Saturday, 17 March 2012

H&M & Primark purchases

Hiya everyone

Just thought I would post a couple of things I bought last week.  I think I mentioned before please excuse the black mark in all my photos I think there is something wrong with my camera.

In H&M I bought this chunky knit white cardigan

I love this, I liek the look of chunky knit cardigans with floral delicate dresses bare legs and sandals or even with boots and tights.

I also bought this dress which I ordered online and got £5.00 and another 10% off with a discount code.

Plus this stripy dress, this may be going back as I am not sure if the stripes sit on me a bit funny, if that makes sense! 

In Primark I bought this gorgeous green summer dress, I love the colour of this dress they had this in white, black and another colour I think and it was only £6.00.  I was also going to get the white one but whenever I buy anything white in Primark nine times out of ten they lose their brightness after a couple of washes and I hate that dirty white look! I thought it would be a waste of money. I do think the white one is really cute though.

Horse print peplum top, this looks great with a black waist belt and fitted pencil skirt for work

Plus this belt was £3.00, really nice and natural for summer.

I also purchased Look magazine.  I do like my magazines although to be honest I don't buy them for the celebrity gossip as I am really not interested in celebrities or 'so called celebrities' know the ones I mean!!  I purely buy them for the fashion and clothes ideas, make up, hair styles and I love the real life stories.

I love Look magazine and it was only £1 exclusively in Tesco this week

Als I have been browsing Topshop online....(slap my hands).  I love the look of these sandals although I do think £25.00 is tad much for plastic.  I would really like to see them in reality before I decide! 

The dieting is going ok, I tried on a couple of dresses I wore last year that were very tight and they are a lot looser especially around the waist.  Don't get me wrong I have had a couple of bad days where I have not ate well but to be honest you know what its like some days you just need chocolate or crave something unhealthy but as long as I try and stick to it I think the odd bad day is ok. 



  1. Oooh you got some really pretty things. Love the horse top and the green dress makes me want summer to be here right now. Its so cute x x

  2. i love what you've been buying here :)
    i got that H&M dress, i also got the £5.00 off and 10% i got the stripy version but i do want this one, i have so many of these H&M dresses in different patterns.
    that teal green dress you got is gorge as well :)
    I'm making a trip to primark next week, i can't wait, i may look out for this dress.

    good luck with the dieting, although i still think you look fab in your outfits anyway,
    i know how hard it can be to eat healthily for a few days.

    x x x

  3. I love that green dress! The primark dresses are always really cute, they have some really nice ones in this year :)

  4. Some cute buys, loving that cardy. Well done with the dieting. I really need to get back to it, my belly looks 6 months pregnant!

    X x

  5. That horse print peplum is my favourite of all your buys, it's so pretty and I bet it looks lovely on. x

  6. I also like look magazine. I have been trying to lose weight as well but for the past two weeks my weight has stayed the same :( the other day I was totally craving pizza! Let us know your tips:)

  7. Great buys, I love the green dress x

  8. I was going to get that spotty dress but then found out about the baby. Love the horsey top x

  9. I'm a fan of chunky cardigans. In fact I want to get a few for this winter. Especially because our winters are so mild. I can wear a chunky cardi with jeans and boots and it's fine. I like your dresses too.

  10. looks like some supercute things you picked up. that horse print blouse and green dress are gorgeous!


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