Saturday, 26 February 2011

Republic order


I was browsing online today and noticed that Republic have added loads more dresses to their sale.

They never actually make a point of advertising this on the website though so people don't realise they are there.

I love Miso dresses they are always very feminine so I ordered these two dresses which were both reduced to £10.

This dress I have loved for a while I find the shirred waist on these dresses flattering for my figure. I did not want to pay £26.99 for it, much better at £10.00

and this dress was originally £39.99. I love the look of but I don't think its going to fit me on the bust area because of my rather large chest! I wish sometimes they were smaller...arghh!

I am so annoyed I got paid today and I am not happy, for some reason my salary is down by £250.00 from what I usually take home! I checked my tax code online and it works out the correct monthly salary as I usually get so I don't know whats happened and I am really worried. Problem is I cannot contact my payroll department or the tax office as its the weekend so now I am going to spend all night and tomorrow worrying about it.

Tonight we are staying in, we went to Asda and brought those create your own pizza's which are such good value at only 2 10" inch pizza's for £4.00. I am going to watch Take me Out, I love that show.

What are you up to this weekend?


Thursday, 24 February 2011

Polka dot Outfit of the day & a couple of buys


Firstly this is my outfit for today

Close up of the ruffle

Polka dot Dress - Primark
Tan Belt - Primark
Tan Bomber Jacket - H&M
Tan Boots - New Look

Today I had to pop out to the bank for hubby and there is a Peacocks right next door so I always end up going in there!

They still had quite a few things in the sale and I brought these shoes for a whole fiver they are like an off grey/brown colour. I love the colour and style and they are ideal for work.

I am a bit strange in the fact that I hate black shoes so I never wear them to work. I only own one pair of black shoes which are very high heels. I just find them very bland and boring, for me anyway.
I also hate black shoes with blue denim but thats my personal opinion.

I also brought these cute little grips I think these will be worn a lot especially the navy polka dot ones which look cute against my dark locks and I will wear the floral one quite a lot too...very cute.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My mind has been made up for me...........

Firstly I want to say a big thankyou for all your kind comments. Today I received news from my current job which has made up my mind for me. Basically we are getting made redundant its so lucky that I had not handed my notice in because I have been at the company for about 9 years so I should get a good redundancy payment. Therefore I will have to decline the job I have been offered unless they are willing to wait until June which I dont think they will.

I am not too worried though the redundancy pay will be great as we have loads of work to do on our house plus I need a new car so this will come in handy
I may even treat myself to a nice handbag, nothing too expensive but something a bit special.

I am sure I will find another job and if the worse comes to the worse I will go temping.

I am just waiting for it in writing.
I could have applied for another job in the company but to be honest the job made me ill so I want to start again and do something else.

I am determined I want to get a job as a medical secretary so I will just keep applying.

Changing the subject I have a new food addiction, if you like rice pudding you will love these you can eat them hot or cold and they are not too high in fat. The apple one is the best it takes like apple crumble. They are ideal for a quick snack.

They are on offer at the moment at 3 for £1.00 in Tesco and Spar. I have been stocking up. I have not ate them cold but they are so nice when heated in the microwave.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

At a crossroads in my life!

Hello lovelies
Sorry I have not been commenting much on peoples blogs lately but I have been a bit distracted of late, there are a lot of things going on in my life at the moment that I need to think about.

I have actually been offered a new job as a medical secretary, which is great as its a job I have wanted for ages, but everything is up in the air at the moment with my current job and I need to get a few things sorted first. It has given me confidence as I had to do tests to get this role and they had lots of candidates so I am quite chuffed about it.

Do you ever get that feeling when you just don't know which way to turn for the best? I feel like that right now and I am struggling to make decisions! I wish I just had a crystal ball that could tell me which way to go for the best.

Anyway onto easier things to think about. I have been browsing the New Look website and I so want these two bags.

The 1st one is so lovely close up it has like a scalloped egding and I love the colour but I want a bag I can put over my shoulder as hand held ones are just so annoying when you are shopping etc. I am unsure if the handle is long enough for that.

Also I love these two bags just for casual but I cannot decide which one I like best although I think the coral one is appealing to me more. They are both so pretty.

I will catch up on peoples blogs today and tomorrow



Friday, 18 February 2011

ASOS dress love

I have been browsing the ASOS website and I have decided I want all these dresses, only I should be saving money. I get a bonus at the end of March so I may treat myself to one or two of them if they are still in stock.
I also need to get my car repaired too and I know which needs to come first!

Just to let you know on cans and bottles of Diet Coke they have printed a code and you just need to enter the code onto the following website to win various amounts from £10, £20 or £100 to spend at ASOS. I had one the other day it was for £5 off a £20 shop.

French Connection Romany Rose Dress - £50.00

Once Upon A Time Ava Dress - £40.00

ASOS Pretty Embroidered Shift Dress - £45.00

Lipsy Embellished Shoulder Low Neck Split Sleeve Dress - £55.00

Lipsy Crochet Lace Bib Butterfly Dress - £50.00

My favourites are the Romany Rose dress, Embroidered shift dress and the Ava dress but to be honest I love them all.

Which is your favourite?



A question and a tag

Hi everyone!

To start with I have a question to anyone that knows how to sew! How hard is it to sew a concealed zip in a dress without a sewing machine?
I have sewn zips in skirts but they are a bit easier than a dress.

The reason I ask is I have this dress from ASOS I brought it 2 years ago and I love it but the zip has broken. I have enquired with a couple of companies to find out how much it would cost to get a new zip put in and the cheapest I have been quoted is £17.99! To be honest the dress only cost £26.99. But I don't think I would get another dress like it!

I suppose I have to work out whether its worth paying £17.99 or not!

Anyone onto the tag, this is another set of getting to know you questions

So here are the questions and answers:

1. Are you named after anyone?
Well sort of, my name was going to be Jane originally as my sister called Jane died of cot death a few years before I was born but instead my parents used Jane as part of my name as they thought it would be wrong to call me Jane.

2. When was the last time you cried?
Actually I am having tears now as there is a little boy on Jeremy Kyle who was born facially disfigured. Also he has been bullied. People are so evil! I cry a lot (I am a very emotional person) especially at things like Crimewatch when they have little old ladies being beaten up or robbed.

3. Do you have kids?
No, and time is getting on for me. Not sure if we will have any children.

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

I think so because I am loyal and I think I am a good friend. I am very friendly and a lot of people say when they meet me they feel such warmth which is extremely flattering.
My driving instructor told me if you cut me open my heart would be made of blancmange lol! I thought it was rather sweet.

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
No, I usually hate sarcasm but I suppose I must be guilty of it sometimes.

6. Will you ever Bungee-Jump?
No, I am a scaredy cat. I don't like heights anyway.

7. What is your favorite cereal?
I just brought this cereal thats new out and its so delicious I am addicted to it. Luckily it has been on offer at a local Spar for £1.00 so I brought a few boxes.

8. What is the first thing you notice about people?
The first thing I tend to notice about people is generally their smile. Then in this order eyes, skin and hair.

9. What is your eye colour?

10. Scary Movies or happy endings?
Happy Endings

11. favorite smells?
My cat, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Strawberry from the Body Shop, hot chocolate chip cookies, just baked bread and books.

12. Summer or winter?
Summer. I love the light nights and warm sunny days

13. Computer or television?
Computer, as I can always watch TV on the computer if I wanted to!

14. Whats the furthest you have been from home?

15. Do you have any special talents?
I can dance!

16. Where were you born?
In a little place in Kent

17. What are your hobbies?
Shopping, blogging, reading, watching tv, dancing, aerobics

18. Do you have any pets?
yes my little baby...Thomas the tom cat.

19. Favorite movie?
Loads, I love Muriels Wedding probably one of my faves but I have loads of favourite movies.

20. Do you have any siblings?
I have one sister and one brother.

21. What do you wanna be when you grow up?
Well I am grown up and I am still not sure!

I tag anyone who wants to do this!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Another sale purchase & a couple of discount codes


Whilst I was out today I brought this top for £3.00 in the Peacocks sale. I will wear it with a cream cami under as its rather sheer.

Just to let you know if you buy a can of diet coke they have £5.00 off a £20.00 shop at ASOS not sure when the dates are from and to and also if you shop at New Look online use code AFFTREAT this weekend to get 20% off.


Monday, 14 February 2011

Small haulage

Hello fellow bloggers

Did you all have a nice valentines day?

My hubby brought me a gorgeous card and box of my favourite chocolates. To be honest usually we only get each other cards. I do feel Valentines Day is just commercial exploitation to get people to spend money. You should be able to show you love someone all the year through not just one day. Sorry to sound so grouchy!!

I went into Primark yesterday as I took back a top I brought a while ago and the heart stripe jumper (from a previous post) as I when I went to put it on I noticed a small tear in it..! They did not have anymore of them so I exchanged them for two fabulous dresses.

This black spotty dress, this is extremely flattering and I love the top half with the ruffles.

This black ponte style dress for only £11, its the best quality dress I have ever brought in Primark, its similar to the ones ASOS sell for £30 or £40, its like thick stretchy ponte material sort of skater style. I will do an outfit post with this sometime soon.

I also had £5.00 on a gift card from Dorothy Perkins but did not want to spend much. These pumps caught my eye at and only a fiver how could I refuse.

Lastly I went into Body Shop as I managed to get the Sunday Telegraphs £5.00 voucher and I got this Pomegranate & Raspberry Body, Linen and Room spray which was £6.00 so I only had to pay a £1.00 for it.

Its a lovely fruity fragrance.


Sunday, 13 February 2011


Last night we went to Bella Italia restaurant with Mike's brother and his fiancee. Its only local and Mike's brothers fiancee does not really dress up she is more of a t-shirt and jeans girl so I wore the following:

Floral Dress - Club L via ASOS
Tan Belt - Primark
Black leggings - H&M
Tan Boots - New Look
Pink Cardigan - New Look

I also curled my hair with my new curling tongs and consdidering they were only £11 in Boots they are really good. I had a really lovely wavy curl and my hair looked really glam.

It was a really good night and after we went back for drinks at their house.


Saturday, 12 February 2011

Hooray hooray holi holiday....

the weather is gorgeous here its so sunny and slightly warm.
It really does lift your spirits when its sunny..I actually feel happier.

Me and OH went out today and booked our holiday...yipee

and Thomas Cook matched the online prices which was really good. We are off to Tenerife in July...I cannot wait.
Now I really have to try and get my bikini body.

A while ago I cut out all junk food but have been slowly re-introducing it in very small amounts. I have not noticed that much difference but once I get my car fixed I will be back at the gym.

I also popped into Superdrug and picked up the free Barry M make up kit. The voucher is in today's Sun newspaper.

I tried the lipgloss I love the colour BUT it takes like soap! yuck, that has put me off. The nail varnish is a gorgeous colour.

Thomas sleeps on the bed with us most nights and this morning he just looked so always so I took some photos of him.

Just to let you know Toby has been back at my inlaws (long story and I did post about it in my previous post but somehow deleted the post!!!) anyway my inlaws rang the vets to book in his castration and 10 mins later the phone rang and it was the vets saying someone had been searching for him! Anyway after a lot of checking that it is the right cat the rightful owner came over and picked him up. Apparently he is 7 months old and has a sister who he has got pregnant (at 7 months old) the women seemed very irresponsible. My inlaws said she was very dippy and she had told them that he runs off a lot and has even gotten into peoples cars before! I am not happy he has gone back with her I am worried for him. I personally think he will end up back at our house again very soon!

I think there should be laws in place for people owning pets.

My inlaws are upset at losing Toby but they have now decided to go to the Cats home and rehome an older cat.

Tonight we are going out for a meal with Mike's brother and his fiancee. We are only going to a local italian so I have my outfit planned and I will do an outfit post tomorrow showing you what I wore. I should do more of these as I love seeing them on other peoples blogs.

What are your plans for the weekend?


Friday, 11 February 2011

Pink to make the boys wink!

Hello everyone

I had to pop to a hospital appointment yesterday so I popped into a few shops and brought a few items which mainly happened to be pink (my favourite colour of course). I got this lovely cardigan in New Look, the photo does not do it justice as the colour is gorgeous and I love the ruffled bottom.

In Primark I brought this lovely tan belt

Pretty pink accessories

Dusky pink vest

I also brought a plain cream rug in Primark which was £7.00 but when I got to the till they charged me £3.00. Its a lovely rug and you would not think it was from Primark.

I received the lace waistcoat yesterday from New Look and its so lovely. I will try and do some outfit posts with this at some stage.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Day 11 - A photo of your favourite films

Like most people there are literally lots of films I love so its been hard whittling them down but these are my favourites.

Muriel's Weddings

This film makes me laugh and cry its got to be one of the best films ever.

Meet the Fockers

Just the most funniest film. I love Barbara Streisand and Dustin Hoffman's characters...just brilliant.

Pearl Harbour

I love romance I am an old fashioned gal so I loved this film. I really want to visit Pearl Harbour.

How to lose a guy in 10 days

The perfect romantic comedy!

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Another great film. I am not a fan of Hugh Grant but this has an amazing cast and brilliant acting.


I never fancied Keanu Reeves, although he looks hot in this film but I fell in love with his character I do love a hero! I also really like Sandra Bullock.

I may do some outfit posts over the next few days so have a look out for these!


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Day 10 - A photo of you as a baby or as a kid

This is me I am the one with the long legs and red shoes on, I loved fashion even back then and adored those shoes! Its funny that I have long legs when I am only 5st 3ins! Not sure where this was taken but that garden looks awful ha ha

I added this one too as I love this photo its one of my faves I look such a chubby little thing!

Just to keep you updated there has been no news on the Toby front! My inlaws have been knocking on people's doors asking if they have seen him, but no luck. I have not stopped thinking about him.

Also there is a fabulous giveaway here


Saturday, 5 February 2011

Swindon haul


Yesterday I went to Swindon to visit a friend, we had lunch at the Wetherspoons followed by Chocolate fudge cake and ice cream and we did a bit of retail therapy.

I brought some things in Primark as usual

I love this jumper its so cute

This bag looks more expensive

White Cardigan


Basic flared tunic

Lace cami top

Basic longline navy top

In New Look I brought these jeggings

and this floral belt

Close up of the pretty print

In New Look I tried this lace waistcoat on which was £11.99 and I fell in love wih it but they only had one in my size and it had a massive mark on it. When I got home I looked on Ebay and brought the exact same one for £5.99. Its brand new with tags! Its so ornate and pretty, ideal for summer.