Sunday, 27 November 2011

Last night and winter dresses order!

Hi everyone

We had such a fab time last night we went for a lovely meal in Cheltenham and then ended up walking, what seemed like the entire centre of Cheltenham in the early hours trying to find a certain bar! We walked for what seemed like ages and ended up not having a clue where we were.  This was getting on for 1am and luckily we saw two policemen who could see we were lost and advised us where the nearest clubs were. My feet were in agony walking in those high heels though...ouch! They are stil hurting now! 

We ended up getting back to my friends house at 3am and then chatting for 2 hours before finally getting to bed at 5am this morning....I had 3 hours sleep so I am soooo tired!

Isn't it strange how you have the funniest conversations in the early hours of ths morning??
 I really have not laughed so much in ages.

My friend made us a lovely cooked breakfast before I came home.  She then had to drive to Surrey to see her family, she must be so tired.  She took some great photos so I will have them later in the week.

I made a couple of orders online today I ordered this knitted dress in red and black from ASOS.  Not sure if I will keep both but I am hoping the red is nice!

and this pink knitted dress from New Look - not 100% sure on this as it depends on the shade of pink!

Hope you all had a fab weekend


Saturday, 26 November 2011

Outfit post and weekend plans

Jumper - Bay  Trading - about 10 years old ha ha
Skirt - Primark
120 denierTights - ASOS
Boots - Primark

quite a cheap and cheerful outfit!

In about an hour's time I am going to Swindon to meet up with a friend.  We are going back to her house, getting dolled up and going out with 2 other friends to Cheltenham where we are having a meal and hitting a few bars.

I am going to wear my cream lace sleeved dress and my new gold sequin shoes. I have not been on a girly night out in ages. I am staying the night at my friends too.

Mike is having a boys night in with Thomas ha ha

I will be catching up on everyones blogs tomorrow when I get back

Have a lovely weekend everyone


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Who let the cat out of the bag?

I saw this today in Miss Selfridge and I have to have it!

How cute!!!!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Its haul time!

Hello lovelies

This is what I bought on Saturday in Brum.

We actually went in many stores but I only bought things from two shops!! 

In New Look I bought

Gold sequin shoes - got 20% off these with a voucher. These are surprisingly comfortable and I may wear them out next weekend.

Pretty Floral dress - I ♥ this dress it was originally £29.99 but had £10 off and it looks really nice on

In Primark

Peter Pan ponte style collar dress - ♥ this dress too

Knitted skirt

Floral shopper -very Cath Kidston

Cream pearl hairband

I also ordered these shoes from New Look online as they are giving free delivery at the moment and 20% off with the code

They are not exactly sexy but the low heel is ideal for work.

So I did not exactly buy much! I love Mango and Zara in Birmingham but there was nothing I liked and I loved Forever 21...its massive but again there was nothing I liked...disappointing!


Saturday, 19 November 2011

Birmingham outfit

Hello everyone

Sorry I have been a bad blogger as I have not been on blogger much lately.  I will be catching up on everyone's blogs this weekend though.

Today my friend Yimen and I went to the Bullring in Birmingham.

We had a lovely day although it was packed!!!

This is my outfit (photo was taken in the Forever 21 changing rooms...I love the pink doors!!)

Lace Dress - George at Asda
Belt - Primark
Tights - Primark
Leather boots - New Look
Cream cardigan - Zara (not pictured)
Necklace - New Look

Forever 21 is massive I never bought anything in there but Yimen did.

I did buy some lovely new items and I shall blog about these tomorrow or Monday as I need to take photos.

On Friday night Yimen and I exchanged birthday presents, her birthday is 3 days before mine. I bought her a purple Nica handbag as she loves Nica and she bought me this gorgeous cream clutch bag which is Star by Julien Macdonald from Debenhams....its gorgeous.

I love the little storage bag they give you with it to protect it.

Funny how we both bought each other handbags.



Sunday, 13 November 2011

Whats in the Hello Kitty bag?

Thanks so much for your birthday wishes in my previous post.

Ok so I am 39 now but I love Hello that bad?? Also so does my closest friend who is 31 ha ha

It was my friend's birthday last week, yes we are both Scorpios!  I am seeing her this Friday night as she is coming to stay over as we have to leave early on Saturday for our trip to Birmingham. 

This is her birthday present wrapped in Hello Kitty paper with the Hello Kitty bag I cannot wait to see her face when she sees it.

I better not mention what I bought her in case she reads this (I don't think she does so think I am safe but just in case!)

So looking foward to Friday just need to get a working week out of the way first. Maybe I should think about going part time...!


Saturday, 12 November 2011

The past week - birthday, work and beauty buys

Hiya everyone

Sorry I have not blogged much or left any comments on your blogs but I will be catching up on them tonight and tomorrow its just this week has been hectic.

I started my new job on Wednesday and because I have not worked for so long its very tiring. It seems that the days are so long now its really hard going back to work full time. On the brighter side the people seem really nice and the job seems good.  Plus my father has not been too well and there has been a problems in the family which have not helped!

It was my 39th birthday on Thursday, its funny but I don't know how I ever got to be 39 I mean where have all the years gone I still feel 29! 

Today Mike took me shopping and we had a meal out. I did not buy much for myself, mainly christmas presents.  Mike gave me money for my birthday and he also brought me these lovely undies in la Senza.  I also had money and vouchers from other people too.

I did buy myself a couple of my favourite Natural Collection lipsticks in Rose Petal and Sorbet.

I wear Rose Petal a lot as its such a nice lipstick especially considering its only  £2.99.

Me wearing Natural Collection Rose Petal lipstick

Next Saturday I am going to Birmingham with my friend so I may spend the money then.

Have a lovely weekend


Monday, 7 November 2011

Early birthday present and a couple of buys


Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Before I go onto my post I just want to say how awful that road crash was on the M5.  I live in the West Country and have been on that stretch of motorway many times.  My heart goes out to all the people who died and the people who were injured and to all the famillies who have lost loved ones.
It just highlights how fragile life is.

I have to admit I hate motorways at the best of time, Mike and I have been on the motorway in thick fog and we always slow down but we get people speeding past and and they cannot see a thing in front of them...very scary!

Anyway I just wanted to thankyou for your comments on my previous post.  I tried a faux fur coat on which was exactly the same as the Matalan one in New Look but it made me look like a huge Yeti! I am thinking maybe I will try the TS one in store.

At the weekend Mike and I popped out to a few stores.  I find Asda clothing is a bit hit and miss. They do have a lot of chavvy rubbish but I do like some of their items.
I am not a snob, I mean I shop in Primark so hardly snobby but I have to admit whenever I go in Asda I am never surprised by the amount of 'rough' people in there....sorry but its so true! 
I saw this dress and fell in love, I think you can see why as you all know I love:

a) lace
b) cream
c) peter pan collars
d) its girly and feminine.

Anyway Mike said he would buy it for me as one of my birthday presents!

If I am honest I don't think the model does it justice as its a much nicer dress than it looks.

I think its stunning!

I also bought these boots in New Look I am going to wear these with dresses and skirts for work.   

And also this tube skirtI am planning to wear this with thick tights, blouses, longline cardigan and pumps or boots.


Saturday, 5 November 2011

Faux fur coats - which one?

Hiya everyone

Thanks so much for your comments re my last post you are all very kind.  I am feeling a bit better now.  I may be starting Zumba classes next week.

I have been rather busy over the last couple of days. Yesterday Mike's neice Laura came out to our house and wanted to play dress up trying on my clothes. 

Today I went into town with Laura I did not by much but I bought a couple of things I will blog about tomorrow.

Afterwards Mike and I popped out to have look around a few stores and Mike bought me a dress in Asda of all places I will show you this tomorrow too.

Basically its my birthday next week and I was thinking of buying myself a faux fur coat.  I cannot decide between these two.

Topshop Long Faux Fur Textured Coat £89.00

Matalan Be Beau Belted Fur Coat £45.00

Obviously the Matalan one is half the price (but has great reviews) but I saw a girl today wearing a gorgeous faux fur coat and I am sure it was the Topshop looked absolutely stunning!


Thursday, 3 November 2011

A sensitive issue

Why is it everything is going ok you feel good about yourself for once in your life, I mean usually I never do and then someone has to say something insensitive and make you feel cr*p all over again!
I mean by my age I should be over this after all 'confidence comes with age' as they say, but sadly for me it has'nt!

Last night Mike and I went out for a meal and on the way way home we had to pop into Mike's parents as they wanted to chat to us about something.  I don't often see his parents as his mother is very hard work and although she does like me she can be very insensitive, bossy and she is very old fashioned.  She says things like any girl that wears a short skirt is asking to be raped!!  People who say things like that infuriate me and make me angry.  Anyway I am not going to get into that issue because needless to say a woman should be able to go out naked and not get raped, its men who should be able to control themselves and usually its about power anyway..!

Back to the subject Mike's neice Laura who is 18 was there, she is very much into clothes and fashion. Like a typical teenager she lacks confidence and was asking my advice on some new tops she had bought in Zara and I was advising her.  Her mother is not into fashion at all and she has a rather strained relationship with her anyway.  Laura kept saying she was fat, she is not fat she is a size 12 and 5ft 3in, she is just curvy on the hips if anything.  I am 5ft 2in and a size 12 but with a larger chest than her and I don't consider myself fat...maybe I am????

She was complaining about her body and I was telling her she does not look fat, when Mike's mother, who like I said is very insensitive at the best of times said 'Oh well Lisa is bigger than you'? Oh great just wonderful now I feel even crappier than usual.

The funny thing is usually I feel rubbish, most days I feel I look awful but the last few days I had been feeling better. Yesterday I was in one of my local shops and I had guys in their 20's really eyeing me up....seeing as they were 20 something and I am 39 next week...I felt chuffed.  Plus the guys in the van, ok so they may say that to every girl on the street but still it was a confidence boost.  Plus my friends always say whenever we go out daytime or nightime I always have guys giving the me the eye.

Now I feel back to my usual 'horrible' self....thanks very much mother in law!

OK I know at 38 I should be over this and mega confident but I am just....not!  I mean in my previous post I took the photo of me in the pinafore dress and I am sure I do not look fat in that dress but now I am questioning that?

Another thing that annoyed me is one of the tops did not suit Laura but Mike's mum said to me even if you think it looks awful tell her you think it looks nice! I told her the truth lol.  She can be a horrible woman. I am so glad Mike is not like her and does not share her views!

The other thing is that his mother although she is very small chested she has a large tummy and is much bigger than me but I would not dream of saying things to her!


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Work clothes haul

Hello everyone

I start my new job next Wednesday....scary!
The company I am going to be working for is moving to brand new offices next year which will be a lot closer to where I live.   They are going to be based in a lovely part of the city too which will be really nice.
Yesterday I went shopping for new work clothes and this is my haul.

Topshop - Flippy hem tunic

Matalan - Peter Pan collar dress - I got 20% off this!

In New Look I had a 20% off voucher and I got this pinafore dress

and rosey coloured cardigan (probably not work attire but I loved the colour and it will go with so many of my dresses and tops)

In H&M I got this navy dress, this looks short on the model but as I am short it's just above the knee on me! I got £5.00 off this so it was only £7.99

In Primark I bought:

White peter pan collar blouse - will wear with a white vest top under

White jumper & pink jumper

Two skinny belts

I am really loving Matalan at the moment.   Their homeware is just fabulous and not too expensive.  Whilst I was in there buying the peter pan dress I also bought this bath mat.  Its so lovely with the diamontes around the edge. It may look a bit chavvy but we have a lovely new bathroom and it looks fabulous in there.

Also in Primark I bought these vanilla tea lights

I think I am pretty ok for work clothes as I already have quite a few pairs of boots and ballet pumps I will also wear.
Plus I have a few smart work skirts and other dresses I can wear to work and a few blouses and shirts so I think that will do me for a while.


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Oiii Sexy

Today I had to to go to the doctors for a blood test (annual check for my thyroid) and now I don't have a car I either have to walk or get the bus while Mike is at work.

This was my outfit

As I was merrily on my way rushing as I was late, a van with three young guys drove by and shouted 'Oi sexy you are gorgeous' (when I say young they were in their late 20's) I was so embarassed and checked first that they definitely meant me..but there was no one else around.  Anyway it was not enough for them to embarass me by shouting that ( I embarass easily) they then proceeded to go really slow by the side of me..! 
After my appointment I popped into town and bought a few clothes for my new job I will blog about this tomorrow as I have not taken the photos yet.

Dress - Primark
Belt - New Look
Leggings - Awear
Boots - New Look

I am a shortie so I really love these boots as they give me a bit of height without being ridiculously high.

I had to laugh today I saw some strange sights around town.  The funniest thing I saw was a girl in Primark with ultra thin cheap leggings on that were see through with a short cropped jumper and big white pants under the leggings that you could see straight through. I had to chuckle!
She was very slim though and had a nice figure so I bet a few blokes had a good ogle it was so not a good look though ha ha