Saturday, 27 March 2010

Bad news and Good buys

Well what a week!!! I found out that I may not have a job in a year (its a long story) but we may be given jobs within the company or being made redundant!
In a way I feel maybe I need this so that I can re-evaluate what I want to do with my life and maybe its time for a change and I may do something else.

Anyway back to fashion and of course shopping!

To cheer me up I ordered this Broderie Anglais tunic from Dorothy Perkins and got 25% off with the following discount code DPVIPD, if anyone wants to use it. I love broderie anglais, its pretty, very feminine and lovely in summer.

I went shopping yesterday and popped into Dorothy Perkins where I brought these cute daisy hair slides, I am a hair slide fanatic and I am always wearing hair slides or hair bands.

Then to Primark, I seem to be buying loads Primark that bad?

I feel that Primark has some nice clothes at a fraction of the cost of other shops.

I brought the following:

Blue floral mini dress (tried this on today and could be worn with bare legs in summer or over blue or white jeggings) I love it!

Pink Petal sleeves t-shirt

More hairslides

Plus the usual tights and underwear

Also got this dress in New Look (although this may be going back as its a bit see through and I sort of gone off it a bit!!!)

I also ordered some white denim leggings from Next, I am not keen on white leggings but thought the denim ones look better and I shall wear them with longline tunics or mini dresses.

Next weekend I will be doing a small Easter giveaway which is when I will show you the goodies on offer. Keep a look out for this next week xx

Friday, 26 March 2010

Race for Life 2010

Is anyone doing this?

I am taking part this year with a friend. I am doing this for my dad who has prostrate cancer.

Its such a great day too and also very emotional when you see the signs on peoples backs as to why they are doing it.

We are doing the Bristol one in June which is taking place on the picturesque Downs which is such a beautiful part of Bristol.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

H&M Garden Collection - erm what collection???

I popped out today to H&M to have a look at the much talked about new Garden Collection. I was so looking forward to going as I have seen a few things I really wanted to get and I was so very disappointed. They had about 2 items in stock out of the whole collection and it was just shoved on a packed rail.

I think H&M did not merchandise it very well and to only have 2 actual items in out of the whole collection is ridiculous.

In the end I brought this nude/peachy top in H&M ( I am loving peach) which will be great for layering and I love the colour and fit.
This is a size small but it looks a lot bigger in the picture!

I also brought this necklace in Matalan for a whopping £2.40 as it was reduced in the sale.

Also looked for a new LCD tv for the bedroom and I might be getting one next week.

Not doing much tonight, poor Thomas is being harassed by another cat in our street and he has been in yet another fight. The other morning he came home with one of his back paws twice the size of his other paws, so it was off to the vets for him. I think the vet will be going to the caribbean with the amount of money we spend there!

He is currently asleep in the spare him xx

Friday, 12 March 2010

Last week's buys

As promised these are my buys from last Saturday, to be honest I did not spend much and I also got a free pair of boots in Primark! The total amount came to £21 but for some reason the guy on the till only charged me £11..bonus! The boots were originally £18 reduced to £10 and luckily they had only had 1 pair left and they happened to be a size 4.
They look wide in the calves here but irl they are nice fitting.

Pink flats (they are sooo pretty)


and tights

Also I brought these slippers in H&M, the price tag said £3 but when I got to the till they were 50p.
(very girly)

What are you all up to this weekend?


Thursday, 11 March 2010

OMG 41 followers!

I just cannot believe I have 41 followers as when I started this blog I wondered if I would get any lol.

Having said that I am doing a small giveaway in a few weeks time I will let you all know when and what I am giving away.

Thank you to you all for being interested in my ramblings.

I have still not posted my buys from last weekend yet but I will eventually get around to doing this by the weekend! I have been so busy at work.


Sunday, 7 March 2010

20 questions tag

I had a brilliant day on Saturday, went to Swindon to meet a friend and then went shopping and back to her house where she cooked pasta and pizza. It was such a brilliant day. I brought a few bits which I will post later in the week.

I saw this on the lovely blog and thought I would do it.

1. What can't you leave the house without? My purse, make up, keys and phone.

2. Favourite makeup brand? MAC and Body Shop

3. Favourite flower? Tulips

4. Favourite clothing store? Zara, Mango, Primark, Republic and H&M.

5. Favourite perfume? I prefer Body Shop perfume oils but I also love J-lo's Glow

6. Heels or flats? Well I am only 5ft 2 and a half so heels are great. I love the way your legs look in heels but I also equally love flats as I really like being short ( I know thats odd) but it makes me feel cute lol

7. Do you make good grades? No! I wish I had done better.

8. Favourite colours? Pink and Cream

9. Do you drink energy drinks? No, I think its a con!

10. Do you drink juice? Yeah I love it esp pineapple juice, its so sweet lol

11. Do you like swimming? No I cannot swim and nearly drowned as a child. I wish I could swim and I have thought about having lessons.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork? yes

13. Favourite moisturiser? The Body Shop's Vitamin E and the Anti-ageing one.

14. Do you want to get married? I am married!

15. Do you get mad easy? No, I am really soft, I am also extremely emotional and sensitive but tend to cry rather than be aggressive.

16. Are you into ghost hunting? No but I am sure I saw a ghost once of an old lady..its a long story! It did'nt frighten me, she looked so nice and had rosy red cheeks.

17. Any phobias? Claustrophobia....I hate confined spaces and I have to sit near the exit in a cinema or theatre. I also have a fear of water. I often have dreams about being stuck with water all around me and no way out. Maybe they are trying to tell me something!

18. Do you bite your nails? Never

19. Have you ever had a near death experience? Yeah when I nearly drowned in a swimming pool and a lifeguard had to jump in and rescue me I was only young and I can still remember how it felt being under water and not being able to breathe...truly terrifying!

20. Do you drink coffee? Yes but it has to be very milky and mild.

Friday, 5 March 2010

H&M Bargain dress and Thomas update

Thomas had 1 tooth out yesterday and he is ok, he was a bit dozy last night after the anaestetic but I am so glad he is ok! The vetinary nurse fell in love with him, she said he is so handsome!

I had the day off today as I had a hospital appointment and I popped into a few shops after and I got a bargain in H&M!

This navy blue dress for only....wait for it £7.99!

My mirror is sooo dirty!!!
Its so pretty and looks better than in the actual picture.
Ignore the close up pic it makes me and my bust look massive but it was just to show you the pretty ruffles. They also had it in bright red..I wish I had got that one too now for that price. I think the navy one would look great wih red high heels.

Also here is a pics of me in the Primark floral dress.

I cannot wait for summer.

I am going to Swindon tomrorow to see a friend and shopping.
What are your plans for the weekend?