Saturday, 7 April 2012

Outfit and Face of the Day


Today Mike and I popped over to the cattery to see where Tommy will be going when we are away, its a really nice place and the ladfies who run it are so friendly and just adore cats! Although I will be upset when we leave him I know he will be taken good care off...he is like my little baby to me! Its only for 5 days so I am sure he will be fine.

This was my outfit:

I am not sure why the photos look blurry because they are not blurry on my camera! weird

Cream lace sleeved dress/tunic - New Look
Light denim Jeggings - PDA at Dorothy Perkins
Floral Wedges - New Look
Bow Belt - Primark

I love these jeggings so much this is the second pair I have bought from Dorothy Perkins and to be honest I don't think I would buy them from anywhere else now.  These are a make called PDA and they were made in Lisbon as they are a Portuguese company. The quality of these jeggings is just fab and they are so comfy and look like proper denim.
The tunic I got in the sale in New Look last year for £12.00.

and my face (I don't often show this!!!)

Nude/peach hair slide (what you can see of it) is the Babyliss ones I mentioned in my previous post.

Foundation - Vichy Dermablend in Gold - this is lovely foundation the best I have tried.
Topshop Sunshimmer Crayon on my eyes
Revlon Black mascara
17 black eyeliner 
Collection 2000 blush in Peach Melba
Collection 2000 lipstick  in Rose Petal

I wil try and do some more outfit posts.



  1. Fab outfit and great to see ya face too :):) x x

  2. your makeup looks lovely, really natural. Nice outfit too x

  3. You should show your pretty face more! x

  4. Looking lovely hun. Super cute dress and at a bargain price too.

    X x

    Happy Easter. X

  5. Lovely outfit hun :) I'm not surprised you will be sad leaving tommy for a few days, but sounds like he is going to be well looked after. I was really worried we would have to put our little kitties in when we go away for 2 weeks, but likely my brother is going to house sit:) xxx

  6. Lovely outfit :) I agree with Daisychain - you should show your face more!
    Hope you had a good Easter!

  7. You should definitely show us your lovely face a little more, you have such a beautiful smile. Although I can hardly talk as I still can't look at the camera when doing a personal style post - I instead take a good look at the floor.
    I'm relatively new to this, so hopefully I will get better.
    Love the New Look dress by the way, so cute.

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  8. I love those jeggings. I want to try them because they would be awesome for winter. A good alternative to leggings and jeans. Definitely show your face more :)


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