Friday, 16 March 2012

What would life be like without music?

I really cannot imagine as I love music so much, I like all different types and different eras of music, it can move me, make me happy, make me sad but this song sends me into a trance where I just want to dance all around the house. I have never taken drugs in my life, I honestly believe music is like a drug to me...I cannot describe how it makes me feel!

I love Coldplay and have a major crush on Chris Martin.....!

I will be catching up on everyone's blogs this weekend so sorry if I have not left comments for a few days. I have also been shopping...yes again, just a few bits I will blog about over the weekend.

Have a great weekend...!


  1. I know what you mean, life without music would be so dull, I literally listen to it so much xx

  2. Ooops meant to add have a great weekend before submitting that comment!!! xx

  3. I can't live without music either! Chris Martin is a fine looking man, I just wish I could enjoy his music. x

  4. He always looks so tortured, and the music is great, he is one of the true British stars. I always wonder what other countries must think of the calibre of UK celebrity when they pick up a copy of OK! and see page to page plain girls with fake boobs, hair extensions and no discernible talent other than getting pregnant by the wrong person (meow- perhaps a little harsh?!)
    Viva La Coldplay!


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