Thursday, 31 March 2011

Keep or Return and another ASOS dress order!!


Its so nice receiving items through the post I get all excited.

Today I received the ASOS floral dress and the Dorothy Perkins Black Lace Collar dress. The floral dress is going back, its lovely but its very short plus the pattern is not as nice as in the photo.

This is the Dorothy Perkins dress, I am not sure if I like it or not!
I like the bottom but not sure if the top half is very flattering, what do you think keep or return?
Please excuse the state of the bedroom I was trying clothes on this morning and need to put everything away!

I have an ASOS obsession and I am always browsing their website. I have just ordrerd this dress which was £36.00 reduced to £26.00 and I got a further £5.00 off with the diet coke codes. They also have it in black but I do love cream and it will be nice for summer. I love the fact that ASOS now do free delivery and free returns.

ASOS Georgette Frill Front Blouse Dress

I love this style of dress, I do have one similar in a nude colour but I find this style very flattering on me.

I love the fact that its sheer and like a blouse style. So looking forward to receiving it.

I have not recived the ASOS ponte dress as yet as its on the super saver delivery.


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Online sale orders

Hello everyone

Just to let you all know the scan went ok, the sonographer said there are no fibroids or cysts but there is a build up of fluid in my uterus and they are unsure whats causing it. Thanks for all your kind comments.

I made a couple of online orders today from the sales.

Firstly I ordered this dress from Dorothy Perkins which was reduced to £15.00 then I had another 20% off with the code DPGLAM20 (which expires tomorrow in case anyone wants to use it). I love the lace collar and lace edging.

Also this dress on ASOS with free next day delivery.

I can imagine it looking really cute in summer.


Monday, 28 March 2011

Cardiff buys

Hello everyone

Well oh my god how busy was Cardiff the thing is we only realised a week ago that England were playing Wales and by then we had brought our tickets. The train was absolutely packed full of police and and fans it was standing all the way. When we got off the train in Cardiff there was literally hundreds of fans also getting off the train too so we waited for everyone to leave and followed the convoy. We came out of the station to hundreds of police I had never seen so many police officers in my whole life! The funny thing was there were all these lads and me in a cream lace dress, little nude heels and jeggings and my friend in a denim mini skirt, thick ribbed tights and boots. We hardly looked like football fans ha ha

We had a great day we had lunch in Browns and then afternoon tea in John posh!

These are my buys:

In H&M I brought these wedges, I totally love them and cannot wait for warmer weather to wear them.  I love the pattern and great thing about these are they are not too high as some of the wedges in other shops had massive heels. My friend also brought some floral wedges from New Look but they were black and higher than these.

In Primark I brought the following:

Cream ballet pumps

Cream bag - which looks a lot more expensive than it was. The material is really nice and I love the inside too!

Cream longline cardigan - this looks much nicer on and the colour is much nicer than in the photo! They also had this in white and I wish I had got the white one too!

Pink rose ring and earrings

Chunky necklace

Hair slides and fake tan mitt

Cream floral PJ bottoms

In Peacocks I brought this gorgeous peach top. It looks much nicer on than off.

In New Look I brought this white fitted shirt dress. This fits so well and they also had this in a beige colour and I would like to get that colour too.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Tomorrow I have my ultra sound scan on my lower abdomen.


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Small ASOS order!

I have just been browsing the ASOS website and I had a £5 off a £20.00 spend with the Diet Coke codes. I ordered this ponte fit and flare dress in cream - I love these dresses they are just so flattering. The dress was £40 reduced to £21.

and these cute earrings.



Liebster Blog award and tag!

Hello everyone

Yesterday I went to Cardiff with one of my friends, we had such a great day and I brought a few items but I will blog about this tomorrow.

I would like to thank Sophie from as she has tagged me this award. Thank you Sophie x

To accept the award I need to tag 3 other followers who have less than 300 followers so therefore I tag these 3 great blogs


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Outfit post and this weekend


This is my outfit for today:

Floral Dress - Primark
Tan Belt - Primark
Pink Cardigan - New Look
Bow Shoes - Primark

This weekend my closest friend and I are going to looking forward to it.

I love Cardiff its such a great place to shop. I love the Primark there and there New Look. There are loads of things I am loving in New Look at the moment.

I really want some wedges too and I am loving the floral ones about at the moment. I also want a floral bag and I am going to be looking for these two dresses I have seen online in H&M. I really hope they are in store.

This one you cannot see to well but it has a crochet band around the waistline!


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

In the country

Today hubby had to go to rural Wiltshire and Somerset for his job so as it was such a beautiful day I went with him for the ride.

I wore my lovely pink New Look dress with white roses on and black leggings but I am having a fat day so decided not to post any pictures. This is a close up of my necklace and dress.

I took some photos, they are taken from a moving car so not brilliant but the countryside looks beautiful and it was so peaceful and quiet.

Have you been out in the nice weather today?

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Not so springlike outfit post!

Same dress but with different accessories.

I have to pop out today to go to the bank and run a few errands and this is my outfit. The weather is a bit overcast and not very warm here today.

Red Cardigan - Primark
Dress - Primark
Red bow belt - New Look
Opaques - ASOS
Tan boots - New Look


Sunday, 20 March 2011

Belt up!

Hello everyone

Today I woke up and my left eye feels sore. Its in the corner part of your eye where your nose is, it does not look swollen or red but I wonder if a stye coming! I also managed to drop a whole bowl of rice crispies over the bed! Not having a good day so far!!

Over the weekend I had a bit of a sort out and realised how many belts I have.

Therefore, I thought I would do a post to show you my belt collection.

Grey, Black, Indigo and Purple belt all from Primark

Dark red belt - H&M

Hot pink belt - Oli

I wear a lot of these ones for work.

Black rose belt - H&M

Both tan waist belts - Primark

Brown waist belt - Next

Red bow belt - New Look

Tan belt - Primark

2nd tan belt - New Look

Cream floral Belt - New Look

Tan punch floral belt - Primark

All these belts are from Primark

I have actually left a few out as I also have 2 skinny black belts and a bronze skinny belt.

I used to have more but sold some that I never wear on ebay.

I do love belts because I am an hourglass shape I find that waist belts suit me and I think they add something to an outfit.
Do you wear belts much?

Friday, 18 March 2011

My new bag

Hello everyone
Today I took the white pumps back to Primark as I think I would not have worn them. I did not really plan on getting anything else as I am going shopping next Saturday to Cardiff with a friend. However, I happened to be walking out of Primark and noticed this bag and instantly loved it. Its like a bluey/grey colour and I love the flower punch look and the tan handle. It was only a tenner and I could not resist!

I also was browsing New Look's website and saw this bag which I also want!!
I am going to wait as I have a 20% off voucher so I may buy it then.

And I love this bag from ASOS!

I need to get a new suitcase before we go on hols and I saw both of these on the New Look website they are only £29.99. Are'nt they cute!

Cherries suitcase

Daisy Suitcase

I think I am becoming a bag-a-holic ha ha

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Outfit post and an update

Hello lovelies

Firstly this is my outfit for today....very girly as usual!

Pink Cardigan - H&M

Floral Cami top - Peacocks

Blue Jeggings - New Look

Nude Pumps - New Look

Yesterday I had the hospital appointment and it looks like I have to have an ultrasound scan of my stomach and I will also be having an operation to put a camera inside my stomach. The only thing I am worried about is the anaestetic! I will be put out but you hear these stories about waking up in the middle of an operation and also not coming around from the anaestetic. I know it sounds silly but I do feel a but panicked about that.

I am now awaiting a letter from the hospital to advise when this will be! I also had to see a nurse and he had to take my blood pressure, test me for MRSA and take more blood tests. Its funny but because I have thyroid problems I have had many blood tests so they never bother me but the nurse was telling me that its usually men who faint when they have blood tests. I find it strange that the majority of men like watching violent films yet they would faint at a simple blood test...ha ha.

I just want to say thanks for all your kind comments wishing me well.

Its such a beautiful day today, this morning I went to the hairdressrs for a trim. I walked to the hairdressers, its only a 25 minute walk each way but it was so nice. I have been trying to vist the hairdressers less often as I want to grow my hair even longer so instead of having it cut every 8 weeks I am waiting 10 weeks. It so happens I forgot about my last appointment so therefore it has been 12 weeks since its last trim so it was starting to look a mess!


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Oops a daisy!


Just to let you know Republic are offering £1.00 for next day delivery for a limited time only.

I just got a bargain from their website, I ordered this Miso Daisy Print Dress which I brought at the end of last year but took it back as one of the buttons came off and they did not have anymore. It was £26.99 reduced to £10.00 and £1.00 postage. They only had one left which happened to be in my size.

Only thing is do you think its too young for me??

I was looking at the reviews for this dress and people were saying its age range was for 12-18 year olds...ha ha. When I tried it on a while back my friend said it looked lovely on me and she is always very honest. The thing is I would wear it with leggings/opaques and a cardigan with pumps or boots.

On Monday I popped to TJ Hughes and brought some St Moritz fake tan which is only £2.99. Its good and very much like St Tropez. I also popped into Matalan and brought these earrings which were reduced to £2.00. I like them as I always wear my hair down and earrings don't tend to show up on me but these definitely do.

This afternoon I have my hospital appointment, this is just an initial assessment appointment and I will know more after this.

Have a nice day everyone