Saturday, 31 October 2009

A few little fashon treats!

Well I went shopping today, have not been shopping for about 3 weeks.

I brought the following:

Roses Vest dress, planning to wear this with leggings and cardi or tucked into a tulip skirt.

Black Pencil skirt - New Look (for work)

Red suede pumps - Dorothy Perkins (in the sale only £7) and I really wanted some red flats.

Red bow belt from New Look as I broke my other red belt.

At the moment I am really loving bows, butterflies and florals.

I wore my Topshop floral roses tunic today (this one)

with leggings and a long cardi and two separate girls asked me where my top was from as they said it was lovely.
To be honest I felt crap so those girls will never realise how much they made my day as I was almost going to go home after just one shop as I felt a state!
Just goes to show what nice compliments can do for you but I also love giving compliments to others too.
Do any of you ladies give compliments to random strangers?

I watched the Confessions of a Shopaholic and I loved it, I loved Rebecca's outfits and it made me laugh how she said she felt when she saw a store because I have felt that way all my life. x

Its my birthday a week Tuesday and I have a lovely long weekend with hubby to look forward to as we have this Friday and next Monday off! May have to go shopping again lol


Monday, 26 October 2009

OMG isn't this the most hideous dress...ever

Oh my god....I had to laugh at this....truly hideous
I would not spend 4 pence on that nevermind £40!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

New background...what do you think?

I like the colour I hope it matches ok with my normal blog colours...what do you think?

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Hello all

Sorry I have not written much lately but I have been rather busy working such long hours as per normal!

I just had to blog and say that I finally brought the Confessions of a Shopaholic DVD with Isla Fisher, isn't she gorgeous! I am going to sit down at the weekend and watch it. I have heard mixed reviews about this film (mainly bad reviews if I am honest) but as I love shopping and I have all the Sophie Kinsella books I think I will like it.

I also brought this book today and think its going to be an amazing story. Its about the life of Harry Patch who was the last serving veteran of the trenches. Sadly Harry died earlier this year at the age of 111. I am a firm believer in the fact that we should never ever forget war and those who served, were injured and gave their lives for us. And to the men and women who are fighting war today they are all true true heroes.

I saw this coat today on Oli and I really love it but I am not sure if the style will suit me as I tend to suit coats with a belt around the waist!

Bye for now

Sunday, 18 October 2009

I want these ASOS dresses!

I love all of these dresses from ASOS but sadly I cannot afford to buy them all!

I just might have to order the 1st one though as I think it would be great with opaques for a winter floral look xx

Saturday, 17 October 2009

I have been awarded a beautiful blogger & gorgeous blogger award!

Thank you to the lovely and as they have both awarded me the following awards:

To accept these awards I have to tell you 7 facts about me but I have decided to do a mix of quotes and facts and I also have to nominate 7 fellow gorgeous and beautiful bloggers.

1) I have probably mentioned this before but I love animals and dolphins are one of my favourite animals, the mere sight of them makes me emotional. I have been lucky enough to see dolphins and whales in the wild but not close up unfortunately. Don't you think the picture is just amazing.

2) I love cake especially iced maderia cake and victoria sponge! yum yum

3) My favourite holiday I have been on was to Florida, it was fantastic. I would love to vist Australia, Hawaii and New York.

and for the quotes!

4) No one in the world needs a mink coat but a mink....Murray Banks

6) Youth is wasted on the young....Oscar Wilde

7) It is just like man's vanity and impertinence to call an animal dumb because it is dumb to his dull perceptions.- What is Man? .....Mark Twain

I nominate

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Todays outfit post

hello lovely fellow bloggers, I don't usually do these as usually I cannot be bothered to take photos of my outfits and I am far to critical of myself to be happy to put photos up but I decided I would try and make a change and accept myself a bit more!

Went out shopping with OH today and brought a couple of xmas presents, I have a lot more to get yet.

I wore this outfit:

Grey shirt dress - Primark
Cream Cardigan - Mango
Tan belt - Primark
Tan boots - Oli
Black leggings
Cream earrings and cream hair slide.
I have been to the gym 3 times this week and one was a Body Conditioning class which was really good. I must admit I feel a lot better for exercising.

I am feeling a bit low at the mo, there is this one girl that is always making bitchy remarks but she tries to make out they are jokes if you know what I mean. Basically she is always trying to undermine me and put me down. She seems to talk about herself really highly you know those sort and I have a feeling she tries to make me feel bad about myself...arghhh why are some people so annoying.

Aww Rav was voted off Strictly Come Dancing last week and he was on Its Takes Two with Claudia Winkleman on Monday. He revealed that after the result he was really trying to hold it together as he saw his mum sat in the audience crying her eyes out in her little wheelchair! That did it for me, that had me crying too ! awwww

The competition won't be the same without him.....ok just a couple of more pictures of the lovely Rav! Such gorgeousness xx

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Its so cold!

brrrr its freezing!

Winter is definitely on its way I am so cold tonight so I have decided I need to buy some new cosy PJ's. I always tend to buy PJ's in Primark as I don't see the point in spending loads of money for something you sleep in and wear around the house.
I notice Primark are now doing thermal bedwear, when I say thermal I don't mean like what your granny would wear lol, but more of a modern twist to thermal. They look really pretty but I wondered whether they are actual proper thermal! If anyone has tried any maybe you can let me know!

Thomas has been playing games with me a lot lately, he is the funniest thing! This morning just as I was leaving for work (and I was late), he decided to run up to me as if he was going to come in then run away and up a tree then he would come back to the door then run off again!
I have been reading a book on cats called 'The Complete Cat' by Vicky Halls and its brillant. It has so much interesting information, in one part of the book the author refers to cats as sometimes being 'like a comedian in a fur coat' and that describes Thomas so well. Another thing, the other night me and OH were in bed talking and my OH has a deep voice and Thomas was on the bed trying to sleep so he literally got up from sleep walked down between us in the middle of the bed and let out this loud miaow to OH and then walked back to his sleeping point and lay back down! It was so funny it was like he was telling OH to shut up! Well that told him! We both sniggered like a couple of kids being told off by a parent lol

Anyway back to shopping, tonight I ordered a couple of things online
This cardigan because I love red and I realised I have'nt got a red cardigan plus I wanted a longline one. It looks so nice and warm and I was thinking it will go with a couple of navy dresses plus so many other outfits I have.

Also another pair of denim leggings.

These are from Next, I do have some jeggings but I wanted another pair as I love jeggings so much. Although I don't like them paired with those shoes!

Bye for now

Monday, 5 October 2009

Ebay I love you!! xx

I was after this Topshop tunic for ages as Topshop sold out of them really quickly but I managed to get it on Ebay....yipee

I am going to wear it with a long sleeved top under and with opaques or leggings/jeggings.

I just think its so pretty. xx

I love this girl

Has anyone been watching the X Factor??
Well I have to say I love Stacey Soloman she is just so cute and has such a great voice. I love the fact that she is so ditsy and funny. I hope if she does win she never changes from seeming such a lovely 'down to earth' girl.

I really hope she goes a long way in the competition.

Go Stacey xx

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Little spree

Yesterday me and my friend were meant to be going to a fashion show at Ascot but because of time constraints we ended up going shopping in Cardiff!
This is what I brought:

Grey boots from New Look which I really love.

And in Primark the following:

Grey Skirt for work

Grey Shirt dress - the picture does not do this justice as its actually fitted and looks lovely worn with a waist belt)

Headband which I wore today and these earrings

Tights in purple, grey and black

These two camisoles for under tops/dresses to keep me warm in winter

and these hairslides from Accessorize.

And because of paypal funds I actually only spent £15 and that included make up in Boots.

On the downside I really need this tunic and I could not find it in store and its sold out online and I really want it!!!

I have emailed New Look to see if they may get some back in stock but I have a feeling they won't get anymore. I tried on the same version but a different colour in store and it looked fab but I want this colour....typical.

Bye for now


I have been given an award.

I have been given a Meme award from the lovely Gracie of out her blog its gorgeous.

Thanks Gracie xx

I have to reveal 7 things about me and tag 7 others.

1. I love animals.

2. I never ever go out without make-up.

3. I love dancing and would love to learn ballroom and latin and dance with Anton Du Beke of Strictly Come Dancing.

4. My favourite cartoon is Curious George, George is sooooo cute.

5. I hate peanuts, even the look and smell of them turns my stomach. In fact I hate all nuts.

6. I would love to join the police but I am too soft and scared! I really respect the police.

7. I love butterflies and love jewellery and anything with butterflies on.

I tag and award: