Monday, 30 May 2011

♥ Festival style ♥


I hope everyone has been enjoying the bank holiday weekend, the weather has been awful though!

Well its now the festival season and I must admit I have never been to a festival but I love the festival look with wavy hair, plaits, cowboy boots and floral dresses.

I am loving plaits at the moment.  Excuse the state of my hair in this photo it has actually grown quite a lot since then.  Do you do plaits in your hair? Usually I do a slightly smaller plait than this and have my hair more wavy and I love that look.  

Yesterday hubby and I had a nice relaxing day, last night for some reason I only slept for 3 hours and felt wide awake all night which I am paying for now as I am really tired.  Isn't it horrible when you cannot sleep!

Today hubby made us a cooked breakfast then we popped to Argos to buy a cabinet for our new bathroom. I shall post some photos of the bathroom when its totally finished.

We then popped to Florence & Fred and Tesco big home store and they had their underwear reduced to next to nothing. I managed to get a couple of bras for £3.00 each and they are really good ones.

Also I have been naughty again and was browsing online and ordered these cowboy style boots from New Look, very festival style! They were £65 reduced to £30 and I want to wear them with little dresses this summer.
They will also be great with indigo jeggings and leggings when the colder weather comes in.

and I ordered this dress from as they were offering free delivery so I am now awaiting three dresses from them.  I will not be keeping them all though.

Are you going to any festivals this year?


Sunday, 29 May 2011

Another haul - Primark, H&M, New Look & Accessorize

Hiya everyone

As I said in my previous post I popped into town last Friday these are my Primark buys:

Denim pumps

Waist belts - I particularly love the floral one.  The white one is broderie anglais and I love that material but I am really not sure what I am going to wear it with yet!

Flower flipflops - for the beach

Floral dress

and I also bought these accessories hangers for £2.00. I have hung all my belts on them and they are really handy.

I also had a quick look in Topshop at the floral shirt dress which I blogged about a while back but its typical but they did not have my size in stock. That saved me £48. Its a lovely dress though. I am contemplating whether to order it online or not???

On Saturday hubby and I went to our local shopping mall where I had a little H&M haul and purchased this gorgeous belted cardigan, its like a nude/pink and I love the style and the material.

I also purchased this cream ruffled dress and some leggings, I love H&M's leggings they are such great value and fit.

In New Look I bought another pair of indigo jeggings. I practically live in leggings and jeggings....however go bare legged in summer.

In Superdrug I purchased a bottle of Accessorize nail polish in Apricot Crush. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this polish, the colour is gorgeous for summer.  I also picked up one of the new Superdrug beauty cards which Joanna Page has been advertising. You can can now collect points in Superdrug as well as Boots.

I am going shopping again on Tuesday as I am meeting a friend in town for lunch and also am actively looking for another job so employment agencies here I come!


Saturday, 28 May 2011

Outfit post- the bank holiday weekend


Thanks for all your opinions regarding my previous post in the end I ordered both and I will keep whichever is best.

Yesterday I popped into town, mainly to Primark and bought a few items.

Today hubby and I have had a really nice day, hubby took me shopping to our local mall and then we went for lunch at Bella Italia.  I had Bruchetta for starters, Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni for main meal followed by chococlate and honeycomb ice cream yum yum. Hubby had garlic mushrooms for starters and then steak smothered in garlic so he stinks ha ha

This is my outfit....this photo makes me look quite pale but I am actually darker than this...weird!

I bought this dress yesterday from Primark it was £5.00. It looks really long but its just above the knee.
Pumps - Primark
Belt - Primark
and I wore my tan bomber jacket from H&M as its not that warm today.

I bought a couple of things while we were out today which I shall blog about tomorrow along with my new items from Primark.

I also ordered these nude heels from Tesco clothing as they 25% off this weekend and I have liked these for a while. I also bought a dress from Ebay which I shall blog about when I receive it.

Not sure what else we are doing this bank holiday how about you, have you any plans?

I will be catching up on everyone's blogs later today but right now I have tonnes of housework to do.


Friday, 27 May 2011

Please help me choose?

I really love both these rabbit print dresses from, they are exactly the same but in Peach or Blue, which colour do you prefer because I cannot decide as I think both are really nice.

Thank you

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tag: 8 Things

I got tagged ages ago by the lovely Victoria of

Thanks Victoria and sorry its taken so long!

Here are my 8 things!

8 TV shows I watch...

1: Coronation Street
2: Benidorm
3: Road Wars
4: Night Cops
5: Gavin & Stacey
6: Gok Clothes Roadshow
7: Any real life documentaries
8: Take Me Out

8 Favourite places to eat... (I dont really eat anywhere, so this will be creative)

1: The chinese takeaway
2: Bella Italia
3: Jamie Oliver's Italian
4: Coal Grill and Bar
5: Frankie & Bennys
6: Vintage Inns
7: Beefeater
8: Toby Carvery

8 Things I look forward to...

1: Our holiday to Tenerife
2: Weekend in Torquay
3: Getting a new job
4: Weekend with my friend in Swindon (end of June)
5: Getting a new porch and finishing our house
6: Summer
7: Being slimmer!
8: Seeing my parents

8 Things on my wishlist

1: A new car
2: A new porch (which we will be getting done very soon)
3: Decorating the house
4: Cath Kidston bag
5: Loads of new clothes I have seen
6: To be really happy
7: Good skin
8: A better body

8 Things I'm passionate about...

1: My husband
2: Thomas
3: Animal rights
4: Clothes
5: Dance
6: Aeroplanes
7: Justice ( I hate injustice to people and animals)
8: Shopping

8 Words or phrases I use alot...

1: Not being funny but.......
2: To be honest....
3: Well its like this........
4: What happened was.....
5: You are having a giraffe (cockney rhyming slang for laugh)
6: I so love that dress....
7: Oh my god thats gorgeous.....
8: At the end of the day.......

8 Things I've learnt from the past

1: Don't trust too many people (I know that sounds awful but a lot of people are not nice and have abused my trust)
2: Trust your gut instinct that is usually always right and always go with your heart and not your head.
3: Accept you are going to have fat days and you are NOT perfect as no one is perfect.
4: Don't waste time worrying your not good enough or attractive enough especially when you are young because when you look back to when you were younger you will realise you looked great and you will have wasted your life.
5: Always video your wedding the whole ceremony, its the only thing you will truly have to look back on.  The the day goes so quickly and you won't remember it all and then its gone and you will never get it  back!
6: Take lots of photos especially while you are young.
7: Don't let anyone put you down or abuse you and if they do then cut them out of your life.
8: Your family and proper friends are the best things in your life so don't let petty arguments affect that.

8 Places I would love to visit...

1: Hawaii (Pearl Harbour)
2: New York
3: Barcelona
4: San Francisco
5: Rome
6: Sydney
7: Norway
8: Florida (again)

8 Things I want or need...

1: A new thyroid (I have under active thyroid and will take medication for the rest of my life) 
2: Health and happiness for my husband and family
3: A cuddle, sometimes I feel low
4: A new job
5: Animals to be treated well and when people abuse them they actually get a prison sentence and not just let off!
6: A gym membership (I get so down about my body)
7: A car
8: A new bedroom (with a walk-in wardrobe...I wish!)

8 Things I love about winter...

1: Christmas
2: Time off work (for xmas)
3: Cuddles, whilst looking at the snow, being warm inside and watching christmas films
4: Christmas decorations
5: Thomas stays in with us more
6: Christmas Markets
7: Winter clothing and boots
8: Snow

8 Bloggers I'm tagging...

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Floral bikinis ♥

Well we are off to Tenerife in July and I am now working hard to get the body in shape..its hard work though.   I am starting to do aerobics again and I am watching what I eat I have also booked myself in for a professional spray tan before we go.

I love having a new pretty bikini to hit the beach with but I already have about 6 bikinis.  I am loving these three and I have not got a floral one...(She says trying to convince herself ha ha)

New Look Kelly Brook Rosie Printed Bikini - £25.98

La Senza Dotty Rose Bikini - £36.00

Next - Geri Blue Printed Bikini - £38.00

What I love about these is they are good for the larger chested like myself.  To be honest I could not  justify spending £38.00 on a bikini that I would wear once or twice a year. 

Have you got loads of bikinis and where do you buy yours from?

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Yesterday's outfit


Just a quick outfit post for yesterday

Peach blouse - Primark
Grey Belt - Primark
Indigo jeggings - New Look
Grey heels - Primark

Quite a cheap outfit but I do love that blouse it actually looks much nicer in reality as I don't take good photos unfortunately. Also you cannot see the little ruffled and lace sleeves and the lace bottom very well.  I have just noticed my monkey (Cuddles) is in the background.  Mike brought me this when we first met and he is my favourite stuffed toy...not Mike the monkey ha ha

I was meant to be having my surgery this Saturday but I have had to re-arrange it to another date so instead hubby and I may go out and have lunch, thats so much nicer than being in hospital.

Things are going well at the moment he has certainly been making the effort and realises he does not want us to split up.  I am hoping things will change.

We are going to Torquay for a weekend in June so I am looking forward to that I just hope this weather improves.


Monday, 23 May 2011

Weekly wants


Stupidly I have been browsing again and have fell in love with a few items

Topshop - I so want this dress but its £48.00!!! I think thats a ridiculous price but I am going shopping on Friday and I am going to try it on. In a way I just hope it does not suit me otherwise I will be tempted to buy it.   I wish Topshop gave out more discount codes!

Also in Topshop these pumps I love the bright pink edging

Oasis - Butterfly Cut Out Shoulder Bag
New look sandals - I like these as they are not too high

New Look - Broderie floral satchel - I still have not got a floral bag!

Awear - Heidi Crochet dress (this is just so me)

Forever 21 - I have never shopped at Forevr 21 but after seeing Emma's dress from there I thought I would take a look.

Peter Pan dress

Belted floral dress

Are you lusting over any clothes at the moment?


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Tag and Award

A big thank you to Sophie from  for passing this award on to me.

I must admit I do not know what it means but Sophie thinks it may mean entertaining blog so I think I will go along with that.

The rules for this award are:

1) Thank the person who gave you this award and link back to them in your post.

2) Answer the given questions.
3) Nominate 3 bloggers.
4) Contact these bloggers and let them know they have received this award.

The Questions are:

If you did another blog, what about it could be?

hmm not sure thats difficult maybe about animal cruelty and what awful things happen to animals all over the world and how we can try to end their suffering.  It would be hard to write as it affects me so much and I do spend a lot of time thinking about it and in turn it does affect my life! 

If you could change your name, how it could be?

I have always loved the name Sabrina since I was little. I think because of Charlie's Angels in the 70's and I think its so feminine and sounds so pretty. I also love Sophia and Saskia.   I think if I'd had a daughter than she would be named Sabrina.

If you could born again, would you like to be a man or a woman?

Woman without a seconds thought. Ok I know we have to have periods and childbirth probably is pretty awful but also pretty wonderful. But isn't it amazing that we can have babies, that in itself makes women amazing I think.
I also love feminine clothing I mean just imagine having to wear a suit or trousers ...urgh no thanks! Plus you have to be all macho and tough where I like being girly and I admit I am a bit of a wimp.

If you could realize one wish, what could be?

Thats hard there are so many. I would love animal and child cruelty to be abolished. I would like good health for my friends and family and I want everyone I love to be happy all their lives.

If you had a power, which one would you like to have?

Probably to heal the sick.

If you had to buy a lot of perfumes from one specific brand, which one would be?

I am not a massive perfume fan I love Body Shop body sprays more than perfume. I find most perfumes too overpowering.

If you had won a holiday, which place would you like to go?

hmmm I would love to visit Australia, Hawaii and more of America. I also want to go to Gibraltar to see the monkeys.

I nominate these 3 blogs for the award:


Saturday, 21 May 2011

Today's outfit


yes I'm back with two posts in one day!

I am finally able to upload photos...yay

This is todays outfit.

Dress - Peacocks
Lace waistcoat - New Look courtesy of Ebay
Tan belt - Primark
Nude corsage pumps - Primark
Necklace - Miso at Republic

I had a nice compliment today from one of my neighbours who said I always looks so nice and that I would even look good in a bin liner ha ha.  Its always nice when you get compliments it does brighten your day. I love giving others compliments too.


REVIEW: Avon Naturals Shampoo and Hair Mask in Cherry Blossom

Hello everyone

I don't usually purchase things from Avon but one of my neighbours sells it and she gave me a catalogue.

I decided to order the Daily Refreshing Shampoo and Daily Refreshing Hair Mask in Cherry Blossom which is for all hair types.  I am having problems uploading photos from my camera at the moment so used the web photos.

They are on offer at the moment at a £1.00 for the 250ml shampoo usually it retails at £2.00 (so not expensive) and £1.25 (usually £2.50) for the 200ml conditioner...although I have to say they are small bottles.

I used it this morning and I am really pleased with the results.

Firstly the shampoo lathers really well, has a nice consistency and smells nice although I wish it was a bit stronger smelling.  I do wish the bottle was bigger as I have long thick hair so need a lot of shampoo.

The hair mask (conditioner) was brilliant, it smells gorgeous, the consistency is lovely and thick and it smooths onto your hair really well and it made my hair feel like silk.  When I washed it out it felt so soft and smooth. Now my hair has dried it has left it in lovely condition.

I am definitely going to be buying it again especially while its on offer.

I would say this is one of the best shampoo's and conditioner's I have bought in a long while I also love the Boots Naked range but thats a lot more expensive.


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Outfit post


Just a quick outfit post.

Cream dress - Miss Selfridge
Leggings - H&M
Floral belt - New Look
Grey heels - Primark
Black cardigan - Primark

I brought this dress ages ago in the sale and have never worn it. 

Hope you are all ok


Saturday, 14 May 2011

My weekend away and new buys (photo heavy)

Hello everyone

Last Wednesday as you know my parents came down and on Thursday my mum and I went into town. My mum could not believe how big the Primark is here. I brought a few items in there:

Floral shorts

Bottle green boat print dress

Nude peep toe flats (these are a lovely soft material like leather)

Daisy hair band

Pencil skirt (this was only £3.00 in the sale they had them in grey too)

In Accessorize I bought this pretty hair band similar to the Primark one but plain white. My mum made me buy this she said it looked lovely in my hair, there is nothing like people perusading you to buy things ha ha!

We had a lovely weekend away we only went down to Burnham on Sea. There is not exactly a lot at Burnham to be honest but we did not want to travel too far and it was just nice to relax and get away from home. We went into a few charity shops in Burnham and a car boot sale in Brean although there was not a lot at the boot sale.

My parents in the cafe (my dad is 73 and my mum 72) I think they look a younger esp mum she never lets her hair go grey ha ha)

In the charity shop I got this Next tan leather belt which was brand new with the tags on and was originally £14.99 for £1.50.

These brand new Primark boots for £2.00.

and I also got this New Look dress on Ebay for a bargainous £3.50 including delivery

With regards to my previous posts I am going to give the relationship a few weeks and see how things go. I shall keep you posted.

Thank you and have a lovely weekend