Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Online orders and a few sale buys

I have had to go to hospital today, basically I have a cyst on my back near my neck which I have had for years. Anyway suddenly it has got a lot larger and has become infected therefore OH had to take me to my local outpatients today as I hardly slept last night as its making my neck ache. The nurse looked at it and then called a doctor who has prescribed me antibiotics. Its right near a nerve so its very painful. The doctor advised I will probably need to have it removed. I assumed a nurse would do that but apparently it means I would have to go to hospital for an operation! Oh well the sooner its gone the better as its really painful and itchy. I have an appointment with my doctor on Wednesday.

Anyway back to nicer things, these are my recent orders buys:

This dress from Miss Selfridge which has lycra in so should be a nice fit.

Also I have never been that keen on Next as I always think their stock looks a bit mumsy but looking at the new Spring/Summer stuff I have ordered the following:

Leopard pumps (not keen on animal print on humans but I do love these)

Nautical denim dress (not keen on the bottom half of it though as it looks like Chambray material not proper denim however I do think it will be lovely with pumps in summer)

3/4 length leggings (a must for summer)

Plus I got this bag in Tesco for £2 which I thought would be ideal for carrying lunch and books to work.

Diary WHsmith

Also I popped into Next Clearance this afternoon, usually its a pile of rubbish in there but I had a gift card with £8.00 from ages ago and I brought this bow jumper which will be great for work.

and this cream top which I think will be lovely for summer with skinny jeans (it looks a lot nicer on than off). I just love cream and ruffles xx

Oh well bring on the summer...it seems so far away!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone and best wishes for 2010.

My new year resolutions are the usual ones:

1) To lose a bit of weight and go back to the gym

2) To eat healthier

3) To spend less and save more

4) Look for a better job

I am also going to start the New year by trying 2 weeks on the Special K diet.

I must admit I think dieting is about just eating healthy and exercising, I am not a fan of these faddy diets so I am just trying to cut out all the rubbish ie sweets, chocolate, biscuits etc and do the Special K for 2 weeks only just to kick start it.

I am only a 10-12 but I just want to be back into a proper size 10 and feel better about my body.

Kate Moss has been slated in the press by saying 'Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels' I have changed this to 'Nothing tastes as good as thin feels' as I don't want to be skinny!
I am going to remember this any time I feel like eating rubbish.

Have any of you lovely ladies got any new year resolutions?

Monday, 28 December 2009

Accessorize sale items

Yipee...we have booked a holiday for next year! We are only going to Torquay so nothing exotic but we have decided we are not going to go abroad next year as we need to do a lot of work on the house and it would just be too much expense.

Well as promised my sale items from Accessorize.

This necklace which I was going to buy before the sales but I am so glad I waited as its now half price.

Cute purse

Hairbands (pretty for summer)

What are your plans for New Year?

New technology!

Well this morning OH did us a nice cooked breakfast (while I lazed in bed). I think I am so lucky as he really does treat me so well. I think sometimes we do take things for granted. I don't mean just because he cooked me breakfast he is great, but also he is so thoughtful, caring and always puts me first. I just wish I was as great a person as he is!

Later OH and I went out shopping again and we ended up purchasing a new 42 inch LCD tv...this is the exact one...sorry I am so excited its just our old tv was really old and we have wanted to get a new one for ages!

We also brought a new digital camera to be honest its only a basic one but its 9 megapixels which is good enough. At last I can take photos now.

I also brought a few little things in the Accessorize sale which I will post later once my camera is charged.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Sales

We went to the sales today but there was so many crowds and it was hard to get a look at anything.

I did go in Primark and buy longline grey cardigan

Cream basic top (similar to this one) and some tights

In La Senza and got this nightshirt for £5 its really cute

This silk bra but in pale pink..only £5.00.

And OH brought me this lovely bra

In Body Shop I got a free bottle of the Strawberry Body Oil, needless to say it was due to the sales assistants mistake. Basically, as I have a 'love your body' card the sales assistant told me I was due a free gift worth £5.00 but apparently she was wrong and as I had already chosen something the manager let me have it!

We also stopped at 'The Greggs' and I treated OH to a pasty they are so lovely! We have so much food at home though otherwise we would have had a meal out!

Saturday, 26 December 2009

A quiet Boxing Day

Well did everyone have great chistmas?

We had a great day and I ate loads....I am definitely going back to the gym next week!

I had loads of lovely presents, I had a handbag and earrings from Accessorize,
La Senza underwear and nightdress. M&S lingerie, La Senza gift card, Topshop gift card and M&S gift card. A pretty wallet to put all your credit cards in from Paperchase.
Loads of chocolates and smellies and a another Fiorelli handbag
Strawberry Body Shop set and quite a bit of cash.

I was going to go to the sales today but I need to take something back to M&S and they don't open till tomorrow so me and OH are going to have a nosy around the sales, although I don't think OH is too keen, he may need a bit of sweet talking! I also need to get some tights and I want a longline black cardi...Primark will do for those!

I am hoping they will have some cameras in the sale as I miss being able to take photos so I have to get one soon.

Happy Boxing Day xx

Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Those cats eyes look funny lol
The last cat (ginger one with white paws and chest) is just like my Thomas xx

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Pretty bow earrings

Went out for a meal last night with my team and the food was lovely unlike most xmas meals you go to!

I had tomato and red pepper soup, followed by roast turkey which was gorgeous and came with veg, sausage wrapped in bacon, yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes which were just melt in your mouth and then I had chocolate and cherry yule log with cream...yum yum

Today I brought the last of my christmas shopping...hooray.
It was packed everywhere!

I also happened to buy these cute little earrings in Miss Selfridge..I am loving bows. They look really nice with my dark hair.

and this top

Have a merry christmas everyone


Sunday, 20 December 2009

This girl is an amazing inspiration

Kate Piper

I think she is an inspiration and having watched her story on Cutting Edge I can see she is a truly beautiful courageous lady.

Kate was a model and her ex boyfriend got someone to throw acid in her face in the street. She lost the sight in one eye and was scarred for life. She was terrified of going out and had to move back in with her parents.

The Cutting Edge programme moved me to tears and I wish her all the best, she is an inspiration.

The programme is repeated on Christmas Day at 7.45pm on Channel 4 (if you have not seen it)and Kate is doing the alternative christmas message on Christmas Day this year.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Lack of posting lately!

Sorry about the lack of posts lately but to be honest I am not really feeling christmas at the moment, I have tried! I know you should be cheery and all that as this time of year and usually I am but I have just been feeling a bit low. I have hardly written any christmas cards this year and OH has had to do it. OH says I am usually so happy go lucky but maybe is it just the winter blues. I think its because I have been working so many hours lately. I think once Christmas Eve comes I will feel a lot better. I think also I am doing a job I really don't want to do but am not sure what to do. I want to work in a job where I can make a difference and help people.
I have also had some health problems and have had to have more blood tests.

Today I went food shopping with OH and we had lunch out and then went to vist family.
I am working right up until Christmas Eve. I am going out Tuesday night with the 4 ladies on my team for a christmas meal at a local pub so that should be nice.

My car broke down late last night and I was on my own. I was a bit scared but luckily it was in a nice residential area. OH had to come and rescue me. We went back to the the car today, its driveable but keeps making a clonking noise I wondered if it was a tyre puncture....nightmare!

I have seen some clothes I want too but feel I need to lose weight as I will never be happy in whatever I buy. I know I am only a 10-12 (which is not big) but I feel big for me and I cannot wait to start back at aerobics after Christmas.

I would really like some tan long boots with a small heel but I only ever seem to see flat ones or high ones! Maybe wait for the sales.

Bye for now

Not many posts lately

Sorry I have not done many posts for a while to be honest I think I have a bit of the winter blues! I know its christmas coming and you should be all cheery and that but I just am not feeling it at the moment.
I think because I am working such long hours but as soon as christmas eve comes I will be back to my normal self.

My car broke down late last night so I am worried that just more expense. Luckily it broke down on a main road with houses around not in the middle of nowhere otherwise I would have been scared. Anyway OH came and got me and we left the car there, going to go back in a mo and see what its like!
Today I am just going shopping for my last minute christmas presents.
Tomorrow just having a lazy Sunday.

I am working right up until christmas eve but on Tuesday night I am going out for a meal with the 4 other ladies I work with to a lovely local pub.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Best christmas songs

Fairytale of New York

Last Christmas

Driving home for Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone

The lady dines

Well I had a great evening at my friends we had such a lovely meal and I had Make up from my secret santa which was not so secret by the end of the evening!
My friend is getting married next year and has invited me on her hen party (well she does not want to call it a hen party) more a girls weekend away in Barcelona.
It sounds like its going to be great fun, shopping, spa and eating out...ideal to me anyway.
Aww also its such a shame the lovely Stacey did not make the final of X Factor, I think she seems so lovely and down to earth and she sang really well.
Oh well I am not bothered who wins now I do think Joe will, he is a lovely guy but I wonder if he is another Leon Jackson!
I am looking forward to seeing Rav back on Strictly Come Dancing next week he went way too soon

Friday, 11 December 2009

Stacey - go girl!

Well I had today off with OH we went out to do a bit more christmas shopping and then had some lunch. I wore my fake ugg boots for the first time and they are just so cosy and nice. I also wore my new Next Jeggings and my cream knit dress. I love my jeggings they are great and such a nice fit.

I put my christmas tree up this afternoon and I brought some new blue lights from B&Q.

Tomorrow I am off shopping on my own to buy OH's presents and then tomorrow evening I am going to a dinner party with 15 other girls. We also have a secret Santa too.
My friend is such a great cook so I think it will be a lovely evening.

I will miss the X Factor but I really hope Stacey wins.

Have a nice weekend xx

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Shopping in Birmingham

My friend came up Friday night and we had a real girly night and exchanged christmas presents, she brought me this Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom set which I love its such a sweet girly smell

this pig torch keyring which I think is so cute and a great idea!

and a comedy cat mug and coaster set (its really cute)

We had a great day in Birmingham on Saturday I mainly brought christmas presents. I did buy these in Mango

Pink jumper (which looks a lot better irl)

This knitted dress but in cream, its so snugly.

Taupe court shoes

Also in Primark brought a purple throw for the living room and a white fitted shirt with a belt and some hair accessories.

I am only in work 4 days this week as me and OH have Friday off and we are thinking of going to the gorgeous georgian city of Bath. Its a lovely city and if you have never been there you shoud go. It has lots of different little quirky shops besides the usual ones. More christmas shopping!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

The weekend

Well its Friday tomorrow yipee.
Its so sad but I only ever look forward to the weekends.
One of my friends is coming over tomorrow night and we are exchanging christmas presents We are just going to have a girly night in with pizza and plenty of chat. She is staying over and then we have to get up early on Saturday as we are off to Birmingham shopping. I love Birmingham and I am so looking forward to doing some christmas shopping plus I may buy myself a few treats.

What are you all up tp this weekend?


Blog Award

Thanks to the lovely http://pipalachic.blogspot.com/ for this award I will do this at some stage and will pass this on. Check out her blog its great.



Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Fake Uggs

They came today and I just wanted to say they are fab...boot...lous! excuse the pun!

To think I paid £12 including delivery...bargain. They are a really nice slim fit too.
I am converted.

I brought the beige/sand colour, I wish they had the Chestnut but they have sold out in my size! I would have brought that colour too.

Also I ordered these black Jeggings from Oli as I wanted some black ones.

I love Jeggings I just don't ever want them to go out of fashion.