Saturday, 29 May 2010

Another Primark spree

I think I am addicted to Primark! eek

I popped into town yesterday, hubby finished work at 1.30am Saturday morning so he did not want to come into town with me so I left him and Thomas (our cat) to their sleep. It was good really as I spent 3 hours in Primark lol, he would have been moaning!. He's a real mans man and hates shopping with a passion! Anyway I only went into town to get some girlie things, shampoo, conditioner and make up etc and thought I would pop into Primark I did not want too spend too much as I am saving for our holiday but ended up buying a few things..!

Bird Dress

I love love love this dress, its so flattering and will look great summer with pumps or winter with opaques/leggings, boots and a cardi.

Cream lace tunic

This looks so much better on than on the hanger. I would wear a vest top underneath it and a cardi over it. Its looks fab...very feminine and pretty and very me! The photo does not do it justice!

Floral fitted blouse

Ideal for work with with a black pencil skirt and a waist belt.

These earrings (they look a bit Pat Butcher in the photo) but as I have long hair you can only see a small part of them and they look nice.

And last but not least these pretty pumps.

They are a nude/pink but they had them in black and grey too and I wish I had brought the grey also! hmmm might have to go back later in the month.

After I showed Mike my buys (he was so thrilled..not) he always says I look really lovely though! I treated him to lunch out, he was quite tired he really does work such long hours. Its not the same showing guys your buys as they just go 'oh yeah thats nice' but females get more excited...guys just don't understand a female mind! lol

I also received these shoes through the post, I brought them from Sadie blog sale.

They are ideal for work and a bargain price - thanks Sadie xx

And I won a pair of tan boots from Faith on Ebay for the grand sum of 99p..bargain!

I don't know what we are doing over the weeklend but we may go out Monday if the weather is nice.

What are your plans?

My favourite music!

Forget Leona's version this is way better.

The end part of this is amazing!

I really love this song

and this

I also love dance music and I love Chicane.
This song makes me feel so alive.

The intro on this is just the best!

This is mine & Mike's song! We met when this song was a big hit!
Whenever I hear this song it brings back great memories. xx

This reminds me of my family as my parents and my sister, her husband and children live far away!

Great band of the 80's - I love his gruff voice!

I think I like all types of music really quite a diverse lot aren't they!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Sex & the City 2

I cannot wait to see this film.

I loved the 1st movie


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Christina Schmid

I really admire this lady I think she is amazing and so dignified.

I watched Panorama last night where she talked about her husband Staff Sergeant Olaf Schmid who died diffusing a IED in Afghanistan.

It was one of the last IED's he was working on before he was going home.

I don't know how she was so composed and she she just an inspiration to us all.

I think if that was me I would be a crumpled mess.

A beautiful lady inside and out.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

My wishlist items

I had a clearout last week and I am going to ebay some things this weekend. Whilst having the clearout I came across a tunic I brought 2 years ago from Dororhy Perkins its a white broderie anglais one with little ruffle edged sleeves. Its a top that I loved when I brought it and forgot how nice it is. I decided I would wear it today with a tan waist belt, dark denim jeggings and a long pink/nude cardi and long pastel necklace. Its great when you find things you had forgotten about!

Whilst browsing online I have found so many things I am loving at the moment but I am trying not too spend as we are going on holiday in a while plus we need to do some diy on our house! I really should stop browsing!!

I am particularly loving all these items from Miss Selfridge, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins.....arggh I want them all!

I am off top the hairdressers for a trim in an hour. I have really long wavy hair and I am going to have layers put in the front and may have a thicker fringe.
I cannot wait to have it done as I prefer having layers around the front as it really frames the face. I am still going to keep it really long at the back though.

Edit - just got back from the hairdressers and i love my new style its layered at the front and I have a thicker fringe which is more full but slightly parted. I really am happy with it.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Gorgeous Blogger Award

I received the Gorgeous Blogger award from the lovely Kirsty at

Check out her blog its great.

Thank you Kirsty xx

The Gorgeous Blogger Rules are:

Accept and thank the person who gave it to you.
List 10 things about yourself.
List 5 additional things you DON'T like.
Then pick ten people to give this lovely award to.

1. I have horrible toes they are inherited from my dad.
2. I love shopping and its my favourite hobby. I have been known to spend 2 hours in one shop!
3. I love going out with the girls, I am a real girls girl so love a good old gossip.
4. I love all animals.
5. I am addicted to buying dresses and I have loads.
6. I auditioned for Deal or No Deal a few years ago.
7. I got married 5 years ago and had a gorgeous white wedding.
8. I used to live 'up north' and but now live 'down south'.
9. I have really long hair and love long hair, I am never going to have it short!
10. I used to do promotional work and was offered a role in an advert but I could not get the time of work to go to London for the filming! Missed chances!

My 5 dislkes:

1. I hate animal cruelty.
2. I hate being so far apart from my family.
3. I hate people who are rude.
4. I hate ageing!
5. I hate my job.

Ten people I tag for this award are...


Friday, 7 May 2010

Primark mini haul

Its so cold today and windy I almost feel like dressing for winter rather than summer! Please come back warm weather.

Well as I had yesterday off I did what most girls like to do and went shopping. First I Popped into Primark, my local Primark is massive so I spent ages in there!

These are my bargain buys:

Cream Floral tunic, I love the frill around the bust and sleeves

Navy Stripe Crochet Dress ( I am loving crochet)

White Stripe Crochet Dress - this may be going back though, I don't think it looks as nice as the navy one!

White Broderie blouse, this looks a lot better worn than in the photo and looks great with a tan waist belt

Nude/pink court shoes

Black waist belt

I know some people seem to have a bad opinion of Primark but I think the prices are great and I agree they do have some rubbish but they also have a lot of good stuff.

I also brought these hair slides in H&M, I just hope they are not too 'little girlish' but I love the floral material hair slides, they are everywhere at the moment.

And last but definitely not least I brought this bag in Next. I love the colour and the frill around the bottom.

My plans for the weekend are relaxing and I am going to a colleagues wedding (evening only) on Saturday night so that will be nice! I have not even arranged what I am going to wear yet!!!

I also have Monday off work...yipee!

Have a lovely weekend xx

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Can a person shrink?

This is odd but I was chatting with OH the other day about height and he reckons I am shorter than my mum. I think my mum is tiny although she has size 7 feet and I am a size 4.

Anyway I got home and measured myself in inches and converted this using the internet to feet and apparently I am 5ft 1 and a half!

Years ago I am sure I used to be 5ft 4ins then a few months ago I measured myself and I was 5ft 3in and now I am 5ft 1 and a half! Can you really shrink?

I always used to wear heels so maybe thats why I thought I was taller but I notice now I wear ballet pumps a lot that the vast majority of people are taller than me.

Maybe I was fooled by wearing heels! How odd!!!

A few days off work.

I have today, tomorrow and Monday off work as I get a lot of holiday and OH does not have as much as me so I thought I would take a few days off just to potter about while everyone else is at work.

Today I went to my local sports centre and did a Step class, it was great and I feel really energised. I used to do a lot of exercise but as I have been working so much I have just not had time. After going back today it has made me realise I need to go more and so I have decided to start going on the there is really no excuse! I will also be voting later.

Tomorrow I am going shopping, maybe a trip to Primark and the usual shops.

Saturday me and Oh might go out for the day if the weather is nice and Monday I have a docs appointment (so exciting) but I may go to an aerobics class after.
Its just nice not having to rush about and be stressed at work!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Dear John

I really want to see this film!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Girly day!

I had a really nice day today met up with the girls in Swindon and had lunch and then a spot of shopping.

I brought these tan sandals in Primark:

Cream bracelet

Pretty Pink flower hair slides in H&M

One of my friends is going to Indonesia for 3 weeks with another friend and so she brought loads of things for her holiday, it was fun shopping and giving our advice on what she brought but without having to spend the money. I think I would love to be a personal shopper!

Anyway on to hair, I am loving plaits at the moment. I have long hair and I think I am going to be doing various styles involving plaits this summer. I can just about do a french plait, although mine does not look that good but I like the idea of the 'messy side plait' as pictured below. I saw it in a magazine and I think its pretty and as I never usually wear my hair up its a great alternative.

I also love this style but as I have a fringe its probably not for me, would look great on some girls though!.

Anyway have a lovely bank holiday weekend and I will be catching up on everyones blog so may leave you some comments. What do you think of the new blog background?