Monday, 28 September 2009

Cheeky Thomas and my new shoes

I know this is a strange title but I had to post a photo of my cat. Yesterday before I had chance to put a duvet cover on the bed Thomas decided to jump on the bed and stick his tongue out lol
I has to post the photo as I think he looks soooooo cute! If you click on the photo you can see it a lot better.

I think when a cat has its tongue out it means its happy....he is so funny.

Also thought I would post a picture of my new shoes for work. I love the indigo purple colour. (excuse my dirty mirror...that is shocking!!!)

Bye for now
Lisa-Jane xx

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Outfit post and last night

Last night went out with two other couples to Zizzi's italian restaurant an the food was gorgeous, I ate quite healthy as I had spaghetti pasta with tomoto sauce and buffalo mozzarella and decided to have a dessert (not so good).

This is my outfit.

This is a picture of two of my friends, Ceri and Yimen. Yimen (dark haired girl) is my closest friend she is a great girl. I met her new boyfriend last night and they seem so in love it was nice to see her so happy.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

My gym assessment and tonight's outfit

Hi guys just just an update post really.
I have now joned a gym and on Tuesday I am doing Legs Bums and Tums, Wednesday is the gym and Friday I will be doing a Body Conditioning class .
Also the lady at the gym measured me and I am 5ft 2in and a half inches...hmm I think I am shrinking. I believed for a long time I was 5ft 4ins but no I am shorter....its strange as most women want to be taller but I have always wanted to be petite.

I am going to a fashion show at Ascot Racecourse this Friday. My friend got 2 free tickets through her work and luckily we have both been able to get the day off work so we are going. Should be good fun apparently there are a lot of unusual stalls and quality items at good prices, only thing is I really should not be spending at the moment!

I am going out tonight with OH and 2 other couples for a meal and I will be meeting my friends new boyfriend. I may do an oufit post later. I am thinking of wearing this dress from Miss Selfridge with black opaques, black peep toes, H&M cream earrings and a necklace and I have a little cream clutch bag.

I decided to send that Yumi cream dress back as I think its nice but somehow I am not 100% sure about it on me. I think its lovely but you know what its like when you buy something and then never wear it!

Also I saw this dress from Littlewoods online and I really love it but its sold out in both a 10 and 12! typical

I really want it I just think it would be lovely with leggings or opaques.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Day out with the girls

Well it was lovely weather yesterday and I went for a day out with the girls, there was 11 of us in total. We went to this bar overlooking the Avon Gorge which is beautiful.

This is the view from the bar but to be honest it looked nicer than this as the sun was shining.

view from the other side of the gorge.

and then we all went to Zilli's italian restaurant, it was a lovely afternoon/evening.

I did not stay out too late so got back in time to see Strictly Come Dancing and I had to ring up and vote for Rav, usually I would not bother but I do not want him going out in the first round. He was saved and Martina Hingis went!

Looking gorgeous!

While we are on the subject of dancing I am joining my local gym next week as I just want to tone up but I would not mind having a figure like Ola Jordan she is stunning or Kelly Brook ....I think everytime I go to eat junk food I will look at these pictures lol
I suppose at the end of the day you have to accept who you are and be happy with it!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Blackpool (photo heavy)

Well we had a great time in Blackpool, the hotel we stayed in was lovely and Mike and Tony who ran it were really great guys, nothing was too much trouble. The food was gorgeous too.

Here are some pics sorry there is rather a lot especially pictures of the famous Blackpool Illuminations.

Bye for now

Saturday, 12 September 2009

The brunette is loving purple!!

I popped into Primark this morning early to avoid the crowds and brought these shoes which I am going to wear to the Ball with the purple dress I posted a while back.

I also brought the following, this belt which is like an indigo/purple and looks dull in the picture but its such a lovely colour. I thought it would be nice for work.

This purple bangle and purple earrings...hmmmm I think you can see I have a bit of a purple thing going on at the moment!

Me and OH are off to Blackpool tomorrow for a few days, luckily my in-laws are going to be living at our house to look after little Thomas, I am really going to miss the little fella.
Well I am off to pack now whilst listening to a bit of Michael Jackson.

Hope you all have a fab weekend xx

Bye for now

Thursday, 10 September 2009

I love this dress

Today, I ordered this Yumi dress from Oli and got 25% discount with code RJKP. It expires on 13th September in case any of you lovely ladies want to use it.

I am going out with 2 other couples in a few weeks and thought I may wear this with opaques and heels or just bare legs and heels...get a bit of the old fake tan on! Also I have a wedding receptIon to go to and thought about wearing it but was wondering is it ok to wear cream to a wedding???

Also popped into Primark today and got the shoes I have been after for a while they are patent purple court shoes with ruffles on the front and are ideal for work with black opaques. I really want to get some purple opaques but I am not used to wearing coloured tights but they look great on others aka Emma at Passion for Fashion! Unfortunately I have not got a picture as my camera is playing up!!! I will post a picture soon as I get it sorted.

bye for now

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I got tagged

I have been tagged by pip a la chic please check out her blog its fab

I have to tell you 10 random facts about me.

1) I love animals probably more than people and would love to work against animal cruelty. I admire people who do but I think I would get too upset if I did!

2) I am 5ft3 ins but wish I was shorter.

3) I don't drink, smoke and I have never taken drugs (apart from maybe paracetamol lol) I have only tasted wine once and it made me really ill....what a wimp I am.

4) I love dancing and used to dance in a dance troupe lol (how embarassing)

5) My parents used to enter me into beauty pageants when I was really young and I did win once and came 2nd.

6) I love fashion and my favourite hobby is shopping.

7) I once applied for Deal or No Deal and got to the audition stage but I did not make it to the show as I think it was because I am extremely shy until you get to know me.

8) I once wrote to Jim'll Fix it asking to meet the Incredible Hulk...I thought he was a real green man!

9) I am a real girls girl and love pink and all things girly.

10) I love long hair and I will never cut it short...ever! Well maybe when its grey
but even then I will do it begrudgingly!!

I tag everyone! xx

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Sorry this is a bit of a boring post as I have not done much lately. I popped out today for some toiletries etc and as I passed H&M I noticed this knitted dress. Even though I was a bit rushed I tried it on and its such a lovely fit, nice material and such a gorgeous colour that I am afraid I could not resist. Naughty naughty!

Also brought these grey rib tights from Dorothy Perkins.

I am going to Blackpool next week for a few days with OH to see family etc. I am so looking forward to that.

Also I am looking forward to one of my favourite programmes returning soon, Strictly Come Dancing. This year the gorgeous Rav Wilding from Crimewatch is on it...phew.

Now I don't usually go for guys who are overly beefed, a nice toned body is just as nice but there is something about Rav I like as along with being gorgeous he seems like a really nice guy plus you would feel really safe around him....oh well I am a girly girl after all lol
I hope he stays in it for quite a while but he is a big bloke and usually they are not so light on their feet.

Well I am not doing much tonight just going to watch X Factor and eat pizza...yum yum.

Bye for now