Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A bit of a fright!

Hiya everyone

I have had a bad couple of days....on Monday I had a bit of a nightmare basically whilst at work I noticed my right arm was swelling up really badly and it was painful.  Luckily enough I had a doctors appointment after work about something else and I thought I would just mention it to the doctor expecting her to say it was nothing to worry wrong was I!! 

The doctor took one look at my arm and sent me for an urgent blood test and a D-dimer test, which is a blood test they do which can tell them if you have a blood clot within 10 minutes, however its not 100% accurate.
 The mere mention of a possible blood clot made me feel bad enough as you hear stories about blood clots travelling to the heart, lungs or brain but nothing prepared me for how bad the nurse was that I saw!  She was a lovely lady but she was panicking terribly and kept saying how she had not not taken one of these tests in ages and was not sure what to do so she had to follow instructions from a sheet but she was still concerned she was not doing the test correctly. 
She literally kept rushing around like a headless chicken and panicking! 
By this time I was beginning to feel unwell as she made me more anxious and worried and she kept asking me if I was feeling ok whilst looking at me with a worried expression and asking me if I had pains in my chest, which by now I did have as she was stressing me out! 
Anyway she did the test and it turned out negative but she was still not convinced and proceeded to doubt herself in front of me asking ME if I thought she had done the test right!!!! Then she started asking other nurses and rushing in and out of the treatment room!   Eventually she consulted the doctor that I had seen and she agreed that the test was negative but as this test is not 100% accurate they had to also send a normal blood test to the blood testing centre to get checked and the doctor told me to be aware in case I received a telephone call that night so I hardly slept still worrying I may have a blood clot. 
In the meantime the doctor had told me that even if they did not call me I must go to the hospital first thing Tuesday morning for a chest X-ray.

I went to the hospital for the x-ray  the next day so now I am just awaiting the results.

I don't honestly think there is anything to worry about but my arm is still swollen!!!

On the plus side I was told by the bus driver today that he thought I was 'a little schoolgirl' which I thought was quite a compliment at my age.   I was wearing a peter pan collar dress, tights and pumps! 

Anyway onto fashion things, I received the H&M brochure today that I get sent every so often and I saw these trousers and fell in love.

I have nothing like these in my wardrobe.  I totally love the colour and fit of these trousers but they are sold out online!!!

I wondered if they would suit me anyway they look gorgeous on the model.  I love them worn with the longline t-shirt.

They are so summery.

Take care



  1. Woah you are not having the best of weeks, are you?! I hope everything is okay for you, i'm sure it will all be fine and dandy! Try not too worry too much honey (easier said than done, isn't it!)

  2. Ah Lisa Jane that sounds awful - I really hope you are feeling better.
    I will be having my fingers crossed that everything is ok

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  3. Oh sweetheart. I hope everything turns out ok for you. I know it sounds stupid but try not to worry or stress (if you can) in the meantime I'll be praying for you.
    Maddy x

  4. Poor you! What an ordeal!

  5. Oh Dear! what a week.~ Hope that the tests are all negative and you are feeling better soon. Those are some very cute pants I just tried on a pair like those the other day I do like the colors they are coming out with this season ~xx Heather

  6. O I hope you feel better soon. There is nothing worse than a healthcare professional making you feel stressed. They are supposed to remain calm.
    Lovely trousers too, very pretty colour.

  7. If it puts your mind at rest, we do emergency D-Dimers pretty much every day at work and it very rarely turns out to be serious...I always feel for the patients though, so very scary! I hope everything turns out ok for you.


  8. I like the colour of those trews!
    I hope you feel bertter soon!

  9. awww your poor lovely hope everything turns out to be ok xx

  10. Fingers crossed everything's okay with you, what a horrible scare. xxx

  11. Oh my! I hope everything is fine. I'm sure it will be though :)

    I love those pants. I would love a mint pair myself.

  12. That sounds like a horrid scare, surely the nurse shouldn't have let on to you that she didn't know what she was doing!
    I hope you're okay xxx

  13. Oh no! you poor thing. I hope it clears up and gets better without you having to go through any more tests/incompetent nurse situations!
    Is it worth making a complaint about her?

  14. Oh my goodness - hope you feel better soon, i cant believe the way the nurse acted though - too unproffessional!!

    I had a similarish experience after giving birth they thought i had DVT as my leg swelled up and they were concerned about blood clots too!

    Hope your results come back a-ok!

    Love the colour of those trousers - how do you get a H+M catalogue - me likey!

    Take Care!
    Sal x

  15. Good grief hun, you have had a time of it! Hope you are fit and well now? I've been so busy with work I've not had chance to even look at blog land.

    Don't think your nurse sounds very good, stressing you out like that!

    As for those trousers they look lovely.

    X x


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