Sunday, 20 May 2012

Some sale buys!


Thank you for your comments on my previous post I had my chest x ray results back and all was thats great but I still have the swelling in my arm! weird

Last week I bought a few little items: 

Firstly in Primark I bought this cardigan for a fiver in the sale.  Its like a peachy pink colour.

In New Look I bought these pink ballet pumps. Its weird until about 2-3 years ago I never ever wore flat shoes but now you cannot get me out of them. I am quite short so I always used to wear heels but I have embraced how short I am and I actually feel weird wearing heels now as I feel too tall...ha ha!
I have a similar pair to these in taupe from Topshop and I love them.  These are half the price of the Topshop ones though but are exactly the same!

Then on Ebay I got these Yumi pink peep toe snake effect shoes for £3.00 incluing postage.   I saw these in Clarks Village but they did not have my size.  I think the pink is stunning and it looks fabulous against denim. This is a stock photo as the photo I took was rubbish.

Yesterday Mike and I popped out and on the way back we popped into Asda.  They have a massive sale on at the moment as I happened to see this Hello Kitty T-shirt this was in the childrens secion and was age 12-13 years lol! It was £2.00 and I thought it would be nice to just wear to bed as I have some bottoms that match the colour.
Its really cute I wore it last night and its so comfy.

I also bought a bra in Asda for £3.00 in the sale just a cream lace push up style one...such a bargain

I have had such a busy week what with health scares and various other things so I am sooo tired.

I had the most strange comment from the bus driver last week.  One day I wore my Black Peter pan collar dress to work with tights and pumps and as it was a warm day so I had no jacket or coat on and the bus driver said he thought I was 'a little schoolgirl' when I got on the bus! ha ha.  I suppose thats a compliment really as it means I look younger.

Have a lovely weekend



  1. I'm glad it's all good with your x-rays! I like the pink shoes,pink is my favourite colour but for some reason, i dont have pink shoes! I bought a lot recently, actually I just did a post on it. You should check it, I'm sure you'll like the navy mac I got! :) My mum also bought me a Hello Kitty PJ the other day! I'm not into Hello Kitty that much anymore, but it is really cute, like your t-shirt.

  2. I`m really please that you got the OK with your X-rays! Lovely cardi and shoes.
    I was in M&S and noticed loads of icecream coloured jeans like the H&M ones you like. They were so pretty.

  3. I'm so pleased that you got the all clear. Hopefully you can relax now. As to your purchases I love those pumps!
    Maddy x

  4. I wish I could wear ballet pumps as they look so cute.

  5. Glad it sound like you are ok now. Sending hugs anyway!

    X x

  6. I'm very relieved about your X-ray results.
    That Hello Kitty top is so sweet! x

  7. Glad your xray was clear! Hopefully your arm will go down soon :) Love your buys xo

  8. I'm so glad the chest X-Ray was clear.
    Loving that little cardigan - the colour is gorge.

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  9. I have to say, m&s did have some bargains on their lingerie - down to £1/£2!

    And I love that cardie!

  10. I hope he let you pay school girl prices. glad you're on the mend!

  11. I'm so glad you are ok!
    Also glad I am not the only one who buys aged 12-13 clothes!!!!

  12. I love those little shoes! They will go with a lot.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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