Monday, 30 January 2012

Boohoo order plus Topshop, H&M, New Look & Primark buys

Last weekend I made a few purchases and only spent £30.00 in total and that included make up and toiletries.

On Sunday I was browsing online and made a small Boohoo order.  These were items in the sales and I used paypal funds....!


 Cream belted cardigan - this was in the sale reduced to £8.00

Cream pointelle cardigan - another sale buy for £7.00

I know I buy so many cardigans but I love cardigans mainly because I hate my arms!

On Saturday I popped into town because I wanted to buy some toiletries. I also had a couple of gift cards from christmas that I have not used and I really wanted this black skater dress in Topshop.


I bought one similiar not long ago but ended up taking it back as it was not as good a fit as this one!

In H&M I bought this floral bodycon style tunic. This is really pretty and can be worn tucked into a skirt or with leggings/tights.

Stripe Tunic - I have not actually got hardly anything stripy and I love the fit of this.

top for work from Primark...only £6.00

Rose candles

In New Look I got these pretty earrings.

I did not want to spend too much as I am trying to cut down on spending plus I have a day off work in a couple of weeks and me and a friend are going to Cardiff for saome retail therapy.  Cardiff is brilliant for shopping!


Saturday, 28 January 2012

Outfit Post - Queen of hearts

Hello everyone

Another week is over again! 

This week I have put the deposit down on a mini break in Devon for later this year and am also sorting plans for a girls weekend away in Devon too!  As its my 40th later this year I wanted to go away with my closest girl friends to celebrate, my birthday is not until November but I wanted to go away in the summer so we are going in June!
I am also trying to book a holiday for when my actual birthday is, I really want to visit New York but its very expensive and although I would have the money I don't know if I could spend all that money on 4 nights away although it would be amazing! 

I am sorry I have not been blogging much lately but I cannot seem to get to grips with this new layout on blogger..I hate it! I cannot seem to leave comments on many blogs and its just really frustrating. Does anyone else have this?
I am sorry If I have not left comments but I am trying to sort this out!

Today I decided to pop into town after all it was pay day yesterday and I really needed to get some toiletries.  I did buy a few goodies I shall post about soon

This was my outift and hair.

Dress - G21 at Asda
Vest top, belt, tights and boots all Primark
Bow hair bank - Peacocks
Cream cardigan - Zara

I will try and do some more posts....I promise!

I have a couple of reviews I want to do and some other ideas.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

What's in my shopping bags??


Trenchcoat with detatchable fur collar! I am not keen on the collar to be honest the fur is a bit rubbish looking so I shall definitely be removing it.  This was only £25 and they had one very similar in H&M for £35 and it was not as nice as the Primark one!

Kingsize duvet cover - amazingly good quality for only £20.00.


♥G21 range at George Asda♥

 I bought this lovely navy heart print dress.

I love the neckline its very flattering for larger chested girls and I love the sleeves.


Navy blue belted cardigan (looks horrible in this photo!!!)

Hair bands and coloured grips

Oh and I also bought this navy hair band for a £1.00 in the Peacocks sale. I have been after a navy one for ages that was not too big as I hate those massive bows some people wear.

So thats about it.


Friday, 20 January 2012

Outfit of the day


I had the day off work today so I thought I would go into town.

I have some gift vouchers to spend in Dorothy Perkins and Topshop but I did not end up spending them as there was nothing I liked.

I bought a few items in Primark and some accessories I shall post about this tomorrow.

This was my outfit

Dress - New Look
Belt - Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan - H&M
Boots & Tights - Primark

Its Mike's birthday today so I am taking him out for a meal tonight.

Have a lovely weekend


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Haul time - Primark Awear and H&M

Fistly I just want to say I am having problems leaving comments on certain blogs, when I go the comment section and click post a comment its just bringing up a blank screen.  I am so sorry if I have not left any comments on your blog but I am trying to fix this.

This is only a small haul, these are a couple of things I picked up on my lunchbreak.

As I mentioned before Awear had a closing down sale and I bought this lovely Jasmine cream floral dress which was £28.00 reduced to £6.00. I love this dress its really flattering and pretty.

I also bought a pencil skirt for work which was £30.00 reduced to £9.00 - no photo of this I am afraid as its just a plain black skirt but its a really nice material and fits lovely, its great for work.  I always find pencil skirts are usually too long for me as I am quite short but this is just the right length too,

and these bangles were £8.00 reduced to £3.00.

In H&M I bought these pretty ballet pumps

and in Primark I bought this cream sheer lace blouse.  I wore this to work tucked into a skirt and a cardi but it can also be worn with leggings or skinny jeans.  This was £8.00.

I also bought a few basic tops for layering.

I have next Friday off work and I am going shopping,  I saw a lovely duvet cover in Primark which I may get plus I really want a belted trenchcoat/mac! I don't get much time to shop properly now as I don't get enough time on my lunch break and I hate going into town on Saturdays as I work in town all week!

I have some gift cards I was given for christmas so may spend these if I find anything nice.

Have a nice weekend, whats left of it!


Friday, 13 January 2012

A vintage dress


The funniest thing happened to me the other day.  I was in Dorothy Perkins and was browsing the concession sale rails, there was only me and this little old lady in the shop and we were browsing the same items!
In her hands she was holding a silver sparkly tunic dress with sequins on, it was really pretty and she asked she asked me what size I thought XL was in DP, to be honest it looked like a size 12!!  I said I was not sure as you know what shops are like nowadays with sizing I mean I am a 12 and I can get into anything from an 8-16 depending on the shop!  She then proceeded to tell me that she loved fashion and shopping and she was in fact 90 years which I gasped she looked fabulous. She was wearing a beautiful bright magenta jumper (something you would buy in Topshop)  with the same colour hat and full make up. She proceeded to tell me how she was never going to end up dressing grey and dowdy like an old lady. 

As she was talking to me I suddenly realised she was me in 50 years time! 
I did feel a small tinge of sadness but why should I....she was happy and said she did not feel old but she reminded me of a book I had read called Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella (one of the best books I have read). I wondered what she was like when she was young how she would have looked.   I left thinking that you are NEVER too old to look fabulous and look after yourself.

Onto the reason for my fabulous new vintage looking dress courtesy of ASOS Marketplace.  Have you ever used this?

I fell in love with this vintage style teal floral dress and had to have it.  It arrived yesterday and its lovely, its very good quality and lined.   I am planning to wear this when the weather gets warmer with tan wedges.

Also I will be doing a haul post in a few days!!

Have a lovely weekend


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Thank you ♥


I just wanted to post a quick thankyou to all of my lovely followers who left comments on my previous post.

For some reason I am having problems leaving comments on some of your blogs so if I have not left a comment I will be doing tomorrow or Friday.

Some of your comments really got me thinking and have made me think in a different way.  Everytime I feel negative I am going to read these comments and maybe they will make me realise I am being silly!

I also just wanted to let you all know that Awear stores all over the UK are closing down this Sunday and they are selling all their stock at £10.00 or less.

I popped in there the other day and picked up a couple of things...I may go back Saturday as they may reduce things even more!!

If you have an Awear near you then get down there pretty quick.

I have a haul post to do in the next couple of days too so look out for this...ok I know I said I was not buying anymore clothes till I lost weight but  I have had some brilliant bargains!!!

Take care


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Outfit post and a charity shop buy!

Hiya everyone

I have not been feeling myself of late and rather depressed if I am honest. This is something I really don't like to go on about too much as I don't want people to think I am self centred as I know a lot of people have a lot worse problems. 

 Thing is I will be 40 later this year and maybe I am going through a midlife crisis but I feel like I want to be the old me again, the cheery 'slim girl' with the funny quirky personality, lately however I feel fat, middle aged and frumpy.  It does not help that I constantly seem to be ill with one thing or another.  I know its the demons I need to battle myself as other people would probably not say this about me but its how I feel inside!!  Also I am suffering with severe anemia at the moment and I am taking iron tablets which also make me feel rather sick plus I have to take not just 1 a day but 2!

Today Mike and I went to this little village near where we live and they have lots of little cute shops and some charity shops.

This was my outfit - rather plain but I like it nonetheless.

Cream Ponte Dress - H&M
Mink Belt - Dorothy Perkins
Mink pumps - Topshop
Tights - Primark

In the St Peters Hospice I fell in love with this gorgeous bracelet and at only £1.95 it was a snip.
It has a couple of stones missing but still I think its rather stunning.

I was trying to take the photo in sunlight as the stones are so sparkly!

I like to think this belonged to a little old lady, thats what I love about charity shops, things have a history. Its really heavy too and yes it may only be diamonte but in my opinion its rather beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend


Friday, 6 January 2012

Outfit post

Pansy dress - Topshop
Coral Cardigan - H&M
Tan plaited belt - New Look
Tights _ Primark
Bow Pumps - Primark

I love this dress, I bought it in the Topshop sale a couple of weeks ago.  I cannot wait to be able to wear it with bare legs and sandals when the weather gets warmer.

I am also lusting over a couple of Topshop tunic dresses at the moment.

This lace/crochet one...beautiful

Floral Bunches tunic - also another lovely print.

Both will go with my Office wedges too (previous post) !!!


Thursday, 5 January 2012

My new love............

Office shoes!

I used to shop in Office years ago and I remember having some pink peep toe sandals from there about 7 years ago. I wore them all the time in summer.

I have not shopped in Office for a while, not sure why but I think it was because New Look started doing great shoes at a lot cheaper prices....however the quality was nowhere near as good as Office's shoes!  The other day I was browsing their sale and bought the tan leather sandals from my previous post....I do love these they will go with so many things in my wardrobe!

Yesterday I thought I would have a little wander into their store in town and they still had quite a few sale items.  I immediately fell in love with these green leather wedges they were were £60.00 reduced to £12.00, needless to say I ended up buying them!! Come on I mean at that price I could hardly resist!!

They are actually a paler green than in this photo more like a softer mint green.

Office Glynnis wedge green leather

I cannot wait for Spring/Summer so I can wear them.

Do you ever shop in Office?

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year New Footwear

I have been naughty and bought a couple of extra things in the sale.

I bought these tan leather sandals from Office they were £60.00 reduced to £15.00.  These will be lovely with my summer dresses.

and these tan leather boots from Oasis which were £65.00 reduced to £20.00.

I don't think there will be anymore spending from me for a while.
 I want to lose at least a stone so won't be buying any clothes for a while.  Over the weekend I went through my wardrobe and realised I have so much stuff so I am going to try and wear it all while I am dieting.



Don't feel like talking about my resolutions at the moment I will wait until I am achieving them and start noticing change.