Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Thomas - where are you?

Oh there you are!!!

He has been out in the snow but he makes me laugh as he hates walking on the snow, well you can hardly blame him! He literally runs across the snow so fast as if something is chasing him! Mind you he looks totally gorgeous against the white backdrop.

How have your pets been coping with this snowy weather?

Sunday, 28 November 2010

My coat saga and a couple of buys!

Well as you know last week I brought the camel coat from New Look which was in my previous post. I wore it Monday to work and had a few compliments about it but when I got home that night I noticed that one of the buttons had fell off so as there was a spare one I sewed that on...sorted or so I thought!

Tuesday I wore said coat again and as I put it on another button fell off in my hand and then another fell off!!! Don't get me wrong it was only £35 so you do get what you pay for but still I don't think this should happen. Plus I noticed that after wearing it once the material looked in bad condition. Yesterday I took it back to New Look and they gave me a refund and I decided to have a browse around and ended up buying another coat in H&M.

I brought this red military style coat which fits really well and red does really suit me. It was more expensive at £50.00 but its a much nicer coat and the material is really nice.
I think the photo makes it look cheap but its a much nicer red in reality.

I also took back the H&M pink ribbed knitted tunic as after trying it on again I decided I was not as keen so therefore I exchanged it for this longline pink tunic from H&M which fits so much nicer. It is long enough to wear as a dress with tights or wear it over jeggings/leggings. I also love the colour too.

Then I brought this purple headband from Primark, this is to wear with the purple dress below for my works black tie christmas party.

This is so flattering.

I love the frill under the skirt it looks such a pretty dress.


ASOS Competition Entry

A few fashion bloggers have been asked if they are interested in £100 worth of ASOS vouchers. To enter you have to create an outfit for £100. So here is my outfit. I love ASOS so there was loads of things to choose from.

ASOS Bow Shoulder Chiffon Baby Doll Dress Blue Velvet

ASOS POCKET Lace Court Shoe

ASOS Twist Lock Pleated Clutch

ASOS Stone Set Heart Stud Earrings

Check out all the ASOS discount codes using this fab website before you order

Monday, 22 November 2010

OOTD (last Monday)

Its a bit late but just a quick outfit post from last Monday.

Camel Pea Coat - New Look

Ditsy Dress - Miss Selfridge

Black Opaques - Primark

Tan Boots - Primark


Saturday, 20 November 2010

Birmingham haulage (photo heavy)

My friend came up Friday night and we had a girly gossip and catch up.

She brought me this gorgeous Fiorelli bag for my birthday which I absolutely adore and this Body Shop set...I love the Japanese Cherry Blossom!

We had a fabulous time in Birmingham yesterday.

I brought a few items using money I was given for my birthday:

These are my buys:

Republic - Miso daisy Dress


Cream knit Dress - this is so flattering....I love it.

This is the bottom part up close

Pink ribbed knitted tunic - this is also really flattering, its very stretchy and looks great with jeggings/leggings.

New Look

Camel Pea style coat

Ditsy floral purse

Pearl dangly earrings


Navy blue dress - this is also really flattering I am going to wear it to work with a long sleeved top or fitted shirt under, opaque tights and heels/boots.

Red pumps - I love these the colour is gorgeous

Floral bag - this was £3.00 in the sale.

Nail varnish set (this is part of a xmas present for another friend)

My friend and I went to Jamie Olivers new restaurant in the Bullring. The service was great and the food was gorgeous. It opened at 12 so we got there for 10 mins to 12 as we were starving and there was a queue already forming.

This is a photo of my lovely friend on the balcony (sorry its not great quality) but you can see the queue outside!



Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Another OOTD and your opinions needed!

Oooh get me doing another outfit post when usually I don't do many of these. The reason I don't do many of them is that I am so darn fussy about the way I look that its hard finding photos I actually like.

Navy Blue Dress - Apricot
Navy Blue Cardigan - Primark
Black opaques - Primark
Tan Boots - New Look
Tan Skinny Belt - Primark

What are your opinions on this outfit, do you think the skinny belt looks best with it? Does the dress work well worn like this?
I would love your opinions


Monday, 15 November 2010

Clarks Village outlet shopping

Hello lovelies

Mike and I had the day off today so we went to Clarks Village in Somerset.

I wore my cream knitted dress, with cream long sleeved top under, dark blue jeggings and tan boots.

If you have never been there before this is one of those designer outlet places. We had such a fab day we had lunch in an oldie style village pub which was lovely and I had Melt in the middle hot chocolate pudding with chocolate ice cream for dessert.... yummy.

Michael brought me this bag from Fiorelli. I love the daisies and the design.

I brought 4 bras in La Senza for £10 as they were £5.00 each and buy one get one free, they are gorgeous bras especially the first two but they were just end of stock so thats why they were so cheap.

Have you been watching I'm a Celebrity?? I must admit I am finding Gillian McKeith very annoying and she is one strange lady.

Its early days but I am really liking Kayla at the moment she seems so sweet and Stacey also seems very sweet too.
Sheryl seems really nice and Linford is funny.

I could never ever go on this show I am so jumpy and I would not even be able to sleep one night in there. I am such a wimp!

I am so looking forward to the weekend as my friend is coming up Friday night and we are going to Birmingham on Saturday.


Saturday, 13 November 2010

OOTN & a couple birthday presents!


Last night Michael and I went to a birthday party with Mike's brother and his fiancee.
This is my outfit:

Navy Blue ruffle front dress - H&M
Grey patent skinny belt - Primark
Grey Patent heels - Matalan
Necklace & earrings from New Look

Well I had a nice birthday although I had to work.
I had mainly money and vouchers.

I got brought this dress by my mum from a shop called Apricot, it looks lovely on and a lot better than the photo, my parents also gave me some money too.

I had vouchers from my work colleagues and one friend brought me this bag from H&M which I love.

Yesterday Mike went to watch his beloved football team and I popped out to some local shops being Matalan, Next Clearance and TJ Hughes.
I did not buy anything though just had a little browse. I am not a big fan of Next at all and the clearance shop is even worse but they do have the occasional bargain.

Today Mike is off to watch rugby with his brother so I am going to have a lazy day and maybe do some housework and have a clear out. I am also going to catch up on everyones blogs.

Tomorrow Mike and I both have the day off and Mike is taking me out shopping for my birthday.

Before I forget I will be doing my giveaway but I need to get a couple more items before I do it, therefore its a bit delayed!

Well I am off now to observe the two minutes silence for Remembrance Sunday. My thoughts are with all the guys and girls who were injured or have lost their lives fighting in wars. And also to the guys and girls still fighting a war.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Remembrance Day

We shall never forget.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Friday, 5 November 2010

OOTD & New Look purchases!

Hello everyone

Hope everyone had a great bonfire night, I am not keen on fireworks to be honest however they look great in a proper display.

Thomas was really scared last night plus he has a cold at the moment, the poor little mite hid under the bed, he feels safe there. I ended up taking his food up to him as he was under there for hours.

I don't know if any of you receive the New Look free magazine but at the back they have some money off vouchers. They had one for £10 off a £40.00 shop, I popped into New Look on Friday and ended up buying a few things:

Cream Fairisle knitted dress which I plan to wear how the girl is wearing it in the picture but with a cream/white basic top and tan/nude skinny belt.

And I brought another pair of boots. I am a boot-a-holic!

I love these boots they are a great colour and they fit nice and snug to your legs and don't look really wide like some boots!.

Funnily enough they only had one 2 pairs left both in my size, a size 4. Why is it lately I only ever see size 4's left??? I thought that size would be very popular!

The dress had 20% off so that was £17 and the boots were £25.00 and I had £10 off as it was over £40.00. I paid using paypal funds so therefore I did not actually spend any real money!

I also purchased these earrings and necklace on the buy one get one free offer they are so sparkly and pretty, although they don't look as sparkly in the photos.

Yesterday I started the day with a Step class which was very invigorating.

I got home and hubby took me out to the local shopping mall, we ended up stopping in Pizza Hut for lunch. This is what I wore:

Cream Lace Dress - New Look
Leggings - Next
Tan Boots - New Look
Long navy cardi - Primark
Tan Belt - Primark

Whilst there I could not resist popping into Republic as they have 25% off everything today and tomorrow and I purchased this pink corsage handbag for my friend as its her 30th birthday today.

She is in Thailand at the moment with her boyfriend and is due back today. She lives a few miles from me so I won't be seeing her until 2 weeks time when she will be coming to mine for a girlie night in and I will be cooking a pasta dish, I am also going to make her a special chocolate brownie. The next day we are going to Birmingham to go shopping! Luckily she does not read my blog so any surprises won't be spoilt!

I will probably get her some jewellery to go with it.

Its my birthday on Wednesday which is when I shall blog about my little giveaway.

Just to let you you all know regarding the Simply Spray dye I purchased a while ago, I will just say its brilliant stuffl I used it to dye the dress and the only downside is that there is not much in the actual bottle so you may need 2 bottles but it really does work and its so easy to use. I will be purchasing another bottle.


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

OOTD and £3.00 Miracle Tights

This is the outfit I wore today. I am sorry I don't take great photos but I think it looked a lot better in reality!

Ditsy Dress - Miss Selfridge

Black Opaques - Primark

Tan Boots - New Look

Purple waist belt - Primark

Purple Bracelet - little shop in St Ives (which you cannot see)

Purple Earrings and necklace - Primark

I really do wonder how you lovely bloggers get such great outfit photos!
Also I have to tell you about the opaque tights I am wearing.

I popped into Primark yesterday as I wanted some 100 denier opaques and as I was browsing the tights section I saw these which are the bodyshaper ones!

They are £3.00 so I thought well I will try as I just thought they would be like normal opaques anyway.

This morning I put them on and oh my god they really work.

I have always had slim legs anyway but I am not too keen on my thighs even though people always say they are slim I am not keen. I am definitely going to buy another pair.

They also flatten your tummy slightly. I have'nt got a massive tummy but its not a completely flat stomach, these tights do flatten it slightly.

I think they also had them in other deniers.