Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sale purchases - Dorothy Perkins & ASOS ♥


Following on my one of my previous posts where I posted about my New Look sale buys.  On Thursday I went to have a little look around the sales and it was manic everywhere, so much so that I did not spend too long!

Glad I bought most of my sale things online.:)

I bought these tan boots in Dorothy Perkins which I totally love, they did not have massive savings on them they were £45 reduced to £35.

Then from ASOS I managed to get the two dresses I saw before christmas in the sale that I really wanted but they had sold out.  Luckily they came back in stock...... :) 
Vero Moda Cherry Print dress this was £35.00 reduced to £10.50...bargain!

Alexa Chung modelled this dress for Vero Moda, I think its so cute and pretty for summer.

Asos Skater Dress with Lace Detail - this was £35.00 reduced to £10.50.

I also received the ASOS order that I made before christmas and both dresses are stunning, my favourite has to be the Vero Moda pink one with bows below 
The dress looks really expensive and will be ideal for summer too.

Happy New Year everyone I hope 2013 is a good one for you all.


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Sale haulage

Hello everyone
Hope you all had an amazing christmas day and ate far too much!
I took advantage of the early sales on christmas eve and I ordered 5 dresses in the New Look sale.  Plus I also bought a few other bits last weekend.

These are my sale buys:
Tenki Navy Cat Print dress with crochet collar - reduced to £15.00

Nude Bow print dress - reduced to £14.00

Cameo Rose Dark Pink Crochet Dress - reduced to £11.00.  I have this dress in navy blue too and I love it.

Influence Bird Print dress - reduced to £11.00

I also bought this pretty pink scarf this was not in the sale but was only £2.99.
Nude Court shoes - £17.99 reduced to £8.00
Kelly Brook peach bra reduced to £6.00
Heart earrings - not sale
Polka dot hairband - reduced to £1.00

I am popping out tomorrow too as I want to get some boots in Dorothy Perkins that have now gone into the sale.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

ASOS Sale buys

Hiya ladies

Well its only a few days till the big day. Are you excited?

Yesterday Mike and I popped out to our local shopping mall for a few extra bits and it was totally packed so much so that it gets really annoying after a while!  I don't mean to moan but why do people take little kids shopping on a Saturday (the busiest day of the week) and then let the run all over the place, its so annoying.   Surely they should be supervised!!!

Anyway I made a litle online order today from ASOS sale. I bought these Vero Moda dresses for £9.50 and £11.00. Love the 1st dress I know its not something I will wear till summer but its gorgeous and we are planning on going abroad next year for our holidays so I will definitely be taking this.

I am loving the ASOS sale although I wish I had got in there earlier as there was a couple of other dresses I wanted that have now sold out!

Vero Moda Bow Skater Dress - £28.00 reduced to £9.50
Vero Moda Lace Waisted Dress - £35.00 reduced to £10.50 

Also in New Look I got these two scarves.  I must admit I hardly ever wear scarves but I  bought these as I love them and I have decided I should wear them more. 
Owl Snood
Cream floral scarf
Do you wear scarves very often?
I also picked up some other some things in the New Look sale which I shall blog about later.  I have my eye on a pair of boots in Dororthy Perkins so I am really hoping that they go into the sale after christmas.
Well have a lovely christmas everyone.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

I am a cat...hear me miaow!

I have finally got around to posting a photo of my coat, trouble is you cannot see the leopard print fake fur collar too well in this one...I love the furry collar and cuffs.

I have had many compliments and looks looks wearing this. I do wonder if people think the leopard fur is real???  I can assure you its not, I would never wear real fur...its better on the animal and as you know I am really against animal cruelty...but I just wonder why people stare so much!  I love this coat it was a bargain at only £22 lol.

I added my own belt as I think it just pulls it together nicely.
What do you think?

Monday, 17 December 2012

Outfit post - Free as a Bird

Hiya ladies
Today I had a day off work and it has been so nice to have a lie in.  I got up had a long soak in the bath and had breakfast in bed!!!  Wish I could do this every day.
I have not done an outfit post for ages but thought I may as well as I actually have time to take photos.  I will try to do some more of these. 
As you know I am a 'dress girl' so thought it would be a change to wear jeans!
Bird print Peter Pan Collar top - New Look
Cream Cardigan - Forever 21
Supersoft Skinny Jeans - New Look (love these jeans!)
Suede boots - BHS.
Take care

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Mango Knitted Dress ♥

Hiya everyone
The one item of clothing I love wearing in winter is knitted dresses.  I think they are just so warm, comfortable and stylish.
I have this Mango dress in grey but have been wanting a cream one too so decided to order it online as I cannot seem to find it in the shop.
This dress is lovely and its so easy and versatile to wear.
I love Mango ♥

Saturday, 15 December 2012

A lovely present from a lovely blogger!


Well this is just a catch up from me.

This week I received a christmas card and inside was this pretty little necklace....It was so unexpected, its very me and I love it.  Thank you to the lovely Sophie of  for sending me this it was most unexpected and its gorgeous...x.  You know me too well :)

I started my new job last Monday and I can honestly say in the past week I have felt much better than I have felt for the past year!  My new boss is lovely and I am so glad I made the move.

This week besides from working I have not been doing much else...boring or what!

I am just about ready for christmas I have just a few more presents to buy, to be honest I think I mentioned before my heart is not in christmas this year.  I am just looking forward to the time off.

I am not too well either at the moment, I have a stinking cold and my anemia is back with a vengence  Its ridiculous I can hardly walk far without being out of breath...not good for someone of my age.  Might have to go back to the docs I think! :(

Also I have not forgotten to take some photos of  my new fake fur trimmed coat, I have been wearing it a lot and have had a few compliments.  I will do a post with the photos soon.

Lately I have just been watching tv, reading or listening to music.  So glad James Arthur won the X Factor, to be honest I hardly watched any of this series.   James and Leona are the only two winners I have liked on that show.

I came across this song the other day by Snow Patrol (I am a massive fan of theirs) I love this song, the video is great and the words are meaningful! I could listen to Gary's voice all day and night, its just gorgeous. You can hear that gorgeous irish twang in it...I love irish accents especially northern irish!

Take care


Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Hello lovelies

With the cold dark nights of late I have enjoyed sitting in bed and watching tv or reading.

Over the past few months I have been buying books from charity shops and I realised the other day I actually have all these books to read. 

I find the best places to buy books are charity shops as who cares if they are second hand, to be honest all of these books were like brand new!
I am halfway through the Lynwood Barclay book at the moment and I cannot put it down.  His books are always gripping and you can never guess the ending.
Do you love reading? Who is your favourite author?
Have you read any of these books?

Sunday, 9 December 2012

♥ New Look Supersoft skinny Jeans ♥

Hiya everyone

I just wanted to tell you about my new jeans. 

I popped into town yesterday to do some christmas shopping and popped into New Look where I stumbled across these Supersoft Skinny Jeans.

I find it really hard to find good jeans that are inexpensive.
These retail at £19.99 but they have 25% off all jeans at the moment so these were only £14.99.
I love the fit and the colour of these jeans, the above photo does not do them justice.

Also they are really soft so definitely live up to their name and are a lot more comfortable than normal jeans.

All in all a great buy! 
Do you buy New Look jeans?

Friday, 7 December 2012

Birmingham buys ♥ Forever 21 & New Look


Last Saturday my friend and I had a great day in Brum.  I love it there even though it was packed!!

The main thing I love about Birmingham is the massive Forever 21 store as we dont have one in Bristol and I love their clothing.

I did not end up buying much though but these are my buys:

I purchased these lovely boots in Forever 21.   I love these as they fit my leg really nice and are not massive around the ankles and calves like a lot of other boots.

I also got these two cardigans that were only £10.50 each.  

In New Look I bought this navy Swallow print longline top.  I plan to wear this with my dark blue jeggings and boots.

Take care

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Belated birthday presents!

On Friday my gorgeous friend came over and we had a girly night in with pizza and pudding. Ollie decided to get in on the party and I found him sat at the dining table eating my leftover chocolate pudding and custard!!!! Naughty Ollie
We also exchanged birthday presents as both our birthdays are in November and only 3 days apart.
My friend bought me this gorgeous beauty case...I ♥ it!
Inside the case was another wrapped present and inside that was this gorgeous Fiorelli bag.  I think this is stunning....she knows me so well!  I ♥ this bag so much.
She also bought me a gorgeous bracelet from H Samuel...I am so lucky to have such amazing friends. I do truly feel blessed to have a friend thats so wonderful.
On Saturday we spent the day in Birmingham, I bought a few things which I shall blog about  over the next few days but to be honest I did not spend much.

I am sorry I will be catching up on all your blogs over the next day or so.
Hope you all had a fab weekend.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

New Miso sale dress ♥

I just wanted to show my little bargain I purchased this Miso dress at Republic in the sale for £10.00. It was originally £28.00.  I know its not very 'wintry'but I think its quite versatile and I love the winter florals look.
I think this is so cute, I love Miso dresses they are so feminine and I love the colour as I don't have much brown in my wardrobe.

What do you think?  Do you like Miso dresses?

Monday, 26 November 2012

A leopard cannot change its spots.........


Thanks for your comments on my previous post I just want to say this was not aimed at my regular followers I know we don't always have time to comment (I am the same) I just mean when you get people that only comment when you comment on their blog and the ones that say - great post follow the end of the day they have not even bothered to read the post they just want more followers. :(
Well I have finally got around to posting about my new coat!  As I mentioned in a previous post when I bought the Nica bag in TK Maxx I also saw this coat which was reduced to £22.00....bargain.  You know when you try something on and you know you just have to have it....well this coat had that effect on me.

The label says Coffeeshop and they also had a web address. As I am a bit of a nerd and love to research everything I had a quick look at the website its a company based in New York and they sell clothing for young women. Anyway love this coat I feel so glamorous in this.
I was looking online and they had a similiar one in Miss Selfridge for £85.00.

I will try and get a photo of me wearing it sometime soon.

Take care


Saturday, 24 November 2012

An Update.......a moan, looking forward to and TV!

Hello everyone

Sorry I have not been blogging much of late I think I am facing 'bloggers block' again and at the moment have not really felt like blogging.  Don't get me wrong I am not worried about how many followers I have, I am grateful for what I have but I do get a little tired of making the effort with blogs and they never bother to look at yours plus it annoys me that some bloggers only leave comments if you leave comments on their blog! I find it odd and I just don't work like that!  Oh and I don't mean that at any of my regular followers..thankyou for your support ♥

On top of this I have not been feeling well of late. I just feel exhausted and I think because of my anemia and my thyroid problems its getting me down. 

I have to admit I am not looking forward to christmas either, I think its a magical time when you are a child or have children but to be honest for me its just time off work and time spent with hubby and little Ollie of course.
This year I only have Christmas day and Boxing day off work so thats not great!
Last christmas my dear Tommy was still alive and I have fond memories of him.
Tommy in the xmas tree box last year
 I know people do think its just a cat but I don't think I will ever get over him going I still miss him terribly.  I mean little things set me off and I end up in tears. 

Anyway sorry to sound so miserable I have got things I am looking forward to like the fact that my closest friend is coming up this Friday to stay, we are going to have a girly night and then we are going to Birmingham on Saturday.  So looking forward to seeing her. 
Us girls last summer

Also I have my new job to look forward to which I start in 3 weeks and I found out its slightly more money!

Also we have cute little Ollie, he is settling in well he is so loving and affectionate.
He has found a new place he likes to sleep in

Have you been watching Strictly Come Dancing?  I love this programme although I think Bruce Forsyth spoils it with his me, me, me  ways...hogging the spotlight! :(
I love watching Lisa Riley dance she is brilliant I partculary love this dance as she looks so enthusiastic, energetic and makes me smile!  :)

I have given up watching the X Factor as all the good ones go and then we are left with Rylan and a few others that I cannot even remember.  I hope James Arthur wins.

I have loved watching I'm a Celeb though I just wish Eric Bristow would shut up! ha ha
That man is awful, do you notice he picks on all the women but not the guys and especially not David! grrrr
Plus I know Helen comes across spoilt but they are so nasty to her, she is a young girl and so what if she wants to wear fake tan I mean the way they went on about her looking 'ridiculous' as they say was really negative and horrible! I mean grown adults picking on a young woman! They ought to be ashamed of themselves. I think she actually dealt with it really well.  

Anyway have a lovely weekend
ps - so sorry for the miserable moans at the beginning!!!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Latest buys ♥

This is just a quick post of some things I have bought lately.
I ended up taking back about £50.00 of the things I bought from the £100 New Look haul.  I decided against the black lace dress, although I did not actually pay for it I thought it was way too expensive for what it was and its was so short.  I just don't want to waste the vouchers on things that are not 100%!  The peplum jumper I really loved but I wore it once and it developed a hole so I took that back too!
I bought a few things since then and so here is what I purchased:
Navy floral dress - you know me and my floral dresses and this one was just too cute to refuse.
Grey diamonte heart tunic - I am not a fan of diamontes on clothing really but loved this as it fits really nice and is quite flattering and I love the sparkly heart!
Cream Peplum top - I have this in black too, its ideal for work
Cream Bodycon tunic- this is great for layering when its colder
Black Skater dress - love these style of dresses and I wear this to work
Silver diamonte belt - love this its really sparkly and pretty
I also bought these Purple Roll Up Foam Hair Curlers. They were only £2.99 and I have tried them in my hair and they feel so light and are really easy to put in and stay put so I think these will be good! I will let you know the results!