Monday, 30 January 2012

Boohoo order plus Topshop, H&M, New Look & Primark buys

Last weekend I made a few purchases and only spent £30.00 in total and that included make up and toiletries.

On Sunday I was browsing online and made a small Boohoo order.  These were items in the sales and I used paypal funds....!


 Cream belted cardigan - this was in the sale reduced to £8.00

Cream pointelle cardigan - another sale buy for £7.00

I know I buy so many cardigans but I love cardigans mainly because I hate my arms!

On Saturday I popped into town because I wanted to buy some toiletries. I also had a couple of gift cards from christmas that I have not used and I really wanted this black skater dress in Topshop.


I bought one similiar not long ago but ended up taking it back as it was not as good a fit as this one!

In H&M I bought this floral bodycon style tunic. This is really pretty and can be worn tucked into a skirt or with leggings/tights.

Stripe Tunic - I have not actually got hardly anything stripy and I love the fit of this.

top for work from Primark...only £6.00

Rose candles

In New Look I got these pretty earrings.

I did not want to spend too much as I am trying to cut down on spending plus I have a day off work in a couple of weeks and me and a friend are going to Cardiff for saome retail therapy.  Cardiff is brilliant for shopping!



  1. I was in Cardiff last week and could not believe the amount of shops! Typical I had to be there when I had no money!
    Love the Primark top and the cardigans- cardigans are great!

  2. Every time I go to Cardiff it tends to be for work so I never manage to get to look round the shops.

    Maybe next time I will.

    Great buys.

    X x

  3. Love the floral bodycon dress, very pretty x x

  4. love the stripy dress :) I'm trying to cut down on spending too...

  5. I love that first cardie! Haven't been to Cardiff for years.....

  6. I've never been to Cardiff yet, and I didn't know it was a good shopping place. Thank you Lisa-Jane! I like the first cardigan, and the Primark blouse!

  7. I love cardigans too. But more because our winters are quite mild we can get away with wearing just a cardigan. I love stripes. So I get attracted to pretty much anything stripy.

  8. Wow, serious bargains m'dear, and all gorgeous x


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