Saturday, 30 October 2010

Bargain of the Week!

I just brought this Miss Selfridge dress which was originally £49.00 for only £3.00! Luckily they had one size 10 left. I always find I can get a 10 in Miss Selfridge but I am more of a 10-12.

We are going out in a few weeks time with my friend and her fella and I may wear it then.


Those boots are made for walking.........

Hello everyone

I went shopping today and these are my buys:

Primark tan boots - these look really nice in reality and a lot better than the price tag!

This top (also got another in white)

Grey waist belt

In New Look I brought this dress in the sale (it does look a bit like a nightdress in the photo but I really like it). I am a bit of a nightmare I like wearing summer things in winter but with cardi's and boots! This looks fab with leggings and a waist belt.

New Look have all their accessories and jewellery as buy one get one free, I brought these hairslides and earrings.

In the week I popped into Boots and purchased these:

Natural Collection cream blush in Rosy Pink (I tried this for the 1st time the other day and its lovely)

Natural Collection lipstick in Sorbet (my favourite lipstick)

Collection 2000 eyeshadow in Charcoal Glitz (always wear this)

Rimmell Dark Brown eye brow liner

Elvive serum ( this is brilliant stuff it leaves your hair really shiny and smooth
this was buy one get one free

Nivea make up wipes (I don't know what I would do without these)

Carex Hand wash gel ( I use this all the time)

Last week I had my hair trimmed and I had a sweeping fringe cut in, its a bit like Catherine Zeta Jones is this picture.
I love her hair and she is just so beautiful.

I will put a picture up if I can get one I actually like!

My lovely husband has just popped to the local shops to get lottery tickets and he has brought me this back!!! I have been healthy eating all week. It was sweet of him but now I am so tempted to eat it........!

Don't forget my little birthday giveaway which I shall be doing in a couple of weeks. It will only be a small giveway but a giveaway at that.

Lisa-Jane xx

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Regenerating faded clothing!

I don't know about anyone else but I have a couple of items of black clothing that have faded that I wish to wear again but I feel they don't look their best.

To try and combat this I purchased some Simplyspray from Ebay and I received it today.

Simplyspray is a permanent non toxic spray dye for clothing which is designed to regenerate faded black clothing. Its also safe for the environment.

This weekend I am going to try this out and I will do a review of this for anyone that may be interested.

There are two items I plan to spray:

This Miss Selfridge dress which I adore as I love the broderie anglais detail, I am a bit unsure if it will work on this but I will try a very small patch first. It does not look that faded in the photo but it is!

and this Dorothy Perkins skirt which has ruffles at the back. This is a lovely skirt so I cannot wait to be able to wear it again. This is only a very light pinstripe so I think it will work on this.

Fingers crossed it works.


Sunday, 24 October 2010

Oatso Simple, Bargain tops & last nights TV.

Well I have been cutting out junk food for a few days now and feel a bit better for it.

I love having breakfast but felt I never had time in the week so therefore I was grabbing a bar of chocolate on my way to bad is that!

To try and change this I brought a box of Oatso Simple Golden Syrup.

They basically come in separate sachets and you just empty a sachet into a bowl and add one cup of milk, you then put in the microwave for 2 minutes and voila!

They taste lovely and its so filling, it means I am not snacking on rubbish.

They are quite low fat and you do not need to add any sugar as the golden syrup ones are sweet enough. They are probably loaded with sugar but I still feel its better than snacking on chocolate bars and it does fill me up.

This week I brought a Topshop tunic from Ebay.

Got this for £5.00 including postage. I do love Topshop but I have to admit I do think their clothing is overpriced and people will pay it as its 'Topshop' which annoys me slightly. I admit their stuff is better than Primark but still not worth the prices they charge!

I also managed to pick up this cream knitted dress from Primark, it said £10.00 on the price tag but when I got to the till it was only £5.00. I wore it the other day and was amazed how it kept its shape for £5.00. Its funny but it looks shapeless in the photo but its actually quite fitted and its really warm and snuggly.

Yesterday I did some 'charity work' as my mother in law has been doing fayre/car boot/jumble sales for about 35 years to raise money for a Diabetic charity. My OH's brother has been diabetic from childhood. Yesterday she had a jumble sale so I went along to help. Whilst I was there I managed to pick up this top for 20p and another couple of basic style tops for 20p each.

Sometimes they have some great finds but I must admit this one was not as good as others I have been to.

I don't know what happened but my previous post regarding the fake fur coats has been deleted and I am not sure how to get it back! strange

Last night we stayed in and watched Strictly Come Dancing and I think I have a small crush on the lovely Matt Baker, he comes across as very charming and has a nice body plus he seems like a nice guy. His dance partner Aliona is absolutely gorgeous her body is fantastic.

I have been watching the X Factor but to be honest its starting to grate on me.
I used to love Cheryle Cole but now the whole' nations sweetheart' thing is annoying me seen as she was charged with assault..... hardly a sweetheart!
And also when she comments on the acts I think to myself she is hardly talented.

I really like John, Aiden and Matt though and Mary is brilliant. I think Belle Amie are pretty and I think Rachel is good. Last night I watched parts of it but I would rather watch Brit Cops Rapid Response which was on Channel One.....!

Anyway have a lovely weekend for whats left of it.


Monday, 18 October 2010

Photos: Ankle boots with pencil skirt

Thanks for all your comments on my previous post.

It was a mixture of opinoins some saying it would look fine and others saying it may not so therefore I have posted some photos of the look...what do you think? yay or nay??

Please excuse my fatness at the moment. I have started cutting down today and its going ok so far, I really hope to lose a stone.
I am aiming for 2lbs a week by just cutting out junk food etc so hopefully soon you will see a slimline me!

I think thats what put me off doing the outfit posts at the moment but hopefully that will change soon!

Monday, 11 October 2010

I have been tagged!

I have been tagged by the lovely Thank you

Here goes:

What's your favourite fashion accessory?

hmm I'd say hair accessories this is my latest buy its really pretty.

Who's your fashion role model?

Kelly Brook or Pixie Lott both in different ways. Kelly because I love her ladylike glamour. Pixie because I love the girliness and funkiness (are they actual words!!!) of her outfits.

How would you describe your style?

I think I would say very feminine and pretty.
I love girlie stuff like bows and butterflies etc and I love dresses they are my favourite item of clothing.
I don't think I am a fashion victim, I like the latest styles but if something did not suit me I would not wear it whether is was really in or not!

What's your favourite? Jeans, sunglasses or heels?

ooooh thats hard I love all three! I love skinny jeans and jeggings and I love heels for work and evenings out. I really cannot choose!

Who are your favourite designers?

I am not into designer clothes because I think you can get things as good on the high street. Also I could never afford designer! Even if I was mega rich I still don't think I would buy designer clothing. However, I do like Dior, its very feminine and as you all know I love femininity.

Who or what inspires your style?

Not one person really. I get inspiration from fashion magazines and also from girls in the street plus looking at peoples blogs lol!

Would you choose to buy something high quality or make it yourself if you could?
I can sew and I know how to put a zip in something but I don't know if I could actually make something. I wish I was that talented.

I tag all these lovely bloggers:

Friday, 8 October 2010

75 Followers - thank you!

OMG I never believed I would ever get 75 followers.

Thank you to all of you lovely people who read my blog I am so so grateful.

Just to say its my birthday next month and to celebrate that I am going to be doing a teeny tiny giveaway for my followers so look out for this.

I am so glad its the weekend I really am tired. I am going out tomorrow night with my OH, his brother and his girlfriend for a meal.

Have a lovely weekend everyone


Sunday, 3 October 2010

Fashion loves and loathes


1) Dresses - I love them they are so feminine and can be so easily accessorized.

2) Boots - Flat boots, heeled boots, cowboy boots you name them I love boots.

3) Jeggings/Leggings/Skinny jeans - these are so versatile and great worn with tunics/dresses.

4) Longline knits- I just feel warm and snuggly in these and they looks stylish.

5) Fake Fur - I have a fake fur jacket I brought a few years ago from Miss Selfridge and whenever I wear it I get compliments. I always feel ultra glam in it. I detest real fur though and it makes me mad that an animal suffers for a coat. Sorry it looks better on the animal.

6) Waist belts - whether they are skinny or wide I love them as they flatter my figure.

7) Hair Accessories - I love wearing pretty hair slides.

8) Florals - very feminine

9) Bows - cute and girly


1) Denim skirts - I hate them! Sorry if anyone loves them but I think they look cheap and chavvy. I agree they can look ok with leggings or opaques but otherwise they just look tarty.

2) Harem pants - they are just ridiculous. I saw a girl in them the other day and she must have been a size 6 but they still looked awful.

3) Trousers - men wear them! I only have one pair of trousers which are from Topshop and I hardly every wear them, in fact I have not worn them for about 2 years! I hate them on women they remind me of 1990's.

4) Trainers - I have one pair of trainers which I wear for the gym ONLY. I feel they are just so manly and not feminine at all.

5) T-shirts with rude logos - I saw one a while back that said 'if you think I am a bitch you should see my mother' oh so classy!!!

6) Lounge Dresses - Maybe ok for the house but should never be worn outside.

7) Tunic with skirts attached - These are just yuck...sorry!

What are your fashion loves and loathes??

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Mahoosive haul (photo heavy)

Firstly I just want to say thank you for all your comments regarding my previous post that was very kind of you. I think in time it will get better but certain things bring back terrible memories.

As I said before I went to Swindon yesterday to see a friend it was so great to catch up with her. I ended up not spending that much but getting quite a lot!

Here goes:


I brought this dress in the week and I think its gorgeous.

My friend had a voucher for 40% off at Peacocks as her boyfriend knows someone who works for them. Therefore I brought these two tops in the sale at silly prices and these butterfly warm pj's and really comfy warm slippers.

New Look

Cream lace dress

This is stunning it was £25 reduced to £10 but there was a small fault (which you can hardly see) so I got it for £5.00..!
I love the detail on it.

Floral dress, this is very flattering and the print is gorgeous. It was £29.99 reduced to £10.00, it was in the boutique section.

A close up of the pretty print.

White longline cardi


Purple knit dress

This is the actual colour

Grey handbag

Butterfly necklace

I had such a nice day and it really cheered me up.

I will try and so some outfit posts with these items over the next few weeks.

Lisa-Jane xx