughed when he woke in the morning as the six rollers were in the middle of the bed and he wondered what they were doing there!  Thats another thing you don't exactly look sexy wearing these to bed either!! ha ha 

I got up at 6am so 2 hours later and when I awoke my hair looked like I had literally been pulled though a hedge backwards (probably because I removed them in the night) .so I decided to straighten it...well I had to really anyway!  After moaning to myself that I had wasted a fiver on these and after straightening my hair I have to say I was I pleasantly surprised as the rollers had given my hair a lot of volume so my hair felt soft sleek and full of volume and I loved the texture of it.  I really hate flat straight hair, as my hair is thick anyway it does not really ever look flat but these rollers definitely have given it more volume and fullness.  

Therefore I have to say I would not buy another pack but I will use them again just to give my hair extra volume.
I would not use them a lot though as for me they are far too uncomfortable and and annoying when you are sleeping.  I will use them just for special occasions etc.

To conclude

  •  These would be great for thin not too long hair
  • Great if you can tolerate them in the night 
  • Good if you just want volume whether you have thick or thin hair.

I am going to try again with these and will try to keep them in all night.  I will let you know the results.

Have you tried these?  Would you try them??


Saturday, 9 June 2012

♥ Forever 21 and Tesco Order ♥

Hello everyone

Thankyou for your really lovely comments on my previous post I will reply to them all.

I have recently made a couple of online orders.  Firstly from Forever 21, a store I am loving more and more. I really wish there was a store near me but then again it would be so dangerous as I would be in there every single day.  They have some fabulous dresses at such good prices.  I ordered 2 dresses but to be honest I could have easily spent over £100 as there is so much I wanted.

Firstly I ordered this cute Tiny Umbrella dress.  When I saw this I just thought it was so vintage looking.  Its cream with black mini umbrellas and litte polka cute.

I also ordered this Magenta Skater dress which was only £11.50.  I don't have much purple in my wardrobe and this is so bright and skater dresses suit me.

Then onto Tesco, as you may know they are having their Clubcard Exchange at the moment so therefore you can exchange £5 worth of Tesco Clubcard points for £10 to spend on clothing and various other departments.  
I had seen a couple of cardigans on Tesco's website a while ago that I loved so I decided to take advantage of the offer and ordered two cardigans. The great thing with Tesco is you can have them delivered to store for free so saves postage costs.

I ordered this pretty grey bow print cardigan

Blue spot print cardigan

I received the cardigans within 2 days and I have to admit they are gorgeous, the quality is fantastic.  The grey bow one has to be my most favourite items I have bought lately. I don't actually own much grey as I always thought it looked a bit drab but how wrong was I.  Grey really suits me and this cardigan just fits so well and is extremely flattering.

Take care and have a lovely weekend

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Photos of me through the ages (photo heavy)

Hello everyone

I have been wanting to do a post like this for ages but finally feel ready now.

A happy baby, as a child my parents said I was always smiling and laughing.

Age 6 - love this photo I am just wondering what I have done.

Age 7 - I had a really happy childhood and I brilliant parents

Age 11 - I loved my long hair

Basically from 13 onwards it all went downhill. I never had a problem with how I looked until then but this was the age I developed spots.  Having spots alone ruined a lot of my teenage years. I missed out on so much because I felt I was too ugly and I was ashamed of how I looked. The funny thing is I look back now and realise I was not ugly at all. I actually had quite a few boys fancy me but I always believed they fancied me for a you know how they play those awful games of chatting up the ugly girl!
I always wore make up and up until 2 years ago even my parents never saw me without foundation on.
There is a big gap in the photos from 11-17 as I avoided all photographs of me so consequently do not have any which is a real shame!

Age 17 - I am the one in the white skirt. Oh my gosh look at the hair (it was the 80's) but look how tiny I was!


With my mum I was about 23.  This is not a good photo of me or my mum really.  My mum actually looks lovely especially for her age.

Age 28 - This photo was taken in Bournemouth.  I remember this day so well as I actually felt so down because I thought I was fat and ugly!!!   Looking back I cannot believe I felt this way as I love this photo.  I was going out with Mike then we had not been together all that long and he could not believe I felt this way.  He said he was so proud to be going out with me. He said he would notice all the men staring at me but I only thought they were staring as I looked so awful! How sad!!

Although I hated how I looked when I was younger I was never insecure or jealous.  I have and will never accuse Mike of looking at other women because I know all men notice pretty girls thats a fact I just used to admire them too and think 'why can't I look like them?'.  Its sad as in reality people used to always comment that I was really pretty but sadly I never believed them.

Age 29 - I actually loved that top and coat and wore those trousers all the time haha.

Age 30 - Oh my gosh how short was my skirt.  At the age of 30 I was offered to do modelling and promotional work but never took it up as I always felt not good enough.  We had just moved into our house then so look at the state of the garden!

Age 31 - My wedding day  

Age 33 

Age 34 - with my best friend Yimen (Shopping as usual).  I totally loved that skirt it was from Karen Millen, Mike bought it me for christmas that year. 

Age 36 

Anyway like I said I have a love./hair relationship with my skin. I hate it because I feel I cannot go out without make up but I like it because I do not have any sun damage so therefore I have not aged too badly.  I do not have any lines on my forehead and hardly any lines at all around my eyes so I am lucky and a lot of people say I look younger than I do.  I do think having oilier skin does help to keep you looking younger.

Age 37

Age 38

As I always hated my skin I always used to make my eyes up and would never go out without eye make up either.  Mike said it was the first thing he noticed about me was my eyes.

For years I have never been able to wear moisturiser as my skin is sensitive I would always break out in spots that was until I found Superdrug Vitamin E moisturiser which is only £2.99.
I don't believe in using expensive products as I have found in the past they don't work and I have never used anti-ageing products in my life although maybe I should do as I am now late 30's.

I love the Superdrug Vitamin E cream its brilliant stuff it makes your skin so soft and smooth but not greasy.

Me now at aged 39.

At the moment Superdrug have an offer on the Vitamin E products, you can get two products for £3.99 so therefore I bought the day moisturiser and night cream.

Have you ever tried this?

I really cannot express how much I love this product and the price is a real bargain plus the real beauty is that its not tested on animals.

I am getting better I am a lot less hard on myself now than I was and have accepted myself more.  I know I will never be Miss England but I know also that I do not look nowhere near as bad as I used to think I did.  I have got a lot more confidence now than I used to have in my 20's.
I can actually look at some photos now and think yes I am ok.

Oh and also my hair is getting much longer its getting near to the length it used to be.  Just hurry up and grow!!

Take care