Thursday, 28 April 2011

Small toiletries and clothes haul.

Today I had to go to the bank in town so I had a look round a few shops.

I had to buy a few toiletries in Boots and I wanted to try a foundation I have heard rave reviews about which is Vichy Dermablend, as I don't have great skin and always want foundation with a good coverage. I usually wear Revlon Colourstay but have heard this is much better and its only £14.00. I brought it in Gold (they don't have a very good colour selection but I found this colour looked really good) and I also bought some shampoo and conditioner.

In Superdrug I bought some of Superdrug's Vitamin E moisturisr, this is lovely stuff its only £2.99 a jar and its not tested on animals. It as good as The Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser.

In Primark I brought some black jeggings and a lovely bath mat I am sure you don't want to see pictures of these! Primark has some fabulous items for the home and at such good prices.

In H&M I bought these pink peep toe shoes although they do remind me of slippers I love them they are so girly.

I also popped in Awear a shop I never usually go into and I bought some black leggings. They were only £8.00 and they are fabulous, really good quality and just as good as the Topshop ones and they are a lot dearer.

In Peacocks I got these shoes for £5.00 in the sale, ideal for work.

and in Select (another shop I never go into) I bought these earrings. I thought they would be really nice to wear with the mint tunic I have as I did not have any earrings that colour.

Well tomorrow is the Royal Wedding, are you all going to be watching this? I have to admit I am not a royalist by any means in fact quite the opposite and I do think its a waste of tax payers money but I don't agree with protesters causing trouble and trying to ruin it.  I am interested to see what Kate's dress is like though!

On Saturday I am going to Bath with a friend for a catch up and some lunch. We will probably end up looking around a few shops too.

Have a nice bank holiday weekend.


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Just playing around!

Hello everyone

Well today I received the Tesco order......yipee

Can I pull of a playsuit thats the big question? I am not 100% sure what do you guys think?
I think I would wear it abroad on holiday and maybe in the UK with a cardigan. Can you wear leggings with a playsuit???
I pictured it with the cardigan as my arms just look a bit too pale for my liking today...I am so fussy!

Oh and these are the gladiator sandals. I do love them the only thing is I am a bit worried I will break my ankles in them as they are very solid to wear. I love them though and don't want to send them back!!!


Monday, 25 April 2011

Relaxing in the garden!

Today is another lovely day, this morning Mike made us a cooked breakfast...yum and now I am lazing in the garden.

I decided to wear my mint Topshop tunic again and wedges.

Mike loves this dress on me and I feel so fresh and summery in it.

I think if I was to wear it outside I would definitely need to wear leggings/jeggings or shorts with it!

I suppose you could wear it with denim shorts.

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely bank holiday.


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter hope your having a lovely day

Mike and I went out for lunch today and then we went to the Avon Gorge in Bristol where you can look out over the Portway and you can see the Suspension bridge.

It does not look too high up from this angle (the water looks very dirty!)

But we are actually up higher than this angle!

Unfortunately I could not take one of the suspension bridge as the sun was right there.

The photos do not do it justice really as its a beautiful part of Bristol. Its quite a popular area and loads of people were there having picnics or playing football. Behind us (from where we took the photos) are the Bristol Downs which is a massive area of green land.


Saturday, 23 April 2011

My Tesco order


Just how beautiful is the weather today its absolutely boiling.

Mike and I had to go to B&Q today to buy some things for the bathroom which is our current project.

Then we went to Tesco to do some shopping and now he has gone to football.

I have resisted the urge to go out and spend money so I am relaxing in the garden.

Thanks for your comments on my previous post, I am quite hard on myself and I think when I look in the mirror I certainly don't see what all of you (and my friends) see as I always think I am too fat to wear things so thats nice to hear people say I have a nice figure as I really struggle with thinking that myself. I decided that I wanted to get both the playsuit and the heeled gladiator sandals so I exchanged another £10 clubcard voucher for £20.00 and ordered the following:

the total came to £39.95 including delivery but I had to spend £40.00 so I ordered the flip flops just for wearing on the beach in Tenerife. The sand is so hot its unbearable to go bare foot. In total I spent £1.95 in actual money...good deal.

I am so looking forward to receiving the order I really hope the playsuit suits me as I really love the print and design.

I also ordered some cropped leggings from New Look as they were offering free delivery the other day.

I do hope the weather stays like this as we are going away in a couple for weeks for a long weekend with my parents and it would just be lovely if the weather stayed nice.

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather today.


Friday, 22 April 2011

Please help me choose?

Hello ladies

I have £20 to spend at Tesco online and I like all these items but cannot decide which to get? I am tempted to get two but which ones?

Also I am ahem....37 am I too old to wear a playsuit.  I do wonder if they would suit my figure??? I tried one on in Primark ages ago and it looked really awful but it was cheap looking.  I also feel maybe I am too old and it may look like the old mutton and lamb scenario!

F&F Floral Vintage Playsuit - £16.00

F&F Sandal Clogs - £20.00

F&F Studded Gladiator sandal £15.00


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Yesterday's outfit

Just a quick outfit post, this is my outfit for yesterday:

Cream lace dress - New Look
Cream vest - Primark
Floral belt - New Look
Floral pumps - Primark


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Outfit post - Topshop mint tunic!

Just to show you my Topshop tunic as I know some of you wanted to see you can see its quite short so may wear it with cropped leggings.

The wedges are from New Look teens sectiom

Its such a beautiful day today, I had to go to the bank and I decided to have a look in a few charity shops.
I bought this Jane Norman yellow shirt dress from the St Peters Hospice shop.
I am not a fan of Jane Norman and never shop in there but I love these style dresses they are very versatile and for only £2.50 how could I refuse. It has belt loops but the belt was missing so I added this belt.

I think I need to get a tripod as my outfits never look as good in photos than they do in the mirror! Maybe my mirror is lying to me!!

Have a lovely day everyone


Friday, 15 April 2011

A couple of Topshop buys!

Hello everyone

I had a little spend in Topshop today, to be honest I don't usually go in Topshop very often I usually buy things online from there as the Topshop nearest to me is not that good but the one in Cabot Circus in Bristol is brilliant. I have now become a bit hooked on it as I saw so many other things I want in there!

Mint Sleeveless Bow Tunic dress

They also had it in white and I may have to go back and get the white one too. I love the colour of the mint one.

and these hair slides which were £6.50 reduced to £1.50. I love the pretty summer colours.

I have not been feeling too well lately last night I went to bed at 9pm where I was so tired. My anaemia is really bad so I think thats why I feel so drained.


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Today's casual 'Betty Boop' outfit!


I thought I would do another outfit post today. I love my Betty Boop t-shirt but I don't wear it very much as its very casual and I am not really a very casual person. I have so many clothes in my wardrobe that I just hardly wear I suspect most girls are like this too!

Mike loves me wearing this t-shirt I don't know why but he does!

Its a lot colder today...please come back sunshine!

Betty Boop t-shirt - H&M
Cream cardigan - Primark
Jeggings - New Look
Tan boots - New Look

On another note would anyone know where I can get this dress that Sam from TOWIE is wearing...its gorgeous.

Picture is from the Daily Mail

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Today's Outfit


This is my outfit for today:

Floral top - Tesco
Pink Cardigan - Primark
Pink belt - Primark
Jeggings - New Look
Floral wedges - New Look


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award

I have been awarded the Kreativ Blogger award by Emma at - thanks Emma x

The rules are:
Write 10 facts about yourself
Award 10 blogs and tell them about the award

1) I love Classical music and have really gotten into a lot of music by Ludovico Einaudi   his music is amazing and so relaxing.  I love all types of music except for rap.

2) I hate sport! Sorry but the only sort of sport I like is dance/aerobics if you can call that a sport.  My husband is a massive football fan but I just cannot get into it. 

3) I have an obsession with aeroplanes. I love watching them take off I just think its amazing that something that can carry all those people and luggage can fly. I also love watching the red arrows as my parents used to take us to a lot of air museums and air shows when we were kids. I think they look so beautiful when they take off....I am a nerd ha ha! When I am on a plane and its thundering along the runaway its an amazing feeling but also I always feel slightly scared.

4) My favourite item of clothing as you can probably guess is.......dresses!

5) I love animals and would love to abolish all animal cruelty

6) I never swear...ever! I hate bad language even though hubby uses it a bit I cannot stand it.

7) I passed my driving test over 5 years ago but have never driven on the motorway! I also never reverse park. I can reverse out of a parking space but not in!

8) I spend more on clothes than I ever spend on make up.

9) When I was little I had white hair which has gradually got darker. I am now dark brunette and I have never dyed my hair.

10) When I was young I wrote to Jim'll Fix It as I wanted to meet the Incredible Hulk as I thought he was an actual real green man...ha ha

I award the Kreativ Blogger awards to these 10 blogs


Sunday, 10 April 2011

I ♥ crochet and florals..........last weeks buys!


Its been such beautiful weather I hope it stays.

Well last week as I said I took back a few things and ended up buying more but did not actually spend much! These are my buys.


Crochet lace dress £19.99

This is so beautiful I am going to wear it with a longline black vest under and black leggings. Also it can be worn as a cover up for the beach. It looks really big in the photo but its actually a size 8! H&M sizes are all messed up because I am a 12 but sometimes I can get an 8 in there and sometimes a 14-16! strange.

Basic longline vests - H&M are always great for these tops and only £3.99 each. I much prefer these ones to Primark's.

and a skinny hairband.

New Look

Floral wedges - these were in the 'teen' section....ha ha. Oh well I have small feet and so they had my size.


Sequin floral pumps

Floral bandeau top - only £4.00

Blush pink cardigan

White blouse - this is so pretty and a lovely fit as it has elastic on the waist.

I am loving H&M at the moment and its slightly taking over Primark for me, there were so many gorgeous items I could have bought.

I won't be going shopping now for a few weeks, my parents are coming down and I have told my mum I will take her to Primark in Bristol as its massive. I know she will love it.

Did anyone watch Mamma Mia last night on ITV? 

I had never seen it before and have been meaning to watch it so it was great that it was on tv.  I really enjoyed it and I think I have a bit of a crush on Piers Brosnan although he is older than me! I love Abba songs so its great to sing along to.
I would love to go and see the show in the West End.


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Little Primark Summer haul

Hello fellow bloggers

Yesterday I had to pop into town for another appointment and I had to get the bus in as my car is on its last legs!   At the bus stop there were three guys working on the bus shelter and they were like 'typical lads'. They started chatting to me, they were from London and they were saying I had a lovely smile and that in there words ' I was a bit of alwright' and a 'sexy gal' lol.

I love the London accent and they were making me laugh. Anyway as I went to get the bus one of them was trying to give me his phone number! I politely said I am married to which he replied 'don't tell him'. I am not that sort of girl and would never do something like that anyway so I just got the bus. When I  came home guess who was at the returning bus stop, yeah thats right the cheeky fella's. I was mega embarassed (I am quite shy like that and not very good at flirting). Its always nice to get to be given nice compliments although they probably say it to all the girls!

Anyway going back to town, whilst I was there I decided to pop into Primark and have a quick look as I sold some stuff on ebay recently.  I ended up buying a few things but as it was from paypal funds its not like actually spending any money is it! ha ha

I got these tan bow sandals for £8.00. I totally love them. I am not a sandal person really purely because I have 'toe phobia' well of my toes anyway but  the bow covers my toes nicely and they are very pretty and tan goes with absolutely everything.

Denim waistcoat - I have been after one of these to wear with little summer tops and dresses. I like this one as it fits really well and I did not want too spend much on one. This was £12.00

Pink ditsy smock top - very pretty and I like it with the waistcoat 

Pink Bow stretch belt - I know I do have a skinny nude/pink bow belt but I like this one as its a bit wider.

If you shop at Tesco they are doing a deal at the moment where you can exchange your clubcard points for double the amount.  You can only spend it on clothing and a few other things. We always have loads of clubcard vouchers so I exchanged £10 in vouchers for £20 to spend online.
I ordered this navy ditsy dress as I really liked it when I saw it on the website last week. The photo does not do it justice as the the print is really pretty.


Sunday, 3 April 2011

£10 off at Tesco thanks to Emma!

The lovely Emma  held a giveway recently to win a discount code for £10 off at Tesco Clothing and I was lucky enough to win
- thanks Emma.

To claim the £10 off you need to spend £11 or more. I saw loads of dresses I loved on their website but in the end I ordered this dress which was £28.00 reduced to £10.00 and to make the payment over £11 I ordered some underwear which made the order £12.00.

This dress looks incredibly short on the model but as I am just under 5ft 3ins I think it will be a nice length on me.  I think it will look great with my grey or nude patent heels or dressed more casual with leggings.

I had not really looked at the Tesco clothing website until I ordered this but noticed they do have some lovely dresses on there. I may have to have take a look their more often.

Yesterday, I received the ASOS ponte dress. Its s lovely dress but quite thin and as its cream it does not look as good quality as the black one so thats going back.  I am also awaiting the ASOS cream blouse dress, I cannot wait for that to arrive.

Yesterday Mike and I popped out to Cribbs Causeway (shopping centre on the outskirts of Bristol) to pay our remaining holiday balance. I also took back the Dorothy Perkins lace collar dress. We went in Spud U Like for a quick snack. Mike does not really enjoy shopping so I did not have a look in the shops but to be honest I did not want to spend too much as I did go to Cardiff last week and have ordered things online. We are going away next month to Devon for a few days plus I have to get some money together for spending money for Tenerife.

I am still on the hunt for a floral satchel bag as the ASOS one is sold out. I notice Awear and Peacocks have got a nice one online. I don't want to spend much on one and the River Island ones are quite dear!
I have never shopped in Awear and wondered what its like??

Last night we went out with Mike's parents for a meal we went to a lovely little country pub. I had a lovely meal which was a vegetable suet pudding with mash potatoes, carrotts and green beans. We has a really nice evening.